A Sermon by Schuler

“There is always light in the Crystal Cathedral.” — Robert H. Schuller

Robert H. Schuller’s Final Sermon from the Crystal Cathedral:

With these words, Reverend Schuler began his sermons every Sunday in 2003.

Reverend Schuler had become the most important Christian leader, after the pope. He was different, for he was an original American.

“Don’t listen to voices in your head that tell you to commit sin”, Schuler always warned his audience.

The sermon was always very heavy stuff and therefor it was frequently interrupted by a Gospel choir.

Schuler always avoided political topics. He knew that politics would divide the audience. He spoke often about people with marriage problems.

He always prayed for the common people of America and expressed hope that their lives would improve. This got him in trouble with the government.

The sermons always ended with music again. Everyone left the Crystal Cathedral in tears.

Reverend Schuler his sermons in 2003 were called: “The Hour of Power.”

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