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The Patent Bubble Is Getting Ready to Pop

Irrational Exuberance and Patents? I’m certainly not going to win any popularity contests for writing this article.  The last thing anybody wants to talk about after a presidential election is a patent bubble.  After all, most of us took a nice stock market beat down during the recent housing bubble and mortgage crisis. For the […]

Graphene Military Labs Unites Ambassador Dell Dailey and World Patent Marketing CEO Scott Cooper

Imagine computer screens that can be rolled into a tube for transportation, batteries that charge in seconds and hold their charge for days, gels that can soak up oil spills and radioactive waste, membranes that are impermeable to water and gasses, yet weigh almost nothing. It’s the world of graphene, the hottest new material to […]

World Patent Marketing Appoints Admiral Al Konetzni, Famous Nuclear Submarine Commander, to Powerful Invention Board

Famous Admiral Al Konetzni joined the World Patent Marketing Advisory Board today. The now retired submarine naval commander became famous worldwide when he appeared in the BBC television series, The Silent War, which recounted the submarine skirmishes and tactics during the Cold War. Konetzni, known as “Big Al” to seamen and friends, commanded a daring […]

The Global War on Terror is ‘a clear and present danger’ to the U.S. and its allies

The global war on terror represents a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States and its allies. World Patent Marketing, led by CEO Scott J. Cooper, is leading an invention revolution dedicated to making lives better, safer and more secure. We look for innovative solutions to the critical challenges facing […]