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White Washing Islam

The Institute for National Security Studies found that 450 of the 452 suicide attacks it counted in 2015 were carried out by Muslim extremists. The remaining two attacks were carried out by the Kurdish underground and another by a Turkish leftist.

Daily we see atrocities, savagery and slaughter carried out by Muslims, Muslim groups, Muslim nation states and those Muslims who sponsor attacks against Jews, Christians, non-Muslims and Muslims alike.

Abdul Malik Mujahid

Given this overwhelming evidence there remain Muslims and Muslim organizations in the United State devoted to the white washing of Islam. Among these is Sound Vision run by Abdul Malik Mujahid. In a series of emails Mujahid sends followers guidance on how to respond to attacks by Muslims.

It was Abdul Malik Mujahid, who on January 17, 2015, hosted the Stand With The Prophet Conference in Garland, TX.

Alan Kornman in his column “New Garland, TX Video: Standing With the Prophet Conference” writes:

The purpose of this conference and others like it around the country is to launch there new Strategic Communication Center For Muslims. Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid says there purpose is to confront Islamophobia and the vast media network who promote the anti Islam industry – I wish I knew exactly who that is.

Ironically, SoundVision brought in unindicted Co-conspirator Siraj Wahaj, John Esposito, and SoundVision Founder Abdul Malik Mujahid (who said killing is an essential element of Islam) and others to promote their truth challenged message of – peace, tolerance and inclusion.

Kornman asks readers to, “Watch this short video [below] and learn the truth about the foundations of Islamic violence towards themselves and the others.”

On the recent shooting of a Philadelphia police officer Mujahid sent out the following in an email:

Assalamu Alaikum.

Once again bad news has hit our community.

One Muslim in Philadelphia is arrested on shooting a police officer. Two Iraqi refugees are arrested on the charges of supporting ISIS. While Dallas police found another Muslim-hating nut who shot a person dead.

Talking Points

Please don’t remain silent

  • Call your local TV station and speak as a Muslim giving feedback about their coverage. Google your “city name” “tv stations” to find the phone numbers.
  • Tell them that your mosque leadership regularly meets and cooperates with police and FBI to protect ourselves and our neighbors, considering that more than 70 mosques have been attacked in 2015 alone.
  • No sane person can attack police whose job is to protect us all.
  • Mental Health issues: Thank them if they had mentioned in their news coverage that the attacker’s mom is saying that the attacker had mental health issues.
  • If they did not mention it, ask them why they failed to mention the attacker’s mom’s statement about his mental health issues.
  • Ask them if they plan to do a story on Muslims and Sikhs being attacked and murdered across the country. Just yesterday, it was finally determined that the Christmas eve deadly shooting in Dallas was motivated by hate towards Muslims.

Of the four incidents listed by Abdul Malik Mujahid, three were carried out by Muslims acting in the name of Allah. The fourth was carried out by Hispanic Anthony Paz Torres, 30 who said he was a both a Jew and a Christian.

Another email from Mujahid deals with the white washing the Islamic State. Mujahid states:

Here is what we intend to do:

1. We will debunk ISIS ideology as utterly un-Islamic by making our voices heard louder than ISIS’s.
2. We will develop step-by-step guides for mosques, MSA’s, and youth groups to engage youth to do better PR and enhanced civic engagement.
3. We will reframe perceptions of American Muslims by retaining PR professionals to counter the $160 Million strong Islamophobia network.
4. We will invest in coalitions to liberate our country from fear, hate, and anger to counter the war-terror-Islamophobia cycle.

In this case they are losing the white washing war to the media arm of the Islamic State. Daily videos are published by the Islamic State showing how fundamentally Islamic they are and give proof that Muslims are committing genocide against Christians in the Middle East.

Mujahid has a tough sell when it comes to Islam because actions speak louder than words.