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VIDEO: Massive Pro-Police #BacktheBlue Rally at Seattle Hall

Outside Seattle City Hall, rally to stop the defunding of the Seattle Police Department.

Photos thanks to Orange Martyr.


MASSIVE PRO-POLICE RALLY AT SEATTLE HALL, Exclusive Photos, Videos #BacktheBlue

Seattle City Council move to abolish police department with new bill despite rioters FIRING MORTARS and HURLING EXPLOSIVES

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Radio host mocked Trump by claiming Seattle is peaceful, then rioters wrecked his apartment buildin

Seattle Antifa FIRE MORTARS and HURL EXPLOSIVES at Police Officers, Cops Injured

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CHAZ CHOPPED: Seattle Police retake Democrat-anarchist held CHAZ/Chop autonomous zone

WATCH gunshots interrupt interview inside CHAZ autonomous zone in Seattle amid reports of ‘active shooter’

Seattle Autonomous CHOP/CHAZ zone prompts lawsuit from businesses, residents: reports

Due to Seattle’s unrest, billion-dollar investment firm moving to Phoenix

“Summer of Eating Your Words”: Seattle Mayor Sends In Police to Retake CHAZ Autonomous Zone

For second straight night, shooting reported in cop-free ‘autonomous’ Seattle protest zone

Seattle police union chief calls for ‘leadership’ after fatal shooting in CHOP/CHAZ ‘autonomous’ zone

Antifa White Girl Arrested in Seattle After Lighting 5 Seattle Police Vehicles on Fire During Black Lives Matter Riots

Seattle Police Chief: Cops ‘Not Able to’ Respond to Rapes, Robberies Due to Autonomous Zone

Seattle mayor compares armed occupation of her own city to a ‘block party’

EXCLUSIVE Photos Inside Seattle’s “Autonomous Zone”

WATCH: Democrat Anarchists Set Up ‘Autonomous Zone’ In Seattle After Police Retreat, Take Over 6 Blocks Around Shuttered Precinct


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