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Obama and Hillary Compromised: Iran’s Nukes Fully Intact

The Obama Administration says Iran’s chants of “Death to America” are “not helpful,” but won’t have impact on nuke talks.

Retired Admiral “Ace” Lyons says, “The core elements of the Iranian nuclear program are fully intact and have increased 20-40% since these sham negotiations started.

It all begins in 2008 when then candidate Sen. Barak Obama, according to Michael Levine, opened secret negotiations with the Ayatollah’s. The message was don’t sign any agreements with the Bush Administration you will get a better deal from me when I’m President, I am a friend of Iran. This borders on treason! Mind boggling.

Let’s talk about Benghazi. This is a Hillary scenario, Hillary is a pathological liar. Hillary’s emails – You know everyone of our enemies have hacked into her emails, they have the full book on her. She (Hillary Clinton) is totally compromised, she is damaged goods. There’s no way she can be allowed back into the White House.

  • 4:25 – Things were working out in Libya until she met with a Muslim Brotherhood operative at the Paris Westin Hotel for a 45 minute meeting. After that meeting Hillary canceled our negotiations with Gaddafi despite every military leader and intelligence experts advice not too.
  • 5:30 A few words on Christopher Stevens. DIA had 10 days warning the Benghazi attacks were going to happen. If you were SECDEF would you not put countermeasures in place to defend your Ambassador?
  • 7:50 If I had to speculate I’d say this was an operation that went terribly wrong. If you remember in the Summer of 2012 Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammad Morsi came to DC with one main objective.

Morsi’s #1 objective was to get the release of The Blind Sheikh, currently sitting in a U.S. Federal Penitentiary for masterminding the first 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

My view was Benghazi was all about the kidnapping Christopher Stevens (Libya Ambassador) and exchanging him for the blind sheikh – when you put it all together nothing makes sense to me.

When you start analyzing all the email that are coming out now it lends more substance to this theory.

Admiral ‘Ace’ Lyons (Ret.) was the Commander Of The Pacific Fleet. He knows first hand our military capabilities and geo political strategic analysis. Admiral Lyons also has a clear understanding of how Washington DC politics works when it comes to national security matters.”

We owe a great deal of gratitude to Rabbi Jonathan Hausman for bringing Admiral Lyons (Ret.) to his Synagogue for his ongoing Lecture Series.

Iran is an enemy of the United States of America. When Iran chooses its time and place to announce they have a nuclear capability the world as we know it will forever change for the worse.

Just as Israel destroyed Sadam Hussein’s Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981 effectively buying the world three decades of a non-nuclear Middle East, It may be time for Israel to save the world again from a Nuclear Iran.