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Ahead of July 4th, Democrats Eye Mount Rushmore

With the Fourth of July days away, Democrats have officially flagged the next target in the culture war to undermine and unravel America.  The official Twitter account of the Democratic National Committee shot out a tweet associating Mount Rushmore with white supremacy.

Meghan McCain called it after the attack on statues moved from Confederate statues to anything anyone felt offended by. On June 22, 2020, she tweeted:

Claiming Mount Rushmore as a site of white supremacy is just the latest attack. It comes at the heels of many others, including a “wink-wink” tweet by anthropology professor Sarah Parcak on how to take down an obelisk, the shape of the Washington Monument in D.C.

As Clarion Project reported, Parcak shot out a tweet with hand-drawn instructions for taking down the towering monument:

An attack on America’s founding fathers isn’t limited to Mount Rushmore or the Washington Monument.

Last week, a statute of Abraham Lincoln was declared racist. The statue, called the Emancipation Memorial (to honor the Emancipation Proclamation), was paid for by freed slaves and Frederick Douglass spoke at its dedication.

Critics of the Emancipation Memorial say the designers of the statue didn’t take into account the views of African Americans. Clarion Project’s National Correspondent Shireen Qudosi, shares the sentiment of many immigrants to America who escaped the instability of their native countries:

“Virtue extremists of the hour are not just satisfied with modifying the behavior of the living; they’ll punish the dead for living in the past. Nothing ever becomes good enough once a victim narrative sets in that’s constantly looking in the rear-view mirror. As immigrants, we’ve seen this happen in our home countries. Now it’s happening here.”

Those looking with rear-view vision, intent to lash out at history, also attacked statues of George Washington.

In the new America, where anything can be labeled as “white supremacy” by overnight “experts” on racism, it’s even more important to know how to spot an extremist movement.

For Qudosi, the issue is a lack of forgiveness, mercy and compassion toward a brutal history and between each other.

“We’re in a vicious cycle of ‘attack mode.’ Most of our peers in the Preventing Violent Extremism field feel deeply worried about the fate our society now. Not enough people are trained in what extremism looks like and how to understand the narrative of the other without demonizing them. That needs to change.”


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