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On Int’l Men’s Day: A Plea to Empower Our Boys [+Video]

On International Men’s Day, November 19, Clarion makes a plea to empower our boys so they will grow up to be productive members of society and not fall into the trap of extremist groups.  Violent extremists exploit our crisis of masculinity to push their ideology toward a vulnerable population of our young men. Here are […]

NY Times Scrubs Word ‘Terror’ From Coverage of Killing of Islamic Jihad Leader

Why did The New York Times scrub the word “terrorist” from its coverage of the targeted killing of a senior leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad by Israel? It’s a question asked by the organization CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis). The U.S. designated Palestinian Islamic Jihad as a foreign terror group in 2001. Other countries – including Canada, Japan […]

Iranian Engineer in US Sent Tech Secrets Back to Iran: FBI

An Iranian visiting scholar at the University of Michigan is in FBI custody after being charged with stealing and sending tech secrets back to Iran. Amin Hasanzadeh, the accused, is an electrical engineer and Iranian military veteran who worked at a company linked to the Iranian government’s Cruise Division of Air & Space Organization. Hasanzadeh is also a […]

CAIR’s Goal: 30 Islamists into Congress

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) recently held its 25th Annual Gala in Washington, D.C, in which CAIR’s executive director announced a goal of pushing more Islamists into Congress.  As the  Investigative Project on Terrorism reports, CAIR’s executive director Nihad Awad shares the “formula” he believes will secure Islamists greater political power:  “A strong CAIR equals a strong […]

Here’s a List of 100 Members of Congress Supporting CAIR

Ahead of the Council of American-Islamic Relations’ 25th Anniversary Gala event last Saturday, the Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization boasted that “120+” members of Congress had sent them letters of support. We never saw those letters, however, thanks to Clarion reader Viola Rose, we were directed to a list of 100 members of Congress who voiced their support of CAIR in 2018. The list was published […]

Iranian Agents in US Plead Guilty; Saudi Agents Arrested

Two Iranians pleaded guilty to acting as illegal agents of the Iranian government in the U.S. Ahmadreza Mohammadi-Doostdar, 39, an Iranian with dual U.S. citizenship, and Majid Ghorbani, 60, were caught running surveillance on Jewish facilities and events in the U.S. in support of the Mujahdein-e Khalq (MEK), an exiled Iranian resistance group that advocates for the […]

To Dodge Border Crisis, NY Times Pins Cartel Killings on Religion

Breaking news coming out of Mexico detailed the horrific cartel killings of an American family, which, astonishingly, The New York Times tried to pin on (get ready for it) fundamentalist religion. Specifically, the Mormon faith. An American family living in Mexico was ambushed and massacred by a cartel, with three women and six children murdered. The scene as described by […]

Iran, Hezbollah Use Mexican Drug Cartels to Infiltrate U.S.

Iran and its terror proxy Hezbollah are financing Mexican drug cartels, smuggling people into America and recruiting them (for pay) as sleeper jihadist cells. The recruits are mainly immigrants to Mexico from the Middle East, mostly from Lebanon where Hezbollah is based. The coordinated operation is part of Iran’s war on America. While Iran and Hezbollah are known to be active […]

VIDEO: Why CAIR Doesn’t Represent American Muslims

In its effort to be piggyback on the intersectional Leftist crowd, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) espouses a lot of ideas that cater that many American Muslims (especially those who are religiously conservative) do not align with. As counter-terrorism analyst Oz Sultan explains, the American Muslim diaspora comes from 77 diverse Muslim countries. There’s no […]

Why You Shouldn’t Ask an ISIS Woman to Take Off Her Bra

ISIS’s latest ploy to kill coalition forces at checkpoints in a bra bomb. The brutal terror group is wiring plastic explosives in bras, hoping that troops at checkpoints will only check a woman’s midriff and not further up, reported the Mirror. The devices are lightweight and small but can contain enough explosives to kill everything within a […]

Why Extremism Abroad Is America’s Problem

Many Americans think that extremism abroad is not America’s problem. But is that really the case? Trump’s central foreign policy platform is “America First.” In other words, the United States should focus on what benefits America, not what benefits other countries. Fair enough. But where does that leave counter-extremism? Why is it America’s issue when […]

Just Following Orders? Why Extremism is a Choice [+Video]

Radicalization is something that has come to be viewed as an excuse for joining extremist groups and following orders to committing all sorts of  horrific acts. But except in the case of children, extremism is always a choice. Read why. Terrorists use sophisticated tactics to lure recruits into their movement. They prey on psychological weaknesses, […]

Clarion Special Report: New York’s Sharia Patrol

When Muslim Community Patrol & Services rolled their police-cruiser-like cars onto the streets of New York City in November 2018, there was no prior media briefing, no public announcement, no ceremony or grand unveiling. Summary Not surprisingly, the sight of official-looking cars – made to look like police New York City cars — emblazoned with […]