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Nancy Pelosi Demands Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Resign, Israel should permanently ban her from entering the Holy Land

Communist bottom feeding parasite Democrat Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) the former Speaker of the House kept her groupies under control in the Congress by forcing them to all wear virgin white outfits. Go figure right? The U.S. Virgin Islands probably should also be renamed just the “Islands” after Bill Clinton’s last visit there.

She, as in comrade Pelosi ran a tight ship and used her large political pectoral muscles adored in the past by her secret lover of 7 years President John F. Kennedy to illegally and unconstitutionally impeach President Trump twice.

Now this screaming harpy who should get royalty payments from the movie “Jason and the Argonauts” is calling on Israel’s brave and honorable Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign.

Don’t forget, Pelosi is part of the Military Industrial Complex and she blaming Netanyahu for blocking a two party state. Who in their right mind wants a terrorist state sitting next to Israel other than Pelosi?

Now Israel has been the land owner of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank plus its other territories since before the birth of Christ. So there is only one Israel with Muslim occupiers and squatters in these locals.

The Gaza Strip is gifted land by Israel to the so called Palestinians so the answer to this problem is to deport these Muslims back to where they originally came from like Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

Nancy Pelosi is the one who needs to resign for being President Kennedy’s alleged longest running mistress starting at age 15 and who was supposedly witnessed tiptoeing into Kennedy’s bedroom as the sun was setting.

She needs to resign for impeaching President Trump twice for no apparent reason other than for making a constitutionally protected phone call to the corrupt President of Ukraine and for telling his supporters to go home peacefully.

His second impeachment was adjudicated by the cockroach Pelosi while Trump was no longer president of the United States. Totally unconstitutional. The only President in history to be impeached from office when he was no longer in office.

She should also resign for her insider trading successes including her husbands investment of millions of dollars in computer-chip stocks while Pelosi and members of Congress were preparing to vote on legislation to subsidize the chip- manufacturing industry.

She should resign for providing aid and comfort to our enemies by voting for and providing them aid and comfort through Sanctuary city policies including the fecal capital of the world, her district San Francisco funded by U.S. citizen tax dollars.

She should resign for refusing to protect the American people by refusing to fund our Border Patrol and the much needed border wall, leaving our borders open and unsafe.

Stay strong folks November 5th 2024 will return a real American with a backbone back to the White House. He will restore global security and will be in office to continue his legacy. Much to the chagrin of Nancy Pelosi.

That man is Donald Trump.

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