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Bomb Threats Target 20 New York Synagogues

What’s it going to take?

What will make the Democrats happy?

Piles of Jewish corpses?

Bomb threats target multiple NY synagogues

By JNS, May 5, 2024;

At least 20 synagogues were targeted by bomb threats over Shabbat, according to a New York State representative.

At least four of the targeted Jewish houses of worship are in Alex Bores’s district, the assembly member wrote.

“I’ve spoken with rabbis and the police; they have investigated the specific threats and found them to be not credible,” Bores wrote. “Antisemitism is unacceptable, and the perpetrators should be prosecuted.”

On Saturday evening, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul wrote that the state is “actively monitoring a number of bomb threats at synagogues in New York.”

“Threats have been determined not to be credible, but we will not tolerate individuals sowing fear and antisemitism,” she wrote. “Those responsible must be held accountable for their despicable actions.”

Several other city and state lawmakers commented on the threats.

Rebecca Seawright, another New York state representative, called them “disgraceful.”

“There is zero tolerance for antisemitism and those responsible must be held accountable,” she wrote. “We must keep our community safe for all New Yorkers.”

Mark Treyger, the CEO of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, noted that the threats came on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“Not normal. Not peaceful. Not lawful,” he wrote.

Keith Powers, a member of the New York City Council, wrote that the threats thankfully “don’t seem credible at this point in time.”

“But it’s a clear attack on the Jewish community here in New York City,” he added. “Unacceptable and reprehensible.”

“This is a clear effort to sow fear in the Jewish community,” wrote Mark Levine, the Manhattan borough president, adding that this “cannot be accepted.”

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Powerful Video: Future of New York State Education Exposed

On March 31, 2015, the New York State Assembly proved that budgeting well takes a back seat to “budgeting badly but on time.”

rotten apple

Even before the official vote was taken, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie knew that the budget would pass the Democrat-controlled Assembly because “the people of this state want an on-time budget.”

So, according to Heastie,  it’s “the people” who “want” politicians to tell New York schools how to evaluate teachers– just so long as the screwy budget that also relieves New York’s wealthiest from sales tax on yachts is Approved. On. Time.

Due to that Democrat-induced, “on time” approval, New York now has a similar teacher evaluation stupidity that passed in Louisiana in 2012 (with student test scores counting for 50 percent of a teacher’s evaluation unless the teacher is rated “ineffective,” in which case the test scores override all else). Moreover, New York has an extra layer of idiocy, even outdoing Louisiana: the “independent evaluator” nonsense that promises to introduce unprecedented disruption in the running of already-pressured schools as their administrators could be required to travel to other schools to evaluate teachers in unfamiliar contexts.

Did I mention that all of this “admin swap” means nothing in the face of the “ineffective test scores” trump card?

And “ineffective,” well, that is To Be Determined by the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

Ahh, yes. The bottom line is that all New York career teachers are now at the mercy of whatever test score “growth” NYSED concocts in its effort to please a governor who is decidedly and openly hostile to the “public school monopoly” he vowed to “bust” upon reelection.

There you have it, People of New York: A casualty of the “budgeting on time” that Heastie says you demand.

Therefore, don’t blame the “heavy-hearted” Democrats captured in short order in the brief, powerful video below. And certainly don’t blame those clueless legislators who voted for a budget without fully comprehending its ramifications.

The politicians are innocent… right?

Future of NYS Education, by Stronger Together (ST) Caucus