Florida Pastor: Jesus wants you to sell your garments and buy an assault weapon

Reverend O’Neil Dozier

Reverend O’Neil Dozier is pastor at the World Christian Center in Pompano Beach, Florida. Reverend Dozier is the fourth of eleven children of sharecroppers Annie and the late Jessie Emmanuel Dozier who migrated to Pompano Beach from South Carolina in 1955. Reverend Dozier is a Vietnam veteran.

On Superbowl Sunday Reverend Dozier’s sermon was about gun rights. During the sermon Dozier quoted Luke 22:35 where “Jesus tells his disciples to sell their garments (cloaks) and buy a sword. One of my favorite scriptures and always my answer to those who forever quote where Jesus says, ‘Turn the other cheek’.”

Reverend Dozier told his black congregation that “Jesus was no sissy-boy”. He explained that the sword was the assault weapon of that day, and that if Jesus were alive today, he would “tell us to buy an assault weapon and protect ourselves and our families”.

He told all the men, then all the women to arm themselves against this tyrannical government and other criminals who want to hurt us. He railed on the congregation for forty-five minutes and ripped the federal government to shreds according to those in attendance.

One congregant said, “I’ve never said, ‘Preach it!’ and ‘Amen’ so many times in one service. He was fabulous! I’m betting there was not another pastor across the nation today bold enough to preach a strong sermon such as this.”

“If every pastor would preach The TRUTH the way Reverend Dozier does we would most likely be home-free and sovereign in our nation — After all, IT IS WRITTEN.. as to how to address ALL issues. One needs only to preach it,” one congregant said after the sermon.