Phil Robertson proves “Gay Conservative” is an Oxymoron

If you do not know who Phil Robertson is then you must live on another planet. No single man has done more in one interview with one magazine to cause such a political firestorm.

His comments about the gay lifestyle has caused the likes of Jessie Jackson to go into hyperdrive. I wonder if Jessie understands that blacks do not support the gay lifestyle. Tara Pringle Jefferson on Loop21 writes, “[C]onsidering that blacks have consistently showed lower levels of acceptance of gay and lesbians in polls and surveys. According to the latest data, 58% of Americans think that LGBT couples should be accepted by society. But when it comes to black respondents, the number drops to 49%.”

US News and World Report’s Steve Nelson posted a column titled, “‘Duck Dynasty’ Uproar Divides Gay Conservatives“. Nelson reports:

A sizeable part of the American conservative movement is enraged by A&E’s decision to put “Duck Dynasty” co-star Phil Robertson on leave from filming after he colorfully denounced homosexuality, leaving gay conservatives in an uncomfortable position.

Basing his tirade on his religious beliefs, the reality TV star vividly described gay sex and labeled it a sin in an interview published Dec. 17 on GQ magazine’s website.

“It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man’s anus,” he told GQ’s Drew Magary. “That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. “

Nelson notes, “Self-identified gay conservatives, who seek to broaden the movement and the Republican Party to include them, have different takes on the controversy.”

“The knee jerk reaction of some on the right to actually defend this kind of ugliness is yet another reminder of just how out of touch these folks are with where America is and where America is going,” says Chris Barron, a Republican activist who co-founded the gay conservative organization GOProud.

The question is can you be gay and at the same time a conservative?

Star Parker in her column “‘Gay Conservative’ Is an Oxymoron” wrote:

The idea of “gay conservative” is an oxymoron. “Gay” is everything that “conservative” is not.

The foundation of the world view that so-called “gay conservatives” embrace has far more in common with liberalism than with conservatism.

It’s a world view that is man-centered rather than God-centered. It is a world view that rejects eternal truths passed on from the beginning of time. Although the world view that “gay conservatives” choose to invent may diverge from the world view of liberals, their common ground is they make it all up.

And it is here where “gay conservatives” and “liberals” fundamentally depart from conservatives.

Conservatives believe that there are objective and eternal truths, not of the product of any individual human mind, that are transmitted through the generations. Culture is not like HDTV or iPhones where the newest model is the best.

These eternal truths provide the light in the fog that keeps us from crashing on the rocky shores where our base instincts lead us.

“Gay” is liberal, not conservative, regardless of what their stand may be on government spending or taxes.

It’s why, like all liberals, they use language to create reality, rather than appreciate that words have meaning that reflect reality.

So they have re-invented the word “gay,” re-invented the word “marriage”, and now they want to re-invent the word “conservative.”

It took Phil Robertson to prove Star Parker’s points.

Being gay is unnatural. As Phil simply put it: Come on dudes – its not logical. What he said struck me as a fundamental truth of nature. Being gay violates nature and nature’s laws. It is the goal of progressives to deny nature and nature’s laws. Therefore if you are gay, you are by definition a progressive. Conservativism is not compatible with the gay lifestyle.

Politics is all about pandering for votes. The Democrats are great at pandering for votes and then sticking it to the voter. Republicans are new to this style of political pandering but are learning fast. One of the nouveau “big tent” Republican outreaches has been to gays, who less than 2% of all Americans according to the 2010 Census. Republicans are pandering to gays while attacking the TEA Party and conservatives.

Why are Republicans pandering to gays? Because they embrace the “illogical” gay lifestyle?  Or is it because they don’t want to be called names like homophobe, bigot and racist? I never understood how being gay is racist. Are establishment Republicans afraid?

Gays and the homosexual lifestyle is not part of Conservatism. The traditional family has always been the focus and center of conservative policies. Strengthen the tradition family and you strengthen America. Traditional families raise children out of poverty, the traditional family grows good students and their children grow up to be patriotic citizens.

Conservatism is born and bred by the traditional family, saying otherwise is illogical.

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