Rally sites set for Operation American Spring in Washington, D.C. on May 16th

If you are participating in Operation American Spring on Friday, May 16th, 2014 in Washington D.C. we grasp your hand and welcome you aboard. Please join us in the first step to return our nation back to a Constitutional Republic.

As for all the over paid, over indulging politicians who are eviscerating the US Constitution and ignoring the people, OAS will demonstrate that you no longer represent us. We need to start over.

President Obama, you stated you will initiate a way around the Congress with Executive Orders to ram through unconstitutional dictates. Wrong answer. There is no constitutional provision nor statute that explicitly permits executive orders. There is a vague grant of “executive power” given in Article II, Section 1, Clause 1 of the Constitution, and furthered by the declaration “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed” made in Article II, Section 3, Clause 5. Nothing more. EO’s mean nothing.

We expect you to be removed and or impeached from office as per the authority vested in us “We the people” using ALL our constitutional means and we are going to use them.

Operation American Spring (OAS) participants will be mustering at the below locations in Washington D.C. starting at 10:00 a.m. EST on Friday, May 16, 2014. Please pick your place of protest. We will not leave our posts in Washington until the President has been removed from office for constitutional treason.

Set up a chain of command and follow the Rules of  Engagement published previously.



For a larger view click on the map.

Just another reminder on the Rules of Engagement. NO WEAPONS or AMMUNITION. But you do have a right to defend yourself. You have a God given 2nd Amendment right as an American. When the progressives have been voted out we will restore the Constitution in Washington D.C.

Bring video cameras and other devices that can record our peaceful activities.

We need attorneys willing to work pro bono to help release any Americans harassed while peacefully demonstrating.

Do not hide from the government. Operate within the God given laws of the US Constitution. Always post your location and phone number in all correspondence you send to me. I cannot return every call I receive, I am getting hundreds, but I do listen to all your voicemails.

Militia Commanders take charge of your units. TEA Party leaders take charge of your groups. Civilians participating please follow the law. Keep preparing for mobilization.

We are living in an unconstitutional police state. Our nation is in very bad shape politically and financially so we will now take the appropriate constitutional actions to take our country back. Its starting.

Be strong and be ready for a long siege of defense. I expect all retired military officers – senior enlisted coordinating across the country with us to implement logistic and other readiness requirements to ensure mission success. Our government is no longer our government. The current government is AGAINST the people not for the people.

If you are unable to make it to Washington please mobilize and march on your local court houses, state capitals, and offices of your Senate and Congressional representatives in your towns. DO IT !!! If your state laws permit weapons bring them. Follow the laws of your state!

The President of the United States is a threat to our Constitutional republic. Do not believe a word he says –  he lies. His entire Presidency is a series of lies that threaten freedom. The Congress refuses to do the job we pay them to do, so we are coming to Washington D.C. to insure they hear our voices from a closer proximity. See you there.

I will be at base point #3.

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