Boys Beware: Classic Film warns against Homosexuals, Pedophiles and Pederasts

This classic film warns young boys and men of the dangers of homosexuals, pedophiles and pederasts, and how to spot them. Perhaps it is time to do an updated version of this 1961 film and use current examples like Penn State’s’ Jerry Sandusky and Jimmy Savile who raped 1,000 boys in the British Broadcast Corporation’s (BBC) studios. Savile was the star of BBC’s Top Of The Pops and Jim’ll Fix It . Savile died at the age of 84 in October 2011 – a year before allegations that he had sexually abused children were broadcast in an ITV documentary.

Dr. Miriam Grossman, M.D. in her column A Brief History of Sex Ed: How We Reached Today’s Madness writes:

Today’s sex ed curricula are based on the widely-accepted teachings of depraved human beings.

Once upon a time, sex education was a simple biology lesson. Students learned the facts of life, and, with those facts, that sex is part of something bigger, called marriage. Teachers explained that this was the moral and healthy way to live.

In those days, people understood that men and women are different, and that their union is unique, unlike any other relationship. It went without saying that boys grew up to become men, and girls, women.

There were only two sexually transmitted diseases, and having one was a serious matter. Certain behaviors were not normal; individuals who practiced them needed help, and a child’s innocence was precious.

Things have changed.

“Before things changed”, this film was shown in public schools as a warning to children, should they come into contact with a pedophile or pederast.

Dr. Judith Reisman in her column How teachers’ “attitude restructuring” is hypersexualizing your kids writes, “The whole purpose of these ‘sex positive’ programs [in schools] is not to liberate adults from their Victorian moral prisons but to indoctrinate children into an unrestrained, sexually available lifestyle. Even if such ‘programs’ are not being taught in all schools yet, this material has been made available on multiple websites and are widely promoted to all, regardless of age. The Kinsey Institute, SIECUS, Planned Parenthood, AASECT and others all provide, or recommend, sites that extoll the virtues of unrestrained sexual experimentation.” Reisman asks, “Is it any wonder that youthful STDs, pregnancies, abortions and abuse are pandemic?”

“Boys Beware” was shown in public schools to warn children of the dangers they face. Perhaps it is of renewed interest to School Boards, as nothing has changed. Homosexual, bi-sexual and heterosexual predators remain, their victims are young girls, women, boys and men:


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