ALERT: UN’s World Environment Day Coming to Sarasota, Florida

world environment day 2014The Observer’s Alex Mahadevan reports, “Sarasota County may be a quickly-growing international tourism destination for its beaches, but now the United Nations has highlighted the community for its environmental accomplishments. The United Nations Environmental Programme Regional Office for North America (UNEP RONA) has chosen the county as its host community for World Environment Day, which is celebrated internationally June 5. The UNEP RONA will showcase Sarasota County, which will host environmentally-focused events beginning on Earth Day and culminating with a roundtable session.”

This announcement comes the day after two climate experts spoke at an event hosted by Beth Colvin from the Sarasota Patriots. The two experts are John Casey, President of the Orlando based Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC), and Craig Rucker, Executive Director of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT).

Both men spoke about the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon the world – the United Nations’ man-made global warming campaign. World Environment Day (WED) is part of that effort to keep alive what both men showed was a unscientific theory that has been disproven by actual events. The theme of WED 2014 is the threat of rising sea levels. The tag line for WED 2014 is “Raise your voice, not the sea level”.

Casey during his presentation pointed out that sea levels along the Western shores of the United States are dropping due to the Pacific Ocean waters cooling. He announced in August of 2013 that the global threat of sea level rise caused by decades of global warming is ending.

“As a result of the Sun entering a ‘hibernation’ phase, the Space and Science Research Corporation hereby declares that the past two hundred years of global sea level rise is expected to end no earlier than mid-2014 and no later than 2020. After that time, global sea levels are expected to begin a long term period of decline, lasting at least through the decade of the 2030’s. The estimated global sea level decline during that period will range from 20 to 25 cm from current levels.”

Casey elaborated with, “The many climate models that have taken two decades and billions of dollars to fabricate have been utter scientific failures. Once you take the greenhouse gas theory out of the laboratory and try in in the real world it just does not stand up. Not only has there been no effective growth in the planet’s temperature for sixteen years, but current temperature trends show the Earth’s oceans have been cooling for ten years and the atmosphere for seven years! These real world indicators of the true status of the Earth’s climate are of course, an impossibility if the greenhouse gas theory really worked and mankind’s CO2 emissions had the effect as has been alleged. On the other hand, using solar variations for climate prediction, we see global warming ended and the next climate began right on schedule.”

Rucker speaking at the UN climate change conference in Bonn, Germany in June 2013 stated, “We at CFACT continue to be amazed at how people cling to their global warming talking points at UN climate conferences like this one and keep their heads buried in the sand whenever new information comes in. The United Nations cannot go on paying no heed to real world observational data, nor the expense, ineffectiveness, waste, fraud and abuse surrounding the policies being proposed. Sadly, to attend a UN climate conference, is to enter an unrealistic wonderland.”

Rucker made these points about global warming science and policy which are not receiving the attention they deserve:

  1. Global temperatures have been at a standstill since the nineties.
  2. Climate computer models call for a warmer world than that we have actually experienced.
  3. With little warming and none in recent years, claims that global warming is causing current extreme weather have no basis in reality and shamelessly exploit natural tragedies.
  4. Climate science is not “settled” and there is not, nor has there ever been a scientific “consensus”
  5. The climate mitigation policies that have been put in place and are being advocated for are ineffective and hugely riddled with waste, fraud and abuse.

Rucker concluded with, “[W]ith temperatures at a standstill, science unsettled, and global warming waste, fraud and abuse rampant, it is incumbent on the nations of the world to reassess and radically readjust the climate process. The first step is ending the climate of intimidation and suppression surrounding those who dare to question global warming science and policy. Eyes and minds need to open. Questioning and dissent should be welcomed. The media should stop reporting extreme, but shallow global warming claims without investigation, balance or question.

 “The UN should return to valuing the freedom and prosperity which enables us as a species to be true stewards of our environment. The nations united here today should swear an economic and environmental Hippocratic oath and resolve immediately when considering climate policy, to ‘first do no harm’,” said Rucker.

Perhaps the Sarasota County Commissioners should reconsider being part of this hoax upon all Americans? Perhaps it is time to learn the truth about what WED is really all about? Perhaps the Sarasota County Commission should “first do no harm” to its citizens?

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  2. […] against their own party’s platform. On June 5th, 2014, Sarasota County will be hosting the United Nations  2014 World Environment Day (WED). Why? Because the County Commissioners have fully embraced the UN’s agenda on climate […]

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