Charlie Crist talks Climate Change, Racism and Democrat Debate Dodging

After allowing protesters to take him and his campaign staff off message during the grand opening of his Miami office, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist quickly bounced back into form and addressed reporters shortly after the Saturday morning protest concluded. Crist answered questions ranging from his new position on the U.S. embargo to Cuba, Racism, Climate Change, and his dodging of his Democrat primary opponent, Nan Rich. Read more about the protest in Miami here.

Climate change

Florida is considered “ground zero” for climate change, and Crist, who firmly believes that “the sky is falling,” so to speak, was asked what he would do about it, if he was elected governor.

Crist, who says that it is”ridiculous” to ignore science, and that “climate change is a real issue,” as well as stating that he would hold a climate change summit, and invite people like Robert Kennedy Jr. and other so called know-it-alls on the subject.

Back in 2007, when Crist the Republican governor of Florida, he held the “Serve to Preserve” 2007 climate change summit in Miami, and brought in the likes of the Terminator himself, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Crist says the he signed “Cap and Trade” executive orders when he was governor, and would sign them again, if he defeats Rick Scott this fall.
When asked if he supported “Cap and Trade,” Crist said that he was “willing to do whatever it takes to make sure we are addressing this important issue.” When the sun shines, we have flooding, and there’s a reason. And it’s because the seas are rising – Charlie Crist

Crist statement sounds a bit bizarre, but on Miami Beach, flooding is occurring because of rising seas caused by the Earth’s natural climate and temperature evolution, and not just from rainstorms.

Debating Nan Rich


Photo courtesy of The Shark Tank.

Democrat Nan Rich Many Floridians believe that the 2014 gubernatorial general election between Republican Governor Rick Scott and Democrat Charlie Crist is set in stone, but that belief is far from the truth.

Charlie Crist has a Democrat primary election to contend with first. Former state Senator and staunch Progressive Democrat, Nan Rich is hoping that she will be able to garner enough of the Democrat Party vote to defeat party newbie, Charlie Crist.

Rich, who believes that Crist’s rhetoric lacks substance, has been calling for the former Republican to debate her, but Crist has taken the position of ignoring her, and focusing on “the real opponent,” Rick Scott.

What’s important for this campaign is to be focused on the real opponent here- the real opponent here is Rick Scott. If I take my eye on that target, shame on me. I have a duty to the voters, I have a duty to our supporters, and I am going to stay laser focused on Rick Scott. – Charlie Crist

While Crist says he has a duty to voters (presumably Democrat voters), Rich is saying that Democrat primary voters deserve to hear from the field of primary gubernatorial candidates, and hopes that the party apparatus stays out of the contested primary race.

“Debates are part of the Democratic process. Charlie Crist is new to our party which is even more reason the people are entitled to hear about his new found positions and compare records to determine who best represents their values. Let’s get on with the debate!”- Nan Rich

Florida Governor Rick Scott has even stated that Crist had to first contend with Nan Rich in a Democrat primary race.

“The first debate Charlie Crist needs to do is with Nan Rich. He needs to quit ducking a debate with Nan Rich. He’s in a primary. I might not agree with her on many issues. But she is somebody who’s consistent, something that Charlie Crist has had a problem with his whole career.” – Gov. Rick Scott

Crist’s dodging of Nan Rich’ debate requests is considered to be hypocritical ,being that back in 2010, he debated now – Senator Marco Rubio in the Republican primary Senate race. Read more on Nan Rich’s “Where’s Charlie” debate efforts here.


Crist was then asked by a reporter to give “one example of racism in the Republican Party,” prompting Crist to dismiss the question by answering, “I have already talked about it, it speaks for itself.”

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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The Shark Tank. The author of this column states that flooding in Miami is caused by rising sea levels. Sea levels on the Pacific coast have been falling due to the cooling of the ocean waters. The rise in sea levels on the Atlantic coast has stopped and will decline as well for the same reason – the cooling of the ocean waters. The average rise of oceans has been measured at 1 inch per century. Not enough to cause flooding.