The FLIPSIDE: New TV comedy show premiere – and we’re in it!

Yes, we’re part of a TV comedy show now. Not appearing in person, but you’ll see our graphics and hear our jokes.

Some time ago we were invited to write and contribute graphics for a new conservative comedy show, The Flipside, produced out of Dallas, TX. After a few months of exciting work, the first episode is finally premiering tonight.

Find your cable or satellite channel on the Station Finder and tune in this Saturday and Sundaynights. So far the number of stations is limited, but it will expand if the show is successful, and I know it will be.

I know it because I have already seen a sneak peek of the premiere and it’s excellent. For now all the weight is carried by the show host Michael Loftus, a successful comedian and comedy writer, but as the show gains traction, it’ll expand to sketch comedy and other more complex segments.

Even if you miss it this weekend or your station isn’t listed, you can still see it next week – and share it with everyone you know!


District 214 Fights Michelle’s Mandated Program

We have a crisis. District 214 revolted at Michelle’s lunch program. We cannot let other districts know about this or else they will revolt. We must continue our Hunger Games and declare District 214 destroyed for our Dear Leader. This will prevent further revolts and a revolution.

Please do not let this message slip to the masses for it is only for the collective members. Snitches shall be punished.

Youth Brigade in People’s Republic of ArlingtonOffline

It has come to my attention that Party members are being indoctrinated educated beginning in their early preschool years in the People’s Republic of Arlington, Virginia. Note the glorious paint scheme on this anti-capitalist training tool at Glencarlyn Park.

I hope the Department of Parks and Recreation receives immense praise for its bold decision to strike a blow against the oppressive blue paint often used by the imperialist US Air Force and Navy.

VIDEO: Obamacare boat comes to portOffline


In response to the Affordable Boat Act, the Obamacare boat [VIDEO] is going on a promotional tour, crashing into ports everywhere – whether you like it or not! Here it comes.

Colorado Citizens Ordered to Smoke More Pot

Due to a $21 million shortfall in Collectivization goals for Colorado Oblast, the Colorado Regional Soviet has declared that all citizens under its jurisdiction are to immediately increase their consumption of State-sponsored marijuana products in order to meet the Party’s plan for $33 million in taxes for the first six months of marijuana legalization.

Kulaks and those hoarding People’s Dollars can expect a visit from the Oblast’s Drug Enforcement Agency, which is tasked with enforcing consumption and checking each citizen’s government-mandated supply of marijuana, both in smoke-able and non-smoke-able forms. Any citizen found without evidence of his receiving his fair share of marijuana will be brought to his local dispensary in order to meet his obligatory goals according to the Party’s compulsory Marijuana Usage Chart.

The original building is called The Palace of Soviets, and the plan was to have a gigantic rotating statue of Lenin on top. Started by Stalin in the 1930s, the project was never completed because it was too grandiose and utopian to begin with. They, however, destroyed a historic church to lay the foundation. Thus it became an allegory of the entire communist experiment in the USSR.

But here in the USSA, comrades, we have a much more advanced technology developed for our needs by the dying capitalist class of exploiters.

ISIL to be Defeated by Twitter and Instagram Bombardment


We will embarrass the Caliphate back to the Stone Age!

Comrade Vice President Joseph Biden has announced that the USSA will chase The Islamic Caliphate (PBUI) ‘to the gates of hell’ with a barrage of fearsome Twitter messages and fatally ironic Instagram photos.

Already successfully used by the USSA State Department’s Information Directorate against Vladimir Putin and the Boko Haram in Nigeria, this devastating strategy means that the Islamic State can soon expect to receive thousand of potentially embarrassing texts and pictures from high-capacity online accounts being prepared at the White Fortress.

Throughout the USSA, countless college students have already volunteered to repost and retweet State messages, adding even heavier firepower to the State’s already considerable resources. So many messages are expected to be directed at Caliphate accounts that officials expect a total retreat within weeks, if not the closing of thousands of accounts by disloyal terrorist operatives.

Debilitated by shame and unable to handle ironic humor, Comrade President B. B. Obama has told Party officials he expects total destruction of the enemy back to manageable proportions before his mid-Autumn golf season begins in early October.