Google, Facebook and the NSA establish ‘listening posts’ on my computer — you may be next!

I just entered my computer and used the CMD prompt to see if anyone had hacked my trusty desk top. Surprise, well not really, I found six established listening posts on my trusty liberal bashing Collectivist crushing operations center in my bunker in Navarre.

Now don’t get me wrong its okay to spy, like on the Russians the Chinese and the North Koreans, but hanging out in my computer really angers me. First of all I am an American and second of all this is the United States and third of all where’s the warrant?

So I called up the PID’s and Internet Protocol Addresses (ISP) of the “Established files” in my computers operating center and ran a check.

I find the listening post (1) is my router… that’s okay because I set that up.

But… listening post (2) has an ISP address of I traced this to Facebook headquarters in California.
And… listening post (3) has an ISP address of I traced this to Google headquarters.
And… listening post (4) has a foreign ISP address of This I traced to Facebook headquarters in Ireland.

Just so you know. I wanted to make it much easier for you to look into my computer so I used my iPhone and took a screen shot of you guys watching me and me now watching you. Cheers. See the below picture.

geoff ross screen shot

For a larger view click on the image.

To my patriot friends reading this. If you look carefully at the picture above… where you see an established file this is a potentially hacked file and or listening post for others to see what web sites you visit. These files maybe used to get passwords or other information from your computer.

Now everyone knows…smile…don’t forget to vote today. And you boys at Google…don’t be giving my personal data to the government…its illegal and unconstitutional. Read the 4th Amendment.

I sent this column to: The NSA, NSA SELinux Team the math wizards at the NSA (I know I got your e mail address) hey spies like us right?, Google, Facebook, CIA Langley and Fox News New York.

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The listening posts set up on my computer have mysteriously vanished after I sent out my public email disclosing their presence to the NSA, FACEBOOK and GOOGLE. POOF they are gone. Imagine that. I wonder if the NSA got irritated that I outed them publicly. Well you know I am not just a pretty face. I did send them a nasty EXE file to play with buried in a covert file. My day job in the Navy did sometimes include programming computers.

Anyway if you want to check your compute for hackers like I did go to the START button. Click on the box search programs and files. Type in CMD. Then click on the created Icon CMD and you will be taken to a black screen box.

You will see C:\user\ and the name given to your system. Type in netstat -ano and click enter. If you see any files listed that say ESTABLISHED these are potentially hacked files and or listening posts set up by outside users to spy on your activities. IE websites you visit. If you have a router you will have an established file. Look up the ISP addresses listed by any ESTABLISHED files and google search them. This will tell you who the culprit it spying on you.

I can tell you how to remove these ESTABLISHED files but its better you contact a computer person in your area and get them looked at and removed.

If you want to remove a virus from your computer go to START button. Go to the search programs and files box. Type in %temp%. This will create an icon called TEMP. Click on it. Open this file and delete all files that end in .TEMP. This will kill 99% of all viruses in your computer. Empty this trash from the recycle bin on your main screen. Your good to go.