Prosecute Al Sharpton Now!

Our thesis for this show is that Al Sharpton bears legal and moral culpability for the brutal murder of the two New York City police officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos.

We base this conclusion upon many factors including Attorney Andy McCarthy’s insightful article in National Review titled, “Who’s to Blame for the NYPD Killings?

Follow as we review the spotted background of Sharpton and show that the Muslim shooter, Brinsley is primarily responsible for the killings and Sharpton is the “A” of the A,B,C of those who also bear responsibility. The “B” are, Barack and Bill and the “C” are the commies. Commies? Yes, the real live commies. Check it out.

In addition, we feature Daniel Mael, student at Brandeis University, skyped in LIVE, who is in the middle of a major controversy because he outed a Black racist student leader who approved of the cops getting murdered. This is a full, fast-paced show that provides a lot of info and a bit of edgy humor…all to underscore our big idea, time to get Al Sharpton before a jury of his peers!

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image of Al Sharpton is courtesy of National Review.