Obama to Congress — don’t pass sanctions — I wish to negotiate from a position of weakness

President Obama and his cohort David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain, are lobbying Congress not to pass a sanctions bill to take affect if Iran fails to give up its nuclear weapons program. At the same time Obama says he would have no trouble passing sanctions if talks fail.

So, it appears Obama’s threat of sanctions if talks fail is okay, but Congress’ sanctions if talks fail is some way not okay. It appears Obama feels his threat of sanctions would not be taken seriously by Iran but Congress’ would.

The low price of oil and its effects on the Iranian economy is precisely the time to pass sanctions legislation. The original sanction got Iran to the negotiating table in the first place.

Iran is a Radical Islamic terrorist State which Obama fails to acknowledge in the same way he ignores the existence of Radical Islamic terrorists. As a result of Obama’s negotiating position, Iran is on the cusp of achieving a nuclear weapons breakout. This in turn will result in the proliferation of nuclear weapons throughout the Middle East.

Under these circumstances it is imperative for the U.S. Congress and Senate, both Republicans and Democrats to pass a sanctions bill without delay to take the necessary steps to protect America and its Allies and to prevent a future nuclear war and Armageddon.

What would have happened if Hitler had nuclear bombs and missiles? The parallel between the 1930’s and today are frightening.

  • Hitler wanted to create the 1,000 year Reich; Iran wishes to create the 1,000 year Caliphate.
  • Hitler rearmed in violation of Germany’s treaty; Iran is developing nuclear weapons in violation of its nuclear non-proliferation agreement.
  • Hitler wished to kill all Jews; Iran wishes to wipe Israel and its Jewish population off the face of the earth.
  • Once again Jews are being killed in Europe and are forced to emigrate because of the rising tide of Anti-Semitism; and Christians throughout the Muslim world are being killed solely because they are Christians.
  • Neville Chamberlain failed to understand Hitler; and Obama fails to understand Iran’s Radical Ayatollahs and their intention to establish a worldwide Islamic Caliphate.

Is there any doubt if Hitler had nuclear weapons Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other great U.S. cities would have been incinerated? Hitler chose death rather than surrender.

There is little doubt Ayatollah Khamenei would also seek death and Islamic Martyrdom if faced with defeat. Therefore the concept of ‘containment’ or mutual assured destruction (MAD) which appears to be Obama’s policy has no validity.

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