Kraft, Pepsi, and Nestle Using Aborted Babies For Flavor Additives

UPDATE: We have published new information about the use of body parts from live fetuses in a new column Human Life International lists Products that use Aborted Fetuses – Warning gruesome!

If you thought that Planned Parenthood selling the body parts of aborted babies was evil, then you will be shocked by those companies using these body parts as flavor additives.

The 1973 science fiction film Soylent Green was about food produced from human body parts. It appears Kraft Foods, Pepsi Corporation (PepsiCo) and Nestle are creating a new wave of products using aborted baby body parts provided by Semonyx and StemExpress. Science fiction is now a scientific reality. Should the Food and Drug Administration require a label on those products, listed below, that use baby parts as flavor additives?

Perhaps we should call these products Semonyx Green or StemExpress Green?

Senomyx_logoThe Conservative Post reports:

Famous food companies have been exposed using tissue from aborted babies to make flavor additives in processed foods.

Kraft, PepsiCo, Nestle, work with Semonyx, a California-based [company] that uses aborted embryonic cells to test fake flavoring chemicals.

The aborted human fetal cell line is known as “HEK-293,” and it is used to see how the human palate will react to synthetic flavors. Since most of today’s processed food lacks flavor, companies like Semonyx are hired to develop flavors on their own.

“What they don’t tell the public is that they are using HEK 293 — human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce those receptors,” said Debi Vinnedge of the pro-life group Children of God for Life. “They could have easily chosen animal, insect, or other morally obtained human cells expressing the G protein for taste receptors.”

stemexpress logoIn a column titled Meet the Company Buying Planned Parenthood’s Baby ‘Specimens’ Paul Bios writes:

Planned Parenthood’s hand in this nauseating maltreatment of human beings represents only the tip of the iceberg and has been the source of tremendous benefit for one company purchasing PP’s baby parts and then selling them off to biomedical researchers for profit.

That company is StemExpress, and it describes itself as “a multi-million dollar company that supplies human blood, tissue products, primary cells and other clinical specimens to biomedical researchers.” It also boasts of offering “the largest variety of raw material in the industry, as well as fresh, fixed and cryopreserved human primary cells.”

On the company’s site, which has been experiencing difficulty in recent days owing to high traffic, StemExpress openly states in bold print its “human tissue products range from fetal to adult” while guaranteeing that “every sample delivers the purity, viability and quality” the buyers look for.

Taking its cues from Amazon, StemExpress provides easy-to-use shopping carts complete with user-friendly dropdown boxes that allow the customer to purchase products like a “fetal liver” of their choice for as low $610. See screenshot:

Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard ### FREE Community Edition ### on 2015-07-17 03:45:52Z | |

Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard, FREE Community Edition, on 2015-07-17 03:45:52Z | |

Read more about StemExpress.

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Here’s a full list of products and companies provided by the Conservative Post:

• All Pepsi soft drinks
• Sierra Mist soft drinks
• Mountain Dew soft drinks
• Mug root beer and other soft drinks
• No Fear beverages
• Ocean Spray beverages
• Seattle’s Best Coffee
• Tazo beverages
• AMP Energy beverages
• Aquafina water
• Aquafina flavored beverages
• DoubleShot energy beverages
• Frappuccino beverages
• Lipton tea and other beverages
• Propel beverages
• SoBe beverages
• Gatorade beverages
• Fiesta Miranda beverages
• Tropicana juices and beverages

• All coffee creamers
• Maggi Brand instant soups, bouillon cubes, ketchups, sauces, seasoning, instant noodles

• Black Jack chewing gum
• Bubbaloo bubble gum
• Bubblicious bubble gum
• Chiclets
• Clorets
• Dentyne
• Freshen Up Gum
• Sour Cherry Gum (Limited)
• Sour Apple Gum (Limited)
• Stride
• Trident

• Sour Cherry Blasters
• Fruit Mania
• Bassett’s Liquorice All sorts
• Maynards Wine Gum
• Swedish Fish
• Swedish Berries
• Juicy Squirts
• Original Gummies
• Fuzzy Peach
• Sour Chillers
• Sour Patch Kids
• Mini Fruit Gums
• Certs breath mints
• Halls Cough Drops

Neocutis uses aborted male baby cells after a 14-week gestation period in their anti-wrinkle creams. The following creams they sell contain aborted fetal cells.
• Bio-Gel Prevedem Journee
• Bio-Serum Lumiere
• Bio Restorative Skin Cream

• MMR II (Merck)
• ProQuad (MMR + Chickenpox — Merck)
• Varivax (Chickenpox — Merck)
• Pentacel (Polio + DTaP + HiB — Sanofi Pasteur)
• Vaqta (Hepatitis-A — Merck)
• Havrix (Hepatitis-A — Glaxo SmithKline)
• Twinrix (Hepatitis-A and B combo — Glaxo)
• Zostavax (Shingles — Merck)
• Imovax (Rabies — Sanofi Pasteur)

• Pulmozyme (Cystic Fibrosis — Genetech)
• Enbrel (Rheumatoid Arthritis — Amgen)

Are you going to boycott these products? If so, please share this column to let people know and make up their own minds.

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    • sissy
      sissy says:

      Yes sadly this is true. I’m 44, and a movie staring “Charlton Heston” called “Soylent Green” came out in 1977 I believe was the date. I was just a baby. I’m boycotting these company’s and products. May God keep us safe. May God bless you as you Dutch for the truth.

      • Jovanna McDaniel
        Jovanna McDaniel says:

        I’m in tears thinking about all the babies that have been aborted, and the fact that there giving use this with out our consent. I would never choose to take part in their daemonic cultures because that’s what it is. Lord help us, and please have mercy on us.

        • Dr. Rich Swier
          Dr. Rich Swier says:

          We pray for those who killed their own flesh and blood in the name of choice. Motherhood is no longer the norm. When life loses its value a society loses its morality. With morals we are but animals, consuming our young.

          • bruce tonkin
            bruce tonkin says:

            Im sure you would have been sued if the information was false…. We are being fed human aborted/ murdered cells of innocent babies and or fetus…. That is, some states and provinces have a 28 week period to abort. This is truly satanic.7

          • Snow
            Snow says:

            You can pray for them if you so choose. I will refrain from praying for them and instead shout ” God damn you murdering bastards to hell.”

    • Robin Alwine
      Robin Alwine says:

      This is not true, check it out. I have a hard time believing intelligent human beings are falling for this blather. Do you believe everything you read? Seriously, “Dr.” Swier! Did you receive your education from a university, or a cereal box?

      • Siri
        Siri says:

        Cereal Box Education?
        I would check out his credentials on his ‘about me’ section; the fact that you insulted his education, completely discredits your opinion on the validity of this topic. Perhaps it is you, who needs to do more research.

        • Pobotrol
          Pobotrol says:

          A masters in Management Information Systems, and a degree in Fine Arts! These are not relevant qualifications for making highly dubious claims about food additives or family planning procedures.
          The man is a crank and a fraud.

          • Hope
            Hope says:

            I cant stop crying.
            I have eaten and drank these products. I cant stop crying. I feel disgusting and gross. I cant belive this.

          • Lynn C Maust
            Lynn C Maust says:

            the placement of my comments is totally screwed up….and I can’t change them!

      • Leigh
        Leigh says:

        Of course it’s true! Though not believing it makes it easier to sleep at night, trust me it is true. There is also human DNA found in certain meat products as well as some veggie burger patties. I am beyond appalled that these demonic companies get away with this BS. Are we going to take a stand and do something about i or placidly go along? If each one of us were to provide proof to our local grocery stores, we could fight until said stores stopped supporting these companies.

        • Shae
          Shae says:

          Yeah, nobody wants to believe this satanic sick freak crap is going on but it is. Our evil government or planned parenthood or anyone doesn’t give a damn about any of the women or them having any choice. There is big money being made off of little babies these are humans this is so evil and disgusting. But that’s what it’s all about is the money the rich getting richer. But as a Country Abortion will put our Country into darkness and Completely destroy us all. We will be wiped off the face of the Earth at some point for such evilness of the torture and taking of these lives. God be with us and have mercy. Get right with God or be lost forever from him.

      • Latoya
        Latoya says:

        I read this article with uncertainty and doubt that our FDA would even allow this to happen without our consent. As I continued to read all the products that have fetus flavoring in them. and continue to stroll down to where it said “Neocutis” my eyes then open really wide. For those of you that dont know, Neocutis is an anti- aging product. I currently work for a Med Spa where we sell this product. Durning our product education at work with the Rep from Neocutis, we where advises that baby fetus is an ingredient in this particular product. So why can’t it be in our food as well. You think this product was posted with these other items was a coincidence. I think not. Wake up people don’t be so nieve.

        • Stryc9Nine
          Stryc9Nine says:

          “People think the FDA is protecting them–it isn’t. What the FDA is
          doing and what people think it’s doing are as different as night and
          day.” Dr. Herbert Ley, Commissioner of the FDA, _San Francisco
          Chronicle_, January 2, 1970

          Wake up woman. They’re not there to protect you. They’re there to protect the corporations. They couldn’t care less what the chemicals did to you anyone else.

        • MC
          MC says:

          Be real, if you had done any homeork at all, you know there is a revolving door between the FDA and Monsanto. Do you really have a hard time believing the FDA would allow this, I mean Monsanto-FDA, inc.? PLease… the same FDA that allows geoengineering of heavy toxic metals and desiccated red blood cells into our environment…aka chemtrails. The same FDA that won’t tell us what food products we buy are GMO? Do I really need to continue… ok, the same FDA that told us tobacco use was safe all those years, and on and on it goes.

          You see, we are the lab rats that the FDA allows Corporations to experiment on, the results are what they are, and Companies get their Human Experiments completed after the products are released to the public, not before. The corporate STAGES of denial are…1) our studies indicate it is safe for you, 2) deny anything is wrong, 3) only a small percentage have had adverse affects, 4) we told you there might be a problem, but you chose to consume the product anyway, 6) it’s not our fault you didn’t take it as prescribed, or, the label clearly showed the potential effects, we are not responsible for you loss or you incompetent behavior.

          So, you see how this works! NOW you know. Try watching “David Vs Monsanto” as a starting point.

          • Gary
            Gary says:

            FDA is no more federal than FedEx. It is a private for profit corporation just like the Federal Reserve. It exist by selling its indorcements on vaccines, food, medicines, etal.

        • Jon
          Jon says:

          Our government thrives on apathy! People assume that ethics and a moral hand is guiding departments like FDA, but its absolutely not true! It’s up to us to educate ourselves and protect our families.

      • Rick
        Rick says:

        Even the Snoopes team knew this was happening. They admitted to developing it. But not the actual use. So why would they develop it? Get real.

      • stacia
        stacia says:

        I found this article because I noticed on the side of my Pepsi can, printed right next to the ingredients, “PARTIALLY PRODUCED WITH GENETIC ENGINEERING”!! I Wanted to know why it said that so I googled why the can says that and it brought me here!! So I’m 100% convinced this is TRUE and accurate information. As sad and disgusting as it is! I will really be paying more attention to the things I eat and drink.

      • Joe
        Joe says:

        It is true. Where do you do your research? CNN ? Snopes? Even Snopes told the truth but blew it off as not actually fetal cells . But it was still derives from a fetal cell.

      • Amanda Smart
        Amanda Smart says:

        People are fucking idiots.. oh it sounds to crazy to be true? What world do you think you live in buddy. Yeah wake up and do some research. This shit is fact and proven. Elites and the pizza gate bullshit, elites and there sex rings, pedophelia, sodomy, rape, child rings, monsanto, go …and all this cloning stem cell shit, the fact u can have a baby implanted in you. Invetro is so overlooked as a unnatural process. Just quit being so narrow minded people. The world you live in isn’t all butterfly and rainbows.

      • E. Grogan
        E. Grogan says:

        If you understood pure evil, you would have no trouble believing it. We are run by a worldwide cabal that is beyond evil and crazy. They hate those who are not like them, i.e. US. They want to destroy us and make us like them and just as evil. When humans eat other humans, they get kuru (prion disease) and they become literally insane. And yes, the elites are cannibals. There is a video out on YT where Katy Perry is encouraging cannibalism for everyone and talks about how good it tastes. Google Cannibal Club in L.A. Calif.
        When you know the face of evil, you will have no difficulty believing this. And yes, it is true,sadly.

      • Ric R
        Ric R says:

        The proof is in Black and White on Semonyx’s website. These companies admit it so what part do you not believe? The part that allows you to believe it’s raining out when they’re urinating on your leg? Satan is alive and prospering in politics, religion, Hollywood and the schools, etc. Open your eyes and see outside the fantasy.
        Boycott and spread the truth to your loved ones, if they’ll listen.

        • Diane Black
          Diane Black says:

          I believe this is true; but no one wants to believe it, so I’m probably considered crazy; especially when I start throwing food away. God help us to know what is right and live accordingly, in Jesus’ name, amen

      • Jim
        Jim says:

        How about YOU submit YOUR credentials as well. If the current mindset is ‘TRANSPARENCY” then offer up support for your criticisms. This is not the first, nor the last, source on this topic.
        I’m not into name calling bouts. There have been other mediums where this topic has been validated, and for the record, NOT DENIED by ANY of the named companies.
        To disregard this as pure fiction is as big a mistake as accepting Monsanto’s WORD for decades there was nothing dangerous about glyophosphate.
        So before YOU call B.S! Support your statement.

      • mae k davis
        mae k davis says:

        Its normal to have cognitive dissonance and live in denial which is why Satan has so much power over those responsible for this abomination. Those poor precious murdered babies sacrificed while people unknowingly eat processed foods containing their remains!

    • Lady777
      Lady777 says:

      American have been under attack by being sprayed in our skies, food poisoning, water with fluoride that is not good for teeth but cause tooth decay. Wake up people so martial law will be here. People think Russia and the US are enemies but not so read your bible kjv 1611 with the Apaocrypha in it and it will tell you who the real Enemies .

      • niki
        niki says:

        STOP with the bible shit that is nothing but a few fucks that wrote the history as they seen fit…or how they wanted and are mentally ill. If we did that now say we seen god they would fill us up with meds and put us in the hospital for sure stop being dumb.. also i have a hard time with the baby fetus in our food especially something i have bought for yrs… I want to see the proof that it is in it not being tested that is different thank u

        • Dr. Rich Swier
          Dr. Rich Swier says:


          Your comments are endemic of what is wrong with our society. Murder is wrong in any civilization. Murder of the innocent is considered a high crime.

          Using baby parts for research or by food companies to enhance the flavor of the food we consume is no different than cannibalism. If Roe v. Wade had not become the law of the land the black population of America would be 33% rather than the current 13%. Think about that.

          • E. Grogan
            E. Grogan says:

            You both are missing the point. Beyond any moral implications, which are indeed horrendous if you are against cannibalism,there is the very real problem of prion disease,which results when humans eat other humans. It’s called kuru.

        • Michel
          Michel says:

          Niki…the best way to find proof, because you’re going to be rude and blow off anything and everything anyone says, writes, or shows you…is to stop being lazy and do your own damn research. Until you’ve done your own research, try being civil to people rather than rude.

        • Mike Read
          Mike Read says:

          Hi Niki, I don’t know about using the baby parts. However, this is important enough for me to check out. As for the Bible, I suggest becoming more familiar with that subject before making the comments like you did, and be careful to not confuse what people say the Bible says to what it actually does say. Yes, it takes some study, but since so many make statements and claims about it, it’s seems reasonable to have a basic knowledge on it. Wish you all the best.

    • Sonnia
      Sonnia says:

      This has got to be an absolute lie!! #1 against the law, #2 didn’t have my permission to become cannibalism. I absolutely don’t believe this and don’t understand how you haven’t been sued for such an add!

    • rarum
      rarum says:

      that’s what satanists do – they believe the “life power” of the victim accrues to them – that’s why one becomes suspicious when a candidate keeps slipping & falling like a cow with mad cow disease – you cant eat your own species without this result occuring –

    • Phil Wilson
      Phil Wilson says:

      I’m not defending the use of human stem cells for this purpose, but this is not cannibalism.

      They don’t actually put human material into their products. Some companies do use cell systems to research and discover flavor additives. Basically, they create cells that express human taste receptor proteins, creating artificial taste cells which are designed to mimic taste cells in your taste buds. They use genetic engineering to express taste receptors (e.g., complex proteins that undergo changes in the presence of sugar and other sweet molecules to signal the presence of a sweet substance). They need a blank cell type into which they can express these receptor proteins, and viable options are limited. Regardless, these artificial taste cells are used to screen large numbers of chemicals to find candidate flavors, e.g., new candidates for calorie free sweeteners. Promising candidates discovered using artificial “taste cells” are then tested with actual human tasters (they will already have done a basic toxicity analysis at this point). If the candidate flavors actually taste good to humans, and the FDA deems them safe, them the new flavors could be added to foods. Some marketed flavorings have indeed be discovered in this fashion.

      TLDR: If you oppose the use of human stem cells for R&D, you might wish to avoid the products of companies who use these methods on moral grounds. However, they aren’t putting human cells, or anything extracted from human cells, into your soda pop. Pepsi isn’t made from people.

      • D.
        D. says:

        Correct, but this research for food flavorings, which can then be classified as ‘natural flavorings” is the economic driver of the abortion industry. I would agree that lowering the consumer demand for these types of products would stem the abortion industry. Also, even though there aren’t human cells actually in the product, why would anyone with critical thinking want to consume the diverse range of chemical additives in these products that only have to be listed under vague terms unless they want to get a bargain on all the free health”care” they will eventually need after decades of consuming processed corporate model foods.

    • Timbra
      Timbra says:

      No it’s not true. The foods don’t contain fetal cells at all. The flavoring a May be tested on receptors from hek cells, but the cells are not in the food products.

    • Steve L
      Steve L says:

      Per Snopes.Com this is not true
      Were Food Companies Caught Using Aborted Babies in Flavor Additives?
      Pro-life activists claim products from Pepsi and other major food producers are ‘manufactured using the tissue of aborted human babies.’

      PUBLISHED 18 MARCH 2012


  1. tayler
    tayler says:

    It doesn’t matter if it applies to the lower/middle class. The rich get richer and we get poorer and we ‘allow’ them to do this cause not enough people want to research what’s actually in their food because too many people rather watch ‘the voice’, ‘housewives of…’, and so fourth.

    Its horrible what’s happening to this country. I hope Trump wins, he publicly said that he would disband this horrible cannibalistic group. I don’t care one way or another about abortion, though I believe it’s fine if it’s the result of a rape or if a child is born with a non reversible problem, ex: born with an extra arm-reversible. Born without a brain-not reversible.

    But of course, this is just my opinion, people.

    Though frankly, I’d be warily of any company that ‘supports’ planned parenthood. It’s probably code for ‘selling’ and using in fetuses in their products.

    • jennefer vaughan
      jennefer vaughan says:

      Thank you for disclosing this. My husband is a preacher and he doesn’t believe this. I think he can’t bring himself to think the human race has gone this far, but then, he doesn’t believe most to the conspiracy theories that have been proven to be fact either. GOD HELP US!!! We are nearing the end…

      • Heywood Jablomi
        Heywood Jablomi says:

        Belive in your husband and what the bible says. Keep your yap shut and let the smarter gender speak. Your husband is right and you, clearly, are a moron.

        • Elaine Coker
          Elaine Coker says:

          No, she should not keep her yap shut, as you so rudely put it. You should be ashamed that you would stoop so low as the lowest of those who dare to call themselves human being. You and all your little rich buddies that get rich by doing anything that they want are going to “very soon” reap what you are sowing. You are not only a fool, but you have allowed the liberal monarchy to brain wash you into believing there is no GOD, No Heaven and No Hell. You are wrong and soon you will know how wrong you are.
          JEHOVAH GOD is not going to put up with the thuggery rule that is in power all over the world. You can count on that. JEHOVAH JESUS is coming soon and if you knew anything about HIS Holy Word you would know this. GOD’s Holy Word, says that since you have loved blood so much, I will give you blood to drink, and HE is going to do just that. I am sure you will come back with some stupid remark about that old book being outdated. Wrong again!. That book contains over 300+ Prophecies that have already been fulfilled and the rest of those Prophecies are going to be fulfilled “exactly” like is listed in HIS Holy Word. And one more thing, for those who are saying you cannot believe HIS Word, those words were breathed to the Prophets of old by the Holy Spirit, who only reveals what HE hears from JEHOVAH GOD. Only a fool would deny that it is the WORD of JEHOVAH GOD when over 300+ prophecies have been fulfilled to the letter, written hundreds of years before they ever thought about happening. If anybody needs to shut up, it is you.

        • Rachel
          Rachel says:

          Moron! I think not! She was expressing that her husband cannot believe what is going on in this world. And it is growing worse as the Bible said it would. Would you have believed that they would legalize same sex marriages years ago? Yet they did. They are slowly desensitizing you to who knows what in the future because it is difficult to look at the truth and do anything about it. That might make your good life fantasy life a little upset! Things might be better if one does not look at truth. ‘ If you don’t take a stand fosomething, you will fall for anything.’ Get your head out of your backside so you will be able to see what is clearly going on hidden in plain sight!

      • Rick
        Rick says:

        Sorry about Haywood; and his obviously troubled youth. Your right. This is happening. If this shocks you, as it did me, you will have difficulty reading the crimes of Pope Francis. Just google, 5 International judges find Pope Francis guilty. This is what our elite pay to have done.

  2. sissy
    sissy says:

    I can see your point. But all children are a blessing from God. I have personal experience with a baby conceived in hate. I had and raised bmy child. Their are other option’s. I don’t agree with killing a baby even in case of rape they had no choice in how they came to be. I believe my own experience was a blessing in discise. I have no regrets. Question “What if your mother aborted you” or your sibling how would you feel? How do you think God of Creation feels?.

  3. Kdqueen
    Kdqueen says:

    Guys, I am against this behavior. I mentioned to my friend that I read something about fetus in Pepsi drinks and she said she would never believe it. People will convince themselves that it is a lie. I believe it, what makes me sick is the Planned Parenthood’s position in this. Planned Parenthood publicly announce rights to protect children and parents. I think more would be heard if people stopped purchasing the product. This just disgusts me, it is human eating human. No one has a problem with this?

  4. Jacob
    Jacob says:

    Listen this is all just a bunch of bull crap I guarantee that every single one of you crying little girls still use most of these products and still wanna bitch and moan over nothing. You need to get off the internet and quit worrying about the little things, we have all been drinking and eating these products all our lives and now all of a sudden you think they are bad? Are you dying? Are you sick? No, I didn’t think so. Also what do you think you guys are gonna do if they are you wanna write angry letters or post your thoughts on the internet. My wife showed me this and if it’s true then I must love fetal cells and I will continue to buy these products even more now and I’m sure my unborn kid will love them to. Good night and screw all you little crying ass babies.

    • Amanda Smart
      Amanda Smart says:

      Hahaha and let me quess. THIS so intelligent person saying we are all cry babies and need to shit up? Haha I bet u are a fucking white male privelage. I love to see that just because peoples little brains refuse to do research and think they’re just born to know all the answers that they are right? Your in denial buddy. Get mad all you want take it out on the concerned people. Because you can’t handle the reality it’s true. And ur fucking “God” has nothing to do with this . Your “God” won’t save you. Christians and church people are ignorant closed minded cultish regards who can’t think for themselves, the weak woman how and follow the men. Society makes me sick. The problem isn’t hey I’ve been eating them this long I’m alive. You have no idea the long term effects of these chemicals and additives and fetus tissue thats in our food. Sooo when u have diabetes, cysts, cancers, and all your other alignments when you get older just think why? ….choose research your food, eat healthy and organic. ..they still mess with our organic but is fight for it and non go till I die. The rest of you deserve cancer for your ignorance to this world

    • Adam Roberts
      Adam Roberts says:

      If you want to truly live up to your “truth seeker” name, forget about snopes and do your own verification of facts. Snopes is a uber liberal husband and wife who ALWAYS support the “official” narrative.. (i.e. THEY LIE) I know this for a fact as i have “morgellons” syndrome (a bio-weapon IMHO) something that snopes says is “in my head” …

    • MC
      MC says:

      Snopes only provides the political decisions and opinions of their handlers. Snopes is the worst place e to qoute for truth. PLEASE find another source that is reputable. SNOPES is a joke!

      • Amanda Smart
        Amanda Smart says:

        Oh so one person found onee shit link that says it’s false. Better be true ppl! Case solved for the simple.minded …see wasn’t that so easy you all now know it’s false 😃.. Come on fucking sheep the only way u will know for yourself is RESEARCH both sides for urself and see the outcome and what ways more one way or the other..fuckin sheep I hate people…there is no point in arguing with these people they can be cyber bullying and grow children with degenerate disorders n cancers n monglode imbreads …and the rest of the intelligent one’s know what the stay away from and how to eat and live. We are the Elite . Knowledge is power. Don’t fight in the name of ignorance if you especially have no good facts. Just babble

  5. Amber
    Amber says:

    Planned parenthood does way more then you all think. They help those who can’t afford to get help with birth control, in which many women need not just as a form of contraception but to help with their periods assholes. Two they have many education classes and programs to help younger people. Why is it always plan parenthood under fire and not the person getting the abortion and none of you know the reason behind every single abortion that happens. I’m pro-life but sometimes it’s the only choice when states are already over filled with foster kids and no one to adopt out kids then you turn away a gay couple because why the child will be gay or be abused or made fun. Teach your kids not to there are ways solve a hundred issues but not when you only see out your ass

    • Betty
      Betty says:

      Planned parenthood is all about killing babies. They do not do many of the other “helpful” things people think they do. As far as baby cells being in food–I would not be surprised! We already know they are in vaccines. The vaccines , I believe, are responsible for the rise in childhood cancer. You inject a little baby with human DNA, monkey DNA, rat DNA, aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and other toxins then it is not surprise that their little systems cannot fight it . It is all about the bottom dollar and as was stated somewhere, morality usually takes a back seat to profit. I will never touch another pepsi product again! May God have mercy on this nation!

  6. Amy
    Amy says:

    Quoted from Snopes…” What we’re talking about here is a cell line derived from a single (healthy, aborted) fetus over forty years ago…” Even the cell line is from a SINGLE aborted fetus, I still find this morally and ethically wrong. That baby had a life and should have been given a real name but was never given the chance. I had no idea that such technology existed solely for the purpose of a taste receptor. However, it appears that this HEK line has infiltrated most of our national food lines and it is unrealistic to determine by personal research which specific brands are participating in this “science”. It appears that one would have to boycott almost all food brands sold in stores and I currently do not have the means to own a farm and grow all of my own food. Prayer is a powerful strategy against our enemy people. As a biologist, I still try to keep current on our world’s issues. It also appears from the snopes artice that they are using a very old technology, but this needs to change people. It is UNNECESSARY to use fetuses in this part do science. For those of you that don’t know, there is technology out there that can grow individual human body organs without the cells forming into an embryo. Why is this technology not being used???

    • Amanda Smart
      Amanda Smart says:

      Ever heard of pizza gate?? Spirit cooking?? Elites do sacrificial sacrifices of young babies and childeren. They eat the blood and believe it gives them a power or a youthfulness ..its sick but doesn’t surprise just goes with our disgusting depraved American culture. Of Satanists elites pedophilia sodomy .. ect.. anyone ever notice that shit sign emoji taking over?? Related to every holiday and occasian?? There is a bigger picture and people are missing it. It’s a desensitising meconism . I forgot who the leader was , but one of them recently was calling for bestiality and sodomy to be legalized.!?! What the F*^”!.. it’s the world we live in…not to.mention all this lqtqb shit. Men aren’t men anymore woman aren’t woman. The rules are blended n lost. Our evolution is headed downhillll we habe NOT advanced as humans. Technology has but not the human.

  7. stevie
    stevie says:

    Feeding cows with recycled cow flesh ended up with disaster and mad cow disease.

    God made sure, cannibalism ends up in destruction.
    With inbuilt safety mechanism called prions.

    You don’t have to be moral. But your immorality is already condemned and doomed to end with death.

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  20. Geo
    Geo says:

    I can’t believe that Kraft and Pepsi products were bad, actually I already knew that but never thought it was this bad. Who do those people think they are? Everyone is equal. One can’t take away another loved by making it into food! Pepsince and kraft are total maniacs they need to stop this, they need to know what it feels like when they start cannibalism. Imagine, you are a dead baby but they treat you as some type of ingredient to make food or a product, they basically sell you for some money so they can get rich. I didn’t get most of the thing this website said but I heard enough to get my attention. We need to stop this right now, we need to act up instead of sleeping all day and playing video games when some type of terrorist group makes cannibalism. Plz give me feed back at and check out my YouTube channel at HYP3RGLITCH

  21. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    How much more credulous can those who read this be? Apply an ounce of reason to this article! There is nothing in the consumables one purchases from the companies above that has an atom of fetal matter in it, if fetal matter is being used, it is as a receptor by Senomyx to test already made additives and flavorings by either themselves, or Pepsi. Senomyx provides nothing but either a recipe or formula if that, that they develop from the manner of testing multiple already composed artificial flavorings. Senomyx DOES NOT physically provide an ounce of product that goes in a single can of beverage for Pepsi, but we do lamentably live in a world of idiotic dementia, with an infinite number of morons who actually believe, that when they drink a can of Pepsi, they are drinking molecular flesh. Although it may be used in vaccinations, supported by scientific claims, and as inexcusable as it may be to most of us, of what purpose would there be at all to insert fetal matter in food?

    Think, if you simply dare, about how impossible it would be for all your erroneous fears to come true, these companies produce millions of gallons a month of beverage, how would they be able to even supply enough of this embryonic matter to do this with. Do any of yous the slightest idea of how much incrimination would be issued for such felonious and atrocious acts? If your going to focus on something that is realistic, and that matters, focus on how foolish yous are to be habitually consuming all of this artificial substance to begin with. Soda spikes up and surges the bodies blood sugar, habitual consumption will damage, if not rot your teeth, the caffeine has it’s numerous ill effects, it dehydrates the bodies hydration levels, therefore not truly even quenching one’s thirst, and in a word, it is not even worthy to be considered a consumable, but rather a detriment, but before this article everything about Pepsi was just fine with you. So the answer is now simple, go chug a 2 liter bottle of Coke instead, or some pityful sports drink, and continue to unleash your wild and untamed imaginations, until you collapse with inevitable hysteria.

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  23. Adam Roberts
    Adam Roberts says:

    YES,, this is true.. despite what “Snopes” says, it IS happening. The sanctity of life is being destroyed by the powers-that-shouldn’t-be.. We are being attacked from every direction.. They create apathy through the flouridation of our water supply, they release biological agents as well as massive amounts of aluminum through the aerosols (AKA “chemtrails”).. This is why autism and alzheimers has increased over a thousand percent in the past decade.. The aluminum also explains why wildfires are almost impossible to extinguish – aluminum has long been used as an accelerant in artillery shells.. it increases the temperature of the fire. It also appears that the ozone has either been destroyed or severly damaged as the UVA and UVB levels are off the charts.. (can you say skin cancer?).. Not to mention the radiation from Fukishima that is making it’s way over here… The animals are dying.. the plants are dying.. WE are dying… The great culling has begun… By 2025, eight out of ten people reading this will not be alive.

    ..AND… we haven’t seen the worst of it yet!

    May GOD help us-

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  31. Rocco
    Rocco says:

    Are they still doing this or have they stopped? I remember reading about this back in 2012 but I thought it stopped.
    Has it stopped or are they definitively using them still?

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  33. Carlos
    Carlos says:

    All of this is crap, learn to research about this kind of stuff… Neither Pepsi or any company are making you eating aborted babies dont be stupid. Is funny that this “Dr” omitted all research information about the company which is doing this. Learn to take news from real press, not this crap. I won’t tell you what is going on here. You have to research it yourself…

    • Lee
      Lee says:

      HEAR HEAR Carlos. It’s sad that lunatics like this fake ‘Dr’ and his snowflake, basement dwelling conspiracy lemmings eat up debunked crap such as this as if their lives depended on it. Pretty pathetic and sad really.

  34. Lee
    Lee says:

    What a bunch of lunatics. This bullshit has been debunked. The only reason this fake ‘Dr’ is pushing this debunked crap is because he has an agenda to push and profit from. You people are abdolutely mental! Seek REAL professional help IMMEDIATELY!

  35. Guy Rock
    Guy Rock says:

    See Tory Smith (RIP) on the Sherry Shrinner Youtube channel
    “They’re Putting Human Meat in Our Food Supply Folks!! “

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  37. selah
    selah says:

    I already stopped using most of these products on the list, i have a pack of nestle water right now and i will just stop getting that too, probably the same issue. I was searching for cosmetic companies that do not use aborted babies or metals and chemicals and found your blog. Currently i dont wear makeup, unless i find a decent company. How do I avoid all those package foods? I live in a country where I can buy ALL my food from local farmers, and our water comes from the ground we have to dig and put a borehole and tank there on our property. Its not an easy transition to go all organic after living in a place all my life eating packaged foods and fast foods, now Im surprised how anyone actually eats most of thier food from a can or box or gmo. like I said the transition was hard, imagine a full body toxic flush for the first year then your brain sometimes seriously craves the nonsense you used to eat from time to time, but here its not even an option to satisfy the craving for the most part but there are some things i can get that are imported to indulge in and I exercise extreme self control to not buy those packaged cookies or instant noodles. Im glad I dont use maggi, just dried seasons no mixes, I only stopped using maggi cos of the msg. The food is hard wiring peoples brain for addiction, you cant get addicted to real organic food, try to tell a crack addict his crack is bad and he will react the same way some of the “non believing” commentors have reacted, with disbelief, anger, and insult. Its not thier fault, they just cant take the truth and would rather defend a lie to the death than use reason and change. I mean its not like any of you own Pepsi co and are facing a loss if this word gets out. Whats the point of defending the mega corporations, is it because they used to read you your bed time stories and you have fond memories of thier love and care throughout your life? Or are you guys defending them because they pay your bills? People, these products are inanimate objects, they dont love you or care about you, the owners just want your money and wouldnt shake your hand for doing business with them. Ironically local farmers will shake your hand for doing business with them. Anyway, you naysayers are hilarious, whats wrong with some research from more than two sites to see if any of this is true, your awakening is going to be shocking but you will have to wake up one day. By the way America is the most diseased, cancerous, mentally disabled, allergic, overly medicated country in the world. If you have only been in America your bubble you probably thought all that cancer and diabetes was normal. Its not, could be the food is part of the problem you think? Amazingly God created the food to be good, and our immune systems to be strong, so long as youre eating the good food and not humans or poison. Scientists are now discovering that what was written in Genesis is true, kidding theyre still denying God for the most part and trying to play god. God bless you Dr. for this well written article. My resolve to keep away is stronger, im regretting buying that nestle water, I had to be a priss and drink bottled water…..

  38. Berniece
    Berniece says:

    Thank you, I’ve recently been searching for information approximately this topic for a while and yours is the best I have discovered so far.
    However, what concerning the bottom line? Are you certain about the source?

  39. Julia M. Zvaners
    Julia M. Zvaners says:

    Thank you Dr. Swier for letting us know the TRUTH about the evil coming from Planned Parenthood into our daily food supply and the companies and products they are contaminating.. I will never chew Trident gum or use any of the products you list. Also, I will refer your article to the President. He will act on it and get the ball rolling in D.C. to stop this HORRIBLE SATANIC ATTACK ON WE THE PEOPLE AND OUR FOOD SUPPLY.
    Yahweh Elohim bless you and all you do to enlighten the nation to this evil and protect you and yours from all evil. Amen.
    Thanks again,

  40. James
    James says:

    You’re a waste of space if you believe this crap, it’s pretty sad that Dr. Richy uses his feelings as facts instead of using actual thoughts and fact based research. If you believe this stuff, you’re mentally challenged

  41. Diablo Blanco
    Diablo Blanco says:

    Do any of you know how to read? I mean, SERIOUSLY. Yes, this article (incorrectly) states that there are human fetuses in these foods. But then it goes on to explain that the companies are merely using embryonic cells to produce flavor receptors to test artificial flavoring chemicals. They are NOT putting human cells in your food or drink, people! They are TESTING the flavors on receptor cells grown from the embryos. Reading dozens of these hysterical comments leaves me with no wonder why the world is in the shape it’s in.

  42. Charles
    Charles says:

    Rich I am absolutely horrified. This is one of the most shocking and heart-breaking things that I have ever heard of. To say that this is diabolical and perverted is an understatement.
    Abortion is generally un-necessary and bad but this is gross. Truly gross. These companies are evil and should be shunned.

  43. Lee Daniels
    Lee Daniels says:

    Last time I checked Cannibalism was 🚫 illegal in 🇺🇸 America and most if not all other countries or at least frowned upon in the World baring a couple of places that there aren’t any laws or people who have any laws . Anyway my thoughts are this is sick the people involved are Satan worshipers and lovers of Death and evil as hell . I can’t understand why something like this is even allowed snd it seems to me I remember a movie that had Charleton Heston in it called ” Soylent Green ” Soylent Green is people . any one who use these products are either ignorant of the fact or They are sick as hell and need to get a real grip on this life and drag this into the street lime we used to do in the 60s and beat thes bastards to a pulp. And leave them in the street to be viewed as the sick deviant Bastards and Bitches that they are!!!!!

  44. Alisha
    Alisha says:

    is this really true i dont know if i belive it contact me with further info my email is add me on hangouts or just email me plz and thx cuz if it is real i wont let my mom buy this stuff

  45. Lee
    Lee says:

    No, it has been debunked. This ‘Dr’ is a raving bigot, racist, and outright lunatic. Go have a look at his Facebook page and you will see for yoursrelf, he’s fucking mental! Just go look it up. It has been debunked. Only rabid fetus diddling freaks believe this BS ‘story’.

  46. Rabbitnexus
    Rabbitnexus says:

    You need to personally informed of this? Who are you? Go and use yuour search engine and do your own research. Of course this is true. Aborted fetuses have been used in food products for ages. Thank God Campbells finally stopped using them in their soup!


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