FBI Arrests Lead Islamic State Recruiter in Minnesota

The FBI have arrested a man they said was the ringleader of an Islamic State recruitment cell in Minnesota.

Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame, 20, is one of 10 men of Somali origin from Minnesota who have allegedly been plotting to join the Islamic State. Nine were arrested while one made it to Syria. The latter has been there since May 2014 and is believed to be helping recruitment efforts aimed at Americans.

Warsame was allegedly the leader, or emir, of the group.

Last summer, a federal grand-jury investigation followed 20 to 30 Somali-Americans who were believed to be considering joining ISIS in Syria.

Al-Shabaab has also recruited from Minnesota’s Somali community in the past.

CNN investigated the radicalism in Minneapolis-St. Paul last March:


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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame, the ISIS ‘Emir’ in Minnesota. Photo: Screenshot from video.

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