Open Letter to Mr. Donald Trump RE: The shooting death of rancher LaVoy Finicum

Dear Mr. Trump,
Via: Trump Campaign Headquarters
New York, NY

Today the Malheur County District Attorney Dan Norris in Oregon said the fatal shooting of rancher Mr. LaVoy Finicum, one of the protesters who took over a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon in January, was “justified and necessary”

The liberal media portray Mr. Finicum as armed but the U.S. Constitution permits him to be armed so the liberal media bias trying to make this man out as dangerous is ridiculous.

Les Zaitz a reporter for The Oregonian/OregonLive writes:

An FBI agent is suspected of lying about firing twice at Robert “LaVoy” Finicum and may have gotten help from four other FBI agents in covering up afterward, authorities revealed Tuesday.

The bullets didn’t hit Finicum and didn’t contribute to his death, but now all five unnamed agents, part of an elite national unit, are under criminal investigation by the U.S. Justice Department. Inspector General Michael Horowitz is leading the independent inquiry.

The remarkable disclosure came as a team of local investigators released findings that two state troopers shot Finicum three times in the back during the chaotic scene at a police roadblock Jan. 26. One bullet pierced his heart, an autopsy showed. Read more.

Mr. Trump I am sure you have already reviewed the below video of this event and can see Mr. Finicum with his hands in the air surrendering to law enforcement as he was brutally shot and killed while standing surrounded by the FBI and the Oregon State Police.

Mr. Finicum was shot and killed January 26th by Oregon State Police after he tried to drive around a traffic stop. He took the first (shot) round to the back which forced him to grab his side and the second (shot) round to the front putting him down.

District Attorney Norris said ten shots were fired at Mr. Finicum during the confrontation, eight of them by Oregon State Police officers and two by FBI agents.

He said three of the bullets fired by Oregon State Police officers led to his death.

“The six shots fired by the Oregon State Police were justified and in fact necessary,” Norris said.

Mr. Trump the question is why were ten shots fired at a man standing in the snow with his hands in the air? If he had a weapon it was holstered and covered.

Why did law enforcement not check on the condition of Mr. Finicum as he lay on the snow bleeding out?

Mr. Trump I am a personal friend of Governor Rick Scott and an assigned body guard to Governor Sarah Palin (as needed by her) and I am also a weapons expert – U.S. Navy retired.

finicum hands up before being shotThis video clearly shows a man with his hands in the air surrendering to law enforcement. This looks more like an execution of Mr. Finicum just my opinion. In this situation I would not have pulled my weapon nor fired a shot.

Upon your successful bid for the presidency and if and when you are sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, I respectfully request the DA of Malheur County, the Oregon State Police and the Oregon FBI be fully investigated in regards to the death of this kind God faring family man. A stand up American indeed.

I will call Governor Scott this weekend and let him know about my request and what I am seeking from you when and if you are elected President.

I believe a full Congressional investigation into this matter is warranted. The Hammonds, the Bundys and all ranchers should all be released from prison. They are, in my humble opinion, political prisoners of the Obama administration.

These are God fearing folks fighting for their Constitutional land rights.

Mr. Trump you are going to find that this matter is not so much about grazing cattle but it is about a giant land grab by the Communist forces in the White House using the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as the enforcement arm of the Obama regime.

They are operating through the Governors office in Oregon via the Justice Department to remove the last remaining holds outs of private land owners in this neck of the woods so the Federal Communist forces in the White House can get the Uranium in this rich mineral filled land.

The BLM are waiting in the wings as they are the first in line to snap up this land by court order when they the Hammonds and the rest are forced out, it becomes relatively apparent what is really going on in Harney County. We must stop this from happening.

Uranium deposits are considered “locatable minerals” under The General Mining Law of 1872, as amended. That law opened the public lands of the United States to mineral acquisition by the location and maintenance of mining claims.

The exploration and mining of these types of mineral deposits are administered under the General Mining Law Regulations at 43 CFR 3800.

I look forward to the investigation moving forward. The Federal government have no constitutional authority to manage state land and the BLM has no constitutional authority to be funded.

I will send this column to my friends in the Congress including Congressman Ryan Zinke, SEAL Team 6 retired. (R) – Montana. I will request that he also review the video of Mr. Finicum being shot while his hands are in the air surrendering to the Obama Federal forces. And move forward from there.

Copy to: Donald Trump campaign Policy Advisor
Copy to: Governor Scott
Copy to: Governor Palin
Copy to: D.A. Malheur County
Copy to: Malheur County Attorneys and Sheriff.
Copy to: FBI Washington DC
Copy to: Congressman Zinke (R-MO) SEAL Team 6 retired

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RELATED VIDEO: This is actual real-time video filmed from inside the LaVoy Finicum vehicle at the time of the shooting in Oregon:

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  1. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    Wow ,Nicely worded. Totally agree they murdered this -American Patriot Father of 11 .We the People– Demand Justice .And NOW They are arresting the other patriot protesters .But BLack lies Matter . loot up towns and kill Whitey every other day with no one arrested …The injustice department and DC is as vile and corrupt as this great Nation has ever had the misfortune to experience. ugh…
    God Help this Christian Nation .+

  2. Stacey Harris
    Stacey Harris says:

    Dear Dr. Rich Swier,

    Thank you for addressing this matter… my heart has been heavy since the day Mr. Finicum was gunned down January 26, 2016. The reason i feel (admittedly my opinion) LaVoy was shot was to silence him regarding the BLM and federal vs. state land issues that led to the imprisonment of the Hammonds and many other conflicts. Any one who looks at the pieces of this puzzle and begins to suspect the same thing would, I believe, be led to look into events that continued to unfold after the shooting off LaVoy and the large number of people who have been incarcerated subsequently. Once again it is my opinion that these people have been imprisoned to be silenced and to be made an example of, because they stood up for what they believed was right and against a government they felt was in the wrong. As of this date there are close to 50 people in the past 5 weeks who have been imprisoned relating to charges in the refuge protest or the Bundy Ranch event from 2014 and it is said that may only be half of the total targets our government intends to arrest. I am sure you are probably aware of these facts but so many of us, especially myself, are so stunned and hurt by what is going on in our country. When I saw your letter I had hope for the first time in all this because someone was paying attention and willing to speak up that might get some answers and shine a spotlight on these events. I can not say thank you enough for bringing more attention to this matter.

    In deep appreciation,

    SJ Harris

  3. Chris
    Chris says:

    I have listened and watched a lot about this incident. I totally disagree with the way the situation was handled I I do not like the power the government has over the people! I see our rights being taken away a little more and more everyday! We the people don’t stand up and fight anymore. We don’t speak up: because what we say and believe doesn’t matter. But if we don’t speak we are just as guilty as the ones who take from us. I am floored to think that people consider these people terrorist! What he was in my mind is far from that! He was standing up for people and our rights! He was standing up for his beliefs which is far from a crime and could have and should have been handled very differently!

  4. Kim Mullen
    Kim Mullen says:

    We can always try to convince Mr. Trump, but I have seen articles that he believes public lands should stay in the hands of the Feds and not go to the states. I don’t know if he just doesn’t fully understand what is at stake or just sides with the Feds. I have no hope that any other candidate truly cares save for Dr. Carson but he is out of the running now anyway.

    • Lana Wood
      Lana Wood says:

      Trump is the only presidential that has addressed this situation. He said if he is elected president, he will pardon all of the Patriots who have been been illegally arrested.

      • Dennis & Connie Gomez
        Dennis & Connie Gomez says:

        We met Jeanette Finicum Sunday here in Montana; what a lady she is. Also met and listened to ranchers an Patriots being bullied and harrassed for years!! Please God give us President TRUMP; if for no other reason than to pardon these Patriots! Please. America: turn back to our Lord now! “If my Nation……”

    • Helen Hammonds
      Helen Hammonds says:

      You are mistaken in your assumption about Trump. He blasted the VLM, and an EO signed by Obama, skirting Congress and existing laws, to “steal land from ranchers in Nevada, Utah and elsewhere.” He said specifically of Nevada that the government owns 87% of the state, and it’s illegal, then asks what they need all that for, etc. Anyway, he does believe in some limited “imminent domain” and had explained goods views on that. I would suggest be is exactly the person to write this to, and expect help. I can see Trump pardoning, or even dismissing government changes. Respectfully disagreeing. You are entitled to your own thoughts, though. He also brought it up at the rally I attended.

    • fayleney
      fayleney says:

      No he doesn’t.. he doesn’t want more government he wants less.. where in the world u get that idea.. pffft. Help Wanted: ..An energetic individual with no political flair and no use for campaign donations for the position of the next president of the United States… Must have executive, trade, budget, and negotiating experience. Must be able to work well with others as u will be working with “special” coworkers. Call 1-800- For – Trump. ty I read several months ago Trump already looked into this matter.. I’m sure he is watching. And saddened about someone dieing over it..

  5. rose mooney
    rose mooney says:

    Our federal government is selling federal land to the highest bidder. Russia harms already purchased the mineral rights to extract uranium out of this area. The balm started this over a year ago by rounding up the wild horses for slaughter. Then they started burning out the ranchers and killing cattle. Anyone that is capable of killing animals a desecrating the land is not human and they must be stopped. America is being sold piece by piece to foreign investors. When uranium s extracted from the ground everything dies and nothing can survive in the area for over 200 years. This man was killed because all involved were pressuring the paid killers to open fire. They are losing money every day that they cannot mine. Justice will come down on this land like a hell’s fire if they do not stop. God will no longer tolerate the injustice on his people or his land.

  6. Mrs Eischen
    Mrs Eischen says:

    Thank you so much for your letter concerning Mr LaVoy Finicum. I hope each recipient will look into this matter further. If they do some research regarding the BLM land grabs and overreach of the agency, they will also find many other victims of the heavy handed BLM. Some sheriffs in the Western States have stood up to this government bully, but even so, it has cost farmers and ranchers years of legal expenses, lost revenues and loss of life.

    The mainstream biased media has labeled all of these patriots as terrorists. Even the supporters of the Finicum family are referred to as anti-government lunatics!

    I’m a woman in my 60’s from Oklahoma., raised on a farm and have voted in every election since I was eligible at the age of 18. I’ve never been anti-government, but I certainly am willing to stand up for any brother or sister treated unjustly by the tyrannical government that has been in place for the last 7 years.

    Donald Trump, as a Presidential candidate, tapped into the anger this country’s people have been feeling for years, including through the Clinton presidency. The anger comes from removing God in every aspect of our lives, lack of accountability and Justice from crooked politicians, and rampant spending that no one will be able to pay for! It is time the people are heard!

    Thank you again from the bottom of my patriotic heart!

  7. Bernard K Baldwin
    Bernard K Baldwin says:

    I would like to remind folks also that the Bundy ranch affair is also alleged to be because the Bundy’s owe over a million dollars to the BLM for land use but the fact that BLM did not live up to their part of the contract keeps sliding under the radar. If you have any doubts about bureaucracy/Federal Government dodging out on their commitments on contracts look no further than the treaties made with the Indians (so called Native Americans) and how they were broken and/or changed by the feds with no redress of grievances by the Indians and it is still going on today. I refer to the latest incident that I am aware of where to older Indian women are being forced off of their property because BLM wants the land. Let US also keep in mind that the law of the land, the Constitution, grants the Feds 10 miles square around Washington, D.C. and such area as is necessary to maintain forts or magazines. Nothing is mentioned about ownership of land that belongs to the several states and thereby to the people being allowed by such illegal entities as BLM, National Forrest Service or any other federal agency. Just like in so many other cases, these agencies have overstepped their authority and have committed high crimes, including murder, against the citizens, are being allowed to get away with it because of illegal rulings by federal judges who have a vested interest in the affair and should be recusing themselves but think they are gods and above the law they have taken an oath to uphold and are backed by a justice department and an administration who, because they too are corrupt, are supporting the action. There is little doubt, via the videos of the scene, that people are guilty of murder and they should be tried and convicted of the crimes and should have to face a public firing squad as punishment. If “We the People” do not take a stand now, our rights are going to continue to be eroded by over reaching agencies like BLM and believe me folks, those are inalienable rights granted by God and laid out by Our founding fathers to protect Us from tyrannical government, not them from Us.

    • ginny paseman
      ginny paseman says:

      Look at what has happened. A group of loyal American citizens were trying to petition their government that their Constitutional Rights were being violated. No one would listen. One of them, the spokesman for the group, was shot and killed while being ambushed by his own government. Shot and killed while he had his hands in the air ……. knee deep in snow.
      And so, who is being punished? Who is in jail? The killers that shot him? No! (We aren’t even allowed to know their names) The Governor that requested that these pesky American citizens be silenced? No! The Congressmen that ignored all the cry’s for help? No! The Federal Judge that ruled two abused ranchers serve a double jeopardy sentence? No! The Dept. of Justice that labeled them as ‘Terrorists’ ? No! The only ones that are being punished….are in prison….and have had an order of silence imposed on them,, are the very citizens that originally tried to petition their government of their grievance.
      What’s wrong with this picture?

  8. Just Say'n
    Just Say'n says:

    Some questions about the letter?
    Was it deliberate that you left out Mr. Finicum fled a felony stop before failing to stop at the road block? Is there a reason you chose, on the same day the shooting verdict was released not to show the video from inside the truck? That video supports much of what Law enforcement says. It includes the failure to comply with the felony stop, Mr.Finicums challenge to Police, and prior to his being shot not complying with 3 asks from police to get down on the ground and yelling “Just shoot me?”. The evidence is clear contrary to your claim he was surrendering. Did you not have time to review the evidence of the decision? Why is a man saying these things if he is a stand up American with 11 children and a wife (now abandoned)? Why did you pick the frame where he has hands up instead of the frame where he is reaching inside his jacket? Your reaction to this unfortunate incident is puzzling and respectfully does you no credit.

    • Louann
      Louann says:

      You missed what happened at the first stop. They were shot at. Who in their right mind would stay there to be shot at again? Seriously?

      • Lorna
        Lorna says:

        They also were shot at the moment they came into view of the roadblock. The police excused this by saying it was evident he wasn’t going to stop. However the roadblock was uphill on a curve and gave no time for him to stop. This is against Oregon guidelines for a roadblock. They are supposed to use either moving roadblocks or only block one side at a time (making a car slow down as it had to weave back and forth). Blocking an entire road is to be used only to stop someone who is fleeing a violent crime and only when it is believed that if allowed to flee it will cause harm to others. Even then the roadblock must be visible in time for the person fleeing to slow and stop.

  9. Diana Hahlbeck
    Diana Hahlbeck says:

    Mr. Trump….I want America to be great again, not only for me, but for my children and grandchildren. Our Constitution allows for peaceful gatherings in any location. These men and women were not terrorists, but God loving American people trying to keep what is theirs. When you are elected as President of these United States….this wrongful death needs to be addressed as well as the over powerful government entities that caused it. May God bless you and these United States!

  10. Sandra Mitchell
    Sandra Mitchell says:

    Dr. Rich Swier,
    Thank you for seeing the big picture. You’re spot on.
    Just a little insight on Les Zaitz, Senior Investigative Reporter for The Oregonian/OregonLive and The Oregonian/OregonLive in general.
    The Russian owned mining company, Uranium One, shared Les Zaitz’s link entitled, “Demands by Oregon Standoff leaders defy logic and law,…” on January 24 @ 1:56pm with the following comment, ” Good point, Mr. Zaitz. Stay safe and know we at Uranium One support you. We won’t forget the incredible amount of time and energy you have put in this matter that affects the employees of our great company and the terrified citizens of Malheur.”
    They also thanked their friend Maxine Bernstein on January 30 @ 4:47am
    On January 22 @ 1:01am the post read ” I appreciate our friends at the Oregonian for covering an issue this issue that so greatly affects our company. We have reached out and offered compensation for their time and energy put into covering the Bundy. . .”
    Is this unbiased reporting? Is it ethical ?

  11. Charles Douglas DeVault
    Charles Douglas DeVault says:

    Dr. Swier:

    I commend and THANK you for doing a service to the Finicum family, the Bundy’s, Hammonds, and all citizens of this nation that have borne witness to the tyrannical measures of the current Administration.

    I have before mentioned to ge this w/in the sights of Mr. Trump and his campaign, in the light he successfully gains the Presidency of this country to immediately take appropriate action for all involved parties.

    I pray this all comes to fruition, so that true justice takes place and holds those accountable in our Federal Government and associated that perpetuated this planned murder of Mr. Finicum and unlawful, Unconstitutional incarceration of those speaking out against the tyrannical measures of said Government.

    Bless you sir and keep you.

    Best regards…

    Charles D. DeVault
    +1(408)839-2412 cell

  12. tonyn
    tonyn says:

    This totally ties right into the bases for what is driving the food and fiber producers like the Bundy’s and Finicums distrust and confrontations with the Federal Government . And is the bases for a Investigation into if the Obama Administration is using this Sue and Settle strategy to undermine and collapse the Free Market Capital system as Snopes says ?

    “President Obama’s Overwhelm the System” is what this Sue and Settle Strategy looks like ,

    Maybe using Article 5 Convention of States Platform based off the “Perfect Balance ” idea to bring balance to a Sue and Settle Disease within our Governments and Special Interests and the use of the ESA .

    The Perfect Balance effort is being done by Ranchers in our area , that was started out of more desperate reactions from Government and NGOs colluding together on ESA listings to “ Create Crisis “ that the Snopes article talks about ,

    Sue and Settle is a chronic disease that is affecting the Liberties set forth in the US Constitution with the ESA , and may be what a Article 5 Convention of States platform to restore with a Provision for state authority over resources accessibility that’s in “ Perfect Balance ” with ALL SPECIES , rather than this NGO and Federal Government collusion of Sue and Settle that’s Excluding Humans from the Species List !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Perfect Balance platform needs to be a Coalition of all Resource users ( all Species in Balance ) who are affected by extreme usage of the ESA , like this which affects the logging industry and prohibits Fire retention efforts by thinning forests of fuel that creates Fires that destroy all forms of habitat ,

    The Chamber of Commerce on Sue and Settle , this list of Sue and Settle is Extreme !!!!!

    This link shows how Chronic the Sue and Settle Disease is , Action timeline – Center for Biological Diversity , this group is everywhere …

    This procedure might be one we would want to employ as a way to challenge the Spotted Frog Listing , and there is an opinion in this link that suggests that the Obama Administration is Favoring this method of use of the ESA ,

    This talks about the Sue and Settle Method being Un democratic , so we call that Totalitarianism !!!!!!! Pro: ‘Sue and Settle’ bypasses democratic process

  13. tonyn
    tonyn says:

    And to reiterate the use of Sue and Settle as a tactic to Overwhelm the US Capital system , I believe its being done for the reasons below …..and if we do nothing soon there will come a point when food supply is compromised because of this Ideology…..and I pose a question with a reference to the CIA website down a ways in this outline ….

    If you consider what Paul Gilding , Founder of Green Peace , and supporter of the Center for Biological Diversity “ , says at the end of this TED talk to the audience about “ A Great Disruption “ , , and that these ideologues want to cause such an event Before we go over the edge … and then Consider how much Food Producing land is being Usurped out of Production , what this will do is cause commodities valuation volatility in the economic markets to the point of distrust in supply data to evolve and a pull out of investors , collapsing the free market on its back , and then the Government will have no choice but to nationalize the market to stabilize it, and the people will applaud this and not even know the difference !!!!!

    Obama’s designations total 265 million acres, and he isn’t done yet ,

    This Link shows how much Grazing land for Livestock in the USA , I would say Obama has about Monumented all of it up !!!!!

    This link talks about arable Farmland in the USA ,

    California has lose over a Million acres of food production and more to come …because of endangered species .

    so we don’t stand a chance here in Central Oregon , and Klamath and Medford , so Lars they will go for the Columbia Basin with a endangered species and wherever they want to accomplish their goal of Bolshevism looks to me .

    Here is some evidence in Commodities Price Manipulation causing Volatility in the stock market , which would play into the cronyism creating frustration within society so that when the Elites are calling for change it makes it easier for the change to happen as the Liberty of US Constitutional rights is seen as not working .

    Here are the top money managers calling for a New economic system , , and Pauls Views on Babies seems expendable

    They are creating dissent while picking off
    individual Liberty one person at a time !!!!!!
    This is to force you into submission and give up on the American Dream
    of prosperity through owning property independently .

    EPA threatening
    Wyoming man with $75K per day fine over homemade pond

    The Sound of Tyranny goes drip , drip , drip …..

    Gary Harrington, Oregon Resident, Sentenced To Jail For Stockpiling

    And why they are doing these things again can be traced back to their Ideology ,

    The Center for Biological Diversity is a Population Control advocate big time ,
    and so are the Government agencies that are allowing these NGOs to usurp the
    Citizens rights to property rights because they all think world Overpopulation
    needs to be reined in , and this is why we see a tyrannical Government evolving

    The Ideology behind the taking of the Individual Liberties such as Private Property that effects the Free Market Capital economic system ,

    this is what drives the Undertow of Government and NGO policies of Tyranny today , and if you are not following these trends , then you become confused and distrust sets in and some seek resolution like Bundy and Finicum . I saw all the Videos of Lavoys oppression by NGOs and BLM on his Grazing allotment , before his plight to Oregon . Our Policies should NEVER result in these kinds of misdeeds .

    The argument between the 2 top Biologist and Agronomist

    But the Biologist is still saying it aint so Norman …..

    And who is the Obama Science Czar and why ?

    And did the Science Czar say this ?

    And the Ideologues who think they need to control growth on a Global scale is obvious when we see a SCOTUS make Tax Law regarding the change of Obamacare to then be able to support it .

    And a Author of the Healthcare Plan that says we all do not need to live past 75 ,

    So you can see why these Totalitarians are hell bent on taking away what the Individuals have innovatively used to create human longevity in the USA , but my argument would be why are we ceding our Sovereignty to a Internationalism of Ideologues who want to see us all as a Global Society when the USA Fertility Charts say that Developed nations are examples of sustainable growth ?

    Well I wonder if the Bureaucrats are listening to the top Biologists plan for Global Zero Growth as he pays out in his book ?

    This Book by Paul Ehrlich partner with Science Czar Holdren , who has been crafting Obama policies across the environmental and Biological realms of our Government , talks about a Plan that controls population growth first in American that then can be a Model for the rest of the world , so you can see why they need to end capitalism and take control of the resources ,

  14. Rusty. Starlin
    Rusty. Starlin says:

    I”am Retired, law enforcement. This was not a justifyed shooting, this was a BLM, murder,
    It has be come obvious, They are useing force to remove inyone, & everyone, that gets in there way,, encludeing The Supia Indians in AZ, Obama &
    the clintons, are useing Government troops to steal our land by force,
    when you become President, please Open a full investigation, We need your help, Thank you,,,

  15. Feelthebern
    Feelthebern says:

    Finnicum should have been shot way before he was. HE WAS LITERALLY ASKING FOR IT! In my opinion…ALL of thise people in that truck should have been taken out. If you dont agree…watch the recent cell phone video that was taken from inside their truck.

    Everyone is SOOOO ful of shit!!! Video does not lie

    • fayleney
      fayleney says:

      No American should be shot for protesting.. do u agree?.. there lands are being taken from the government and u are saying they should be shot for it?.. really.. asshole.

      • Jack Ellis
        Jack Ellis says:

        Myth. This was an armed group that threatened people and is on record as telling at least one Federal employee she was welcome to pick up her personal effects but should not return to work. There were armed guards in the fire tower. Just imagine if I walked into YOUR home, armed, and settled in with the demand that you turn the premises over to me. Wold that be a peaceful protest, or would it be intimidation.

        There’s not enough space to talk about how poorly prepared these “peaceful protesters” were, how carefully they had thought out the end game, whether they were, in fact, welcomed by the community they were allegedly trying to help, and assuming they did have an end game, how things would really play out. For all their complaints about corporate interests trying to buy up Federal land, that just hasn’t happened. The more likely case if lands are turned over to local control is that they will be sold off to private owners. Who will these folks blame when that happens? Surely not themselves.

        I will commend these criminals for doing such a great job of discrediting themselves and their cause, assuming they understood what their cause was in the first place.

    • Lorna
      Lorna says:

      The angle of the shots per the autopsy report when compared to the position of his body and supposed shooters.
      as shown in the video with audio added, do not add up.

  16. frances
    frances says:

    There is no doubt they murdered him. Doesn’t Harry Reid’s land join his,. Why hasn’t that criminal been removed. Obama nad Harry as well as Hillary are in on selling our land for it.s minerals and killing and putting our own people who have always lived there in prison. We have a criminal government.

    • Lorna
      Lorna says:

      No it is Bundy’s land that is involved with Harry Reid. Reid’s son, Rory, was acting as an attorney for a Chinese solar company. Rory was instrumental in securing a purchase of public land for only 1/8 of it’s appraised value by the company so that it could erect a solar farm. The only problem was that an endangered turtle was on that land. In order for the company to build on that land a “mitigation area” had to be assigned to which the turtles would be relocated. The “mitigation area” was the land where Bundy grazed his cattle! So the government was actually putting the turtles on Bundy’s land and then using them as an excuse to stop Bundy from grazing there. BTW Bundy used to pay the county for his grazing rights but eventually they refused to take his money. The federal government which was supposed to manage the land was doing nothing and had put onerous restrictions on his permits. He refused to sign them for that reason and attempted to pay the county instead.

  17. Big Trump Fan
    Big Trump Fan says:

    Guy like Finicum, better off dead. He and his ilk would just pull a gun on you Mr Trump. They’re all anti gov’t, and that’s what you’re running for. You or congresswoman Giffords are all the same. If you don’t toe their line, you’re on their hit list. And I know you don’t toe anybody’s line! If he hadn’t been shot, we’d eventually have to give him death by lethal injection.

  18. Downriver
    Downriver says:

    Anyone who actually followed the story and watched the full video knows it was suicide by cop, and luckily LaVoy didn’t kill anyone with his vehicle. I don’t know if the author of this hit piece is just stupid or evil

  19. Sodie666
    Sodie666 says:

    I believe the money from these minerals belong to the states and not the greedy ass politicians and anyone who benefits from these minerals should be thrown in jail for treason. THROW THE KEYS AWAY

  20. Lorna
    Lorna says:

    The co-chair of Veterans for Trump in New Hampshire, Gerald DeLemus, has been chosen as an alternate delegate to the convention by Trump’s campaign. However, Jerry is in jail! He went to the Bundy Ranch 2 days AFTER the standoff and kept things peaceful. He kicked the trouble makers off of the ranch and when the militia members, who had been handing out ammo and itching for a fight, got scared of the drones and left the ranch, he told them not to come back. He tried to meet with the sheriff out there to come to a peaceful resolution but the sheriff refused to meet with him. He released a statement that said. “I want all to know that we will not obstruct, in any way, law enforcement officers from serving any lawful warrant to anyone on the Bundy property. We are not lawless nor will we hinder any legal actions by law enforcement.” And yet, he has been arrested on 9 charges, most of which for things that happened before he got there! The prosecutor claims that he “joined the conspiracy”! MR. TRUMP…PLEASE do something about this kind and caring man who is in jail because he simply believed that we are called to help a neighbor in need.

  21. Mrs Eischen
    Mrs Eischen says:

    This is my second reply to your letter. Have you received any response from the letter? If you could advise, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Mrs Eischen


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