GOP Lawyers Super PAC: Donald Trump + Mike Pence = November Victory

BETHESDA, Md. /PRNewswire/ — Prof. Victor Williams, who is chairman of a newly-launched Lawyers for Trump Super PAC, praised Donald Trump’s selection of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to be his Vice-Presidential nominee:

By choosing Mike Pence to be his running mate, Donald J. Trump has shown stellar judgment. The Trump/Pence team will indeed ‘Make America Great Again.’ Governor Pence has had a career commitment to free markets, regulatory reform, and pro-growth economic policies. Working with Congress, the Trump/Pence Administration will unleash the dynamic potential of the American economy.

And Williams added:

And Donald Trump has again demonstrated his commitment to ‘Make America Safe Again.’ Governor Mike Pence is a no-nonsense advocate of law and order for all American communities. Mike Pence knows that the first priority of government is to keep all of its citizens safe. And Pence, like Trump, knows that ISIS must be obliterated, and radical Islam must be called-out by name and destroyed.

Pence is a Pragmatic Conservative

When Donald Trump becomes the Republic’s 45th President, Mike Pence will provide invaluable service as a direct conduit to congressional leaders. Pence was a well-respected House member, for over a decade, serving on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Pence was selected, by his GOP colleagues, to become head of the influenced House Republican Conference.  In the number three House leadership position, Pence proved himself to be a principled, pragmatic, and common-sense conservative.

Mike Pence is a man of unwavering, evangelical Christian faith.  Having been an early supporter of Sen. Ted Cruz, Mike Pence will now help unify the Republican Party behind Trump.  Sen. Marco Rubio described Mike Pence as being a “rock solid” choice for Vice President.

Pence will use his substantial media skills, as a former radio talk show host and political commentator, to make the case for Donald Trump’s election.

But Mike Pence is also a skilled attorney having completed his J.D. from Indiana University’s McKinney Schoolof Law.

Prof. Victor Williams predicted: “Gov. Pence will use his legal training to effectively prosecute the corruption case against both Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

gop lawyers super pac logoLawyers for Trump/Pence — GOP Lawyers Super PAC

The newly launched Lawyers for Trump political action committee independently promotes Trump’s “America First” pro-growth and pro-security agenda.

With zealous advocacy as citizen-lawyers, the Super PAC defends Trump from the attacks of the double-dealing media and the petrified political elites.

The group, formally named “GOP Lawyers Super PAC,” particularly focuses on the 2016 presidential election’s consequence for appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Court of Appeals circuits, and regulatory agencies.

All Americans are invited to join the new Super PAC’s efforts to support Donald John Trump and Michael Richard Pence.  Victor Williams is a longtime Washington, D.C. attorney, law professor, and prolific author.  In 2014, Professor Williams founded

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