A Personal Message to my Christian Friends who Hate Trump

I Will Never Follow You Into Battle…

Look, I love my Christian friends who for “ethical” reasons are deciding NOT to vote for Donald Trump, I just will NEVER follow them into battle, any kind of battle anywhere, ever, NEVER.

Once these “proof-texting” buddies allowed their Biblical exegesis to incapacitate their decision making process in a real-world binary context and they conclude that the best action which most honors the God of the Universe (who by-the-way, has to make really tough decisions about every millisecond) is NO action, the “I-just-can’t-morally-vote-for-Trumpers,” forfeit their right to ever lead anyone anywhere.

Yeah, that sounds a bit tough, especially on my friends, but hey, what are friends for if I can’t tell them that, analogously, this is as if they were leading their squad of soldiers behind enemy lines and they came to a fork in the road where one way was certain death and the other was possible death, they froze, stopped, decided to pray about the direction they should go and God (or their fear) told them, don’t go anywhere, in fact, tell your fully-strapped boys that you have chosen to be completely ineffective in providing any leadership in this extremely difficult situation… which, by-the-way, is what leadership is all about!

When so many have lived and died to assure our right to cast a vote that has electoral meaning, not some sort of spiritual protest and when we live in a political system that requires your participation to function in a moral way and you freeze at the point of need, really, how can you expect anyone ever to follow your lead anywhere ever?

Oh, and if I read the Bible correctly and history, it seems that your Boss, the Big Guy, the Grand Pu-bah Himself actually voted for some pretty whacked out dudes as leaders at unique times and many of them would up becoming heroes of the Faith.

I dunno know, maybe that’s something to think about?


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  1. William Miranda
    William Miranda says:

    Our society is so fragmented that to a liberal, no one is as liberal as they are. To a conservative, no on is as conservative as they are. To a Christian, no one is as Christian as they are. And so on and on…. So Trump, fits all the categories they want to hate most, so “Vote for Hillary”, says Satan, corrupt lifelong career politician, a liar, a cheat and a fraud. Satan’s kind of gal.

    Never Trumpers say he calls people names, he’s hiding something, he’s uncouth, he challenges the authorities, has no experience, is unfit to be president… again, and so on and on….

    While I’m not making a comparison, he kind of reminds me of the judges and the prophets in the old testament. He kind of reminds me of John the Baptist. He kind of reminds me of Jesus. Calm down, I’m not comparing him to Jesus. I’m saying he reminds me of Jesus, the name caller, the anti-establishment, the one challenging all traditional wisdom of the leaders of his times. He kind of reminds of Paul. Trump kind of reminds me of when God chose a reluctant prophet or elevated a judge to be the one who sounded the alarm and against all odds, their paths were cleared to carry out God’s instructions to help his chosen people. When the people chose to not heed the warnings of those prophets, nations were invaded and destroyed. Amongst the many things that infuriate Trumps opponents is that they can’t pigeonhole him like other politicians.

    Against all odds, Trump has surfaced as the Republican candidate to the dismay of the Never Trumpers. Every obstacle in his path has been cleared. Against a mass media all out frontal attack against Trump, unabashed biased reporting against Trump. Hundreds of weekly news reports against Trump. News about non newsworthy issues against Trump. A Justice Department complicit in criminal acts as an example of the deep rooted corruption in our government Trump has called out. Trump kind of reminds me of David against Goliath. We all know how that ended.

    I don’t pretend to know what God’s Will is. However, I do know that in the Bible, when God chose a person, nothing could stand in their way. Their paths were cleared. At first their statements were ridiculed, then the statements were manifested. Somewhat like Trump’s statements are ridiculed and then it turns out he was right all along. He just didn’t beat around the bush, he was blunt, was not politically correct. Nevertheless, he was right.

    It kind of reminds me of the argument made by Gamaliel regarding Peter and the new movement before the Christian church was established. Gamaliel’s point was not that if you’re unsure, do nothing. His point was not to go against God’s Will. The Trump Movement, like no other in American political history, comes at a time critical to our beloved country. A time in which we are experiencing an Invasion by Invitation, thanks to the current leadership. A time when our president does more for foreigners than for our own citizens. So if this movement is of men, it will be overthrown. But if this movement is God, Never Trumpers will never be able to overthrow it for they will be fighting against the Will of God. They will be remembered as such too.

    However, we still live in a free society with the privilege to vote for a presidency. If Never Trumpers feel that a corrupt, lifelong career politician proven publicly to be a liar, a cheat and a fraud doesn’t offend your ethics and is better than Trump, then you found your candidate in Hillary Clinton. If you say you just won’t vote at all, it’s the same as saying you do support Clinton’s nominees to the Supreme Court, or saying a fetus in the womb is not a human being, or that you have to ease up on your old fashion religious believes, because your vote will not be counted AGAINST Clinton.
    Either way, God’s Will be done one way or another. Period.

  2. Sheri Bock
    Sheri Bock says:

    That was so well said,! More than that, I feel like you spoke for me as well as others! Thank you! I wish that could be heard, other than just here! God bless you!

    • William Miranda
      William Miranda says:

      Thanks Sheri, I know Trump may not be the ideal candidate to many. But one thing is sure, Hillary is a known quantity of blind ambition for power, with a sliding scale of moral standards that adjusts freely to the audience she addresses, I believe, influenced by evil.


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