PODCAST: Trump’s Cabinet Takes Shape, Obama’s Exit Tour (Good Riddance)

It’s been a little over a week since Donald Trump prevailed over Hillary Clinton (and we’re thrilled we don’t have to hear her name anymore!). President-Elect Trump has begun a comprehensive and systematic Cabinet vetting process, which is far-ranging – engaging not only loyalists but previous opponents – and substantive. While his critics in the media deride Trump’s efforts as “chaotic” and “in disarray,” in reality Trump is taking his time in choosing the best people for each position. Unlike the current so-called President, Trump knows something about running a large organization.

Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama tours Europe lecturing the world, even as local populations reject him with riots. Obama’s condescension is as palpable as ever; and, his dedication to globalism is readily apparent, even to those who are politically unsophisticated. Perhaps he is there only to view a Europe invaded by Muslims (Greece and Germany), having his trip paid for one last time by American taxpayers.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Trump’s Cabinet Picks and Methodology of Selection
  • Obama’s trip to Greece and Germany
  • New Troika against ISIS: Putin, Assad, Trump?
  • Ford and Apple move to America
  • Chinese President of Interpol

and more . . .

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