Jihad At Ohio State, A Multiculturalism Perk

Jihad broke out on the Ohio State Campus Monday morning when an 18 year old Somali refugee, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, decided to mow down as many students as possible by running a car over a curb into a group of helpless pedestrians.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he emerged from the car with a butcher knife slashing up to nine people before being shot dead by a heroic police officer. Wonder if Black Lives Matter will have a problem with this shooting, since the suspect was a person of color?

Fortunately the only death was that of the perpetrator, Artan, the third year logistics management student, who left Somalia in 2007 with his family. According to an NBC report, “ he lived in Pakistan and then came to the United States in 2014 as a legal permanent resident of the United States,”

Those injured were taken to local hospitals, eight were treated for non-life threatening injuries, and one was in critical condition following the horrendous attack.

All the predictable signs of main stream media reporting that normally accompany an obvious jihadi attack were evident from the get go. For example: the suspect was not named, the motive for the attack was unclear, and the investigators will look into it to see if it might possibly be a terrorist attack.

It is interesting that an article from PJ media just came out before Thanksgiving predicting this kind of attack with a vehicle and a knife. The article references an Islamic State Magazine called Rumiyah that gives explicit instructions for lone jihadists. The article states,

“Vehicles are like knives, as they are extremely easy to acquire. But unlike knives, which if found in one’s possession can be a cause for suspicion, vehicles arouse absolutely no doubts due to their widespread use throughout the world,”

In addition,

“It adds that cars are one of the ‘safest and easiest’ weapons as well as ‘most successful in harvesting large numbers of the kuffar [disbelievers].’”

I wonder if the FBI will even be knowledgeable about this magazine? Chances are not very likely as agents were certainly blinded to important intelligence gathered by Phil Haney about links to Mateen after the Orlando jihadi attack in which 50 people were killed.

But we can all rest assured that our DHS Secretary Johnson will be right on top of it as he leads his FBI agents to take part in this investigation. He will most likely try to find any other reason besides one linked with Islam as the motive for today’s vehicular attack. The signs already scream Islamic terrrorism.

The Latern, a local on campus newspaper just happened to interview Artan back in August. He was upset that there were no prayer rooms for Muslims at Ohio State. He said,

“I wanted to pray in the open, but I was kind of scared with everything going on in the media. I’m a Muslim, it’s not what the media portrays me to be. If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don’t know what they’re going to think, what’s going to happen. It’s the media that put that picture in their heads so they’re just going to have it and it, it’s going to make them feel uncomfortable.”

You can bet that if Obama says anything at all, it will totally skirt the fact of the jihadist’s refugee status. No, he’ll focus on social media that isn’t being controlled when it comes to what is printed about Islam or say something about how there better not be any backlash on the Muslim community.

Counsel for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) will certainly come out for a presser to push the victim-hood of Muslims in this country and will blame the poor Somali for going “crazy” after being so afraid of Donald Trump and his hideous policies that will certainly harm the Muslim population.

We’ve all been here numerous times. We know the left and Islamic playbook.

And once again we, the sane Americans, will look on yet another Islamic terrorist attack on our soil as a result of having multiculturalism stuffed down our throats, having to stomach immigration policies that continue to force a non-Western people into the hearts of our communities. Many of the Islamic immigrants do not share our love of freedom but want to force their ideology on us no matter what the cost to Americans’ life or limb.

From the sound of Artan’s admission, he wasn’t comfortable here. So was this the best country for him and his family to be brought to? Or would another Muslim country have suited him better?

Mike Gonzales, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, states this in a recent article about saving our national identity,

“multiculturalism poses a clear and present danger in the age of international terrorism because it makes life easier for radical recruiters. We all need to be part of something bigger than ourselves, especially young men. If we no longer imbue our people with patriotic fellow feeling, someone else will come along with another message.”

And that is what is happening over and over again. These young men infused with the Islamic ideology are wanting to prove themselves as something of worth. They see our country as an enemy and they hate us. They are simply taught this if brought up in an Islamic country, and we aren’t teaching about our great and amazing heritage of freedom in the school system

Sadly, it didn’t take long for the young Artan to prove to Americans that they should have had suspicion when looking at him. He has played out in reality what the media may have been saying about him, possibly that just as Hunington’s Clash of Civilization’s states,

“Relations between groups from different civilizations however will be almost never close, usually cool, and often hostile.”

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