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Islam Is The Enemy

Islam is the enemy. Apparently these four words are the most difficult for anyone in elected positions to utter, yet they hold the key to victory over an entrenched adversary who intends to destroy our way of life. Those Americans who understand the necessity of honestly naming the enemy are increasingly frustrated by the willful […]

Leaders Ignorant of Islam and Islamic [Sharia] Law are Killing America

Many well-meaning people in leadership positions across America unwittingly submit to Islamic Sharia Law simply out of ignorance. And in times like these it will prove deadly to America and the freedom for which she stands. A perfect example of this ignorance happened under the leadership of Principal Scott Warstler at Frisco County Liberty High […]

The Speaker’s Pathetic Attempt To Sabotage Trump

In an incredible act of cluelessness, Paul Ryan chose to come out and distance himself from Donald Trump by refusing to stand by the Republican nominee for President. Some might even say the move smells of sabotage. An article in Reuters states, “In a conference call with congressional Republicans, Ryan all but conceded that Democrat Hillary Clinton […]

Planned Parenthood Shouldn’t Be Welcome At High School [+Video]

Planned Parenthood isn’t happy unless they are harvesting body parts and ending the lives of perfectly healthy babies. To make sure they have a never ending supply of fetuses the organization establishes student groups on high school campuses to influence young impressionable girls. A recent addition is at a public high school in Richmond, Va. The Maggie L. Walker […]

Congress Seeks Moratorium on Refugees

Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) published a press release Friday explaining the need to thwart the Refugee Resettlement Program’s ability to admit unvetted refugees from terrorist hotbeds of the world, including Syria, the Middle East, and North Africa. This action would require provisions placed in the way of a moratorium to the Continuing Resolution. Babin expressed […]

Demand Congressmen and Senators Defund Refugee Resettlement

URGENT ACTION ALERT Take action now to voice your strong opposition to any additional refugee funding Is there anyone in Washington, aside from a handful, who actually care about American lives? When confronted with obvious threats to our national security and personal safety, wouldn’t a normal response of an elected leader, especially one from the […]

Russia and the Islamic Movement Desire a Lasting Syrian War

There can be no doubt that the Syrian war, which produces an overwhelming flood of refugees, benefits Russia by causing a destabilization of Europe, as well as the Islamic movement that profits by furthering the opportunity to establish its coveted global Caliphate. According to General Phil Breedlove, Nato’s Supreme Allied Commander for Europe and the US European Command, the strategies being used […]