Pending Civil War in America

I have written about this issue a few times and believe we are now closer to this happening in America between the liberal nation of America and the conservative nation. There is a smell in the air that our beautiful country is about to erupt. No longer do liberals and conservatives march on and work with one another.

Obama set us on this course and it is my belief he did it intentionally to advance the Islamic ideology throughout the world. It is no secret he was pro Islam to the millionth degree. A little story from behind the scenes. So much is going on about whether the Republican aides had contact with Russia. Now when Obama was running for President he had meetings with terrorists like Bill Ayers. In 2008 my team had infiltrated the Muslim Brotherhood known as CAIR. I had several people working from inside CAIR. Guess who showed up at CAIR before Obama was elected in 2008. You guessed it, it was Obama’s entourage. They were working with the Muslim Brotherhood leaders. Why no investigation. You guess why.

There is so much hate in the air between liberals and Muslims against the American patriots (conservatives). The liberals are like a pack of rabid wolves. This type atmosphere can not last forever. It is my analysis that war (physical) will erupt in America before ten years go by. The Islamic leaders are pushing this agenda and have been doing so for decades.

The vast majority of colleges are liberal and the professors are brainwashing our children. The liberal children have become zombies with hate in their eyes and actions. It reminds me of the years I spent in South Korea. The students were protesting more than they were in school. They were violent.

Now the most important question. What can we do?

America is like a car on inches of thick solid ice. We are cruising at 100 miles per hour and out of control. We have crossed the line of no return. There will be a war in America and there is absolutely nothing that can be done at this point except to prepare for it.

I encourage all families to begin preparing for a long battle. Have at least a years supply of food and water stored. Keep your 2nd Amendment rights alive. You do not want to wake up one day when hell breaks out and have to tell your children or grandchildren that there is no food. Then you look out your window and savage people are coming to your door to steal what you have and willing to kill for it. A kitchen knife is just not going to do it.

Prepare now or your children will suffer.

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  1. Joe
    Joe says:

    In times of extreme chaos and stress I will turn to my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Righteous and goodness will prevail in the end.


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