Westminster slaughterer linked to radical Islamic mosque

Why is this mosque still open? Because that great warrior against “extremism,” Theresa May, wouldn’t dare offend Muslims by taking action against a source of incitement in the ongoing jihad against her country.

“Westminster killer’s link to Luton mosque,” by Andrew Gilligan and Robin Henry, The Sunday Times, April 9 2017:

The Westminster terrorist had a key role at a mosque that urges Muslims to take up weapons to gain “victory over the Jews and the rest of the enemies of Islam”.

Khalid Masood was a public contact person for calltoislam.com, the main website of the hardline Luton Islamic Centre mosque.

Masood’s name, a phone number that The Sunday Times has confirmed as his, and the calltoislam.com web address appear on stickers attached to leaflets on display at the mosque….

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