Florida: HuffPo wants Catholic Teacher fired for telling the truth about Islam

Mark Smythe, Teacher

Mark Smythe, Teacher

TFP Student Action reports:

Mark Smythe is a well-liked Catholic teacher at Blessed Trinity Catholic School in Ocala, Florida.  He recently used Saint John Bosco’s writing on Islam in his 6th grade social studies class.

The Islamist propaganda machine Huffington Post found out that Saint John Bosco’s writings were critical of Islam and immediately went public, attacking the teacher for sharing them.

The Office of the Superintendent of Catholic Schools — with the support of the Human Resources Department of the Diocese of Orlando — has reportedly not only reprimanded Mr. Smythe for using Saint John Bosco in class, but also threatened to dismiss him from his job. (The Catholic World Report)

Catholic teaching should not be censored and banned at Catholic schools especially as a result of the Huffington Post’s Islamist propaganda and political correctness that compels non-Muslims to comply with Sharia law’s mandate not to criticize Muhammad or Islam.

Under Sharia, those who insult Muhammad or Allah are to be executed. Islamists attacked Charlie Hebdo in France after the company published cartoons of Muhammad.   Islamists tried to kill nearly two hundred people who gathered in Garland Texas to compete for the best artistic rendition of Muhammad.    Many Americans have lost their jobs, education and social status after being assailed for daring to speak the truth about Islam.

1-1-Saint_John_Bosco_Quotes2Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send that urges the Diocese of Orlando and the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Orlando to keep Mr. Smythe as a teacher.

To send your email, please click the following link, enter your name and email address then click the “Send Your Message” button. You may also edit the subject or message text if you wish.

Click here to send your email to urge the Diocese of Orlando and the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Orlando to keep Mr. Smythe as a teacher.

Contact information:

Most Reveren John Noonan, Bishop
Bishop of the Diocese of Orlando

Henry Fortier, Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Orlando 

Jason Halstead, Principal 
Blessed Trinity Catholic School in Ocala, Florida


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  1. Denis Ian
    Denis Ian says:

    Come now! You cannot be so surprised. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church has made their liberalism more than obvious for several decades.

    First, I should announce that I am a Roman Catholic. And I should further credential myself that I am the fifth son a an almost-Jesuit … so I know all about Church teachings and liberal doctrine.

    Furthermore, I live in a splendid New York village that has become a sanctuary site because various Catholic churches have warmly welcomed any immigrant … almost all illegal … and provided them with employment opportunities, abortion services, healthcare, education, clothing assistance … and then championed every sympathetic cause on their behalf.

    My own father would have approved mightily as he was forever the champion of any under-dog … and, in his mind, these folks would have qualified instantly.

    And the Catholic Church is so unbothered by their own inconsistencies. In my hometown, Open Door … the chief provider of abortion services … lives in harmony just one block from the parish church that encourages these illegals. And never a soul dares to point out the sadness of that stunning reality.

    This teacher … this Florida educator … thrown to the proverbial politically correct wolves even with Church scholars in his corner … does not shock me in the least. My own father would have ferreted out some obscure passages by some obscure thinker to justify what ever was on hs mind.

    But the Catholic Church of today is much more easy than my almost-Jesuit father. They simply dismiss any scholarly works that don’t jive with their current political activism. The truth be damned.

    And so, this teacher is damned. He will have no recourse at all. Nothing legal in his satchel. He is condemned. And he will soon find himself without a position … and, if he’s a thinker, without the Catholic Church. And not a soul in the hierarchy will give a damn about his damnation.

    Such is modern Catholicism. And modern persecution.

  2. Randy McDaniels
    Randy McDaniels says:

    This really goes to the enforcement by the church of Islamic Slander Laws on Non-muslims. If The speech is offensive to a Muslim or Impedes the spread of Islam or Sharia it is considered Slander and is a Capitol Offense Even if the speech is true or factual.


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