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TAKE ACTION: Leftists Target Democrat Senators Manchin and Sinema for Opposing S.1 Election Bill

Liberal dark money group and Washington Post target U.S. Senators Manchin, Sinema to support S1 “For the People Act” election bill that will lead to massive fraud and anarchy. Please send the emails prepared below to encourage Senators Manchin and Sinema to stand their ground. To see this alert in your internet browser and share […]

Encourage Cardinal Dolan to excommunicate Governor Cuomo for signing legislation that allows infanticide.

Click here to send your email to encourage Cardinal Timothy Dolan to excommunicate New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for his egregious and boldly immoral support for partial birth abortion, infanticide. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that allows partial birth abortion, infanticide.  Governor Cuomo was so proud of the legislation that he “directed One World Trade […]

The Islamization of Minnesota is Complete, America is Next

The battle ground is heating up for Islamists who want to influence American public policy.  Here are some sobering facts that Americans need to take note of and respond to. •    2.2 million people from Muslim countries immigrated into the United States from 2001 through March 2018.  There is no slowdown in sight.  Thousands of Muslims […]

Judge releases New Mexico jihadis on bail. Please send your email to express concern to judge.

Theblaze.com reports in part:  Breaking: Judge makes stunning decision in Muslim compound case after charges of racism In a hearing Monday, a New Mexico judge found that suspects in a bizarre child abuse case were not a danger to the public, and released them on bond. Defense attorney blames Islamophobia Two Muslim men and three women […]

HuffPo maligns ‘white Christians’ says ‘White evangelicals will never make America great again’ – Take Action!

Huffingtonpost.com’s most recent racist anti-white, anti-Christian column titled “White evangelicals will never make America great again” was published on July 1, 2018.  If a HuffPost.com article ever denigrates “black” Christians it would most likely lose all advertisers including Hewlett Packard.  But some advertisers are okay with racist articles directed at white Christians. The Huffington Post has published numerous […]

Foundation grants $100,000 to Islamic Supremacists to force Islamic Law on American businesses

CAIR issued a news release titled CAIR-Massachusetts Receives $100,000 Cummings Foundation Grant.  The news release states in part: The Massachusetts chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is one of 100 local nonprofits to receive grants of $100,000 each through Cummings Foundation’s “$100K for 100” program. CAIR-Massachusetts intends to use the funds to hire two legal fellows to […]

Linda Sarsour Islamic supremacist and Sharia law advocate coming to Orlando, Florida

The Rosen Centre Hotel is hosting a fundraising banquet for the Council on American-Islamic Relations Florida affiliate on October 21, 2017 in Orlando Florida.  CAIR-Florida will raise funds at this event to advance its Islamist agenda. Did Rosen Hotel and Resorts officials agree to host this event knowing the following facts about CAIR, CAIR Florida and the event’s […]

Clorox Company lies to defend ads on Huffington Post — Take Action by sending them an email.

Clorox blatantly lies to defend its advertising at Huffingtonpost.com. Florida Family Association sent out email alerts the week of September 18, 2017 which reported that Clorox was a top advertiser at Huffingtonpost.com.  Thousands of people sent emails to encourage Clorox to stop supporting HuffPost’s propaganda with its advertising dollars. Denise Hahn, Clorox Consumer Affairs Operations […]

MGM Resorts funding terror linked CAIR, Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL

Yahoo News reports:  MGM to match employee donations to civil rights groups, LAS VEGAS (AP) — One of the largest employers in Nevada is launching a donation match program benefiting civil rights organizations in light of the deadly Charlottesville protests. MGM Resorts International, the largest casino operator on the Las Vegas Strip, said Friday that it would match […]

JP Morgan Chase donating $1 million to the Southern Poverty Law Center and its Hate List

JP Morgan Chase plans to donate $1 million to the Southern Poverty Law Center and its hate list. The Daily Caller published a news article titled JP Morgan To Donate To SPLC And ADL After Charlottesville.  The article states in part: JPMorgan will donate $1 million to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation […]

The Left’s neo-diversity symbol ‘the hijab’ was invented in the 1970s, 1338 years after the Quran was written

The hijab, progressives’ new diversity symbol, was invented in the 1970s over 1300 years after the Quran was written.  While Muslim women protest the Islamist hijab dictates in Iran and Saudi Arabia, American Eagle Outfitters and Nike promote the oppressive headgear in America. There are two action emails are provided near the end of this article. The hijab, […]

American Eagle Outfitters uses oppressive Islamist symbol in its advertising

It is predominantly the ignorant, greedy, and/or leftist part of the American market place that is helping Islamist Sharia doctrine to advance in the United States.  Whether attempting to appear politically correct to their leftist customers or deliberately targeting Islamist customers, their embracement and glamorization of Islamist tenets advances Sharia law in America. American Eagle […]

You, the people, stopped the Media Matters attack on Sean Hannity ‘dead in its tracks’

Florida Family Association’s campaigns appear to have stopped Media Matters attack on Sean Hannity’s advertisers dead in its tracks.  Media Matters targeted companies that advertise on Sean Hannity because of his conservative values.  Sean Hannity is a true American patriot.  Hannity has reported news that no other cable news host has produced.  He has relentlessly stood for […]

allure magazine pushes acceptance of oppressive Islamist symbol

allure magazine is pushing the hijab which symbolizes and epitomizes Islamist oppression of women and is rejected by 57% of the Muslim women living in America. The July issue of allure magazine headlining a Muslim woman wearing a red, white and blue hijab on the front cover made the news racks and mail boxes just […]

Huffington Post lays off 39 employees amid cutbacks

Huffington Post published an article titled “HuffPost Lays Off Dozens Amid Corporate Cutbacks” on June 14, 2016.  The article states in part: Writers Guild of America, East, HuffPost’s union, said Wednesday that they were notified of 39 members being laid off. The HuffPost layoffs come as Lydia Polgreen, who took over as editor-in-chief earlier this […]