Why We Must Defend Trump against the Creatures of the Swamp

While the media witch hunt of President Trump continues, the Deplorables who elected him have not become demoralized, as The Deep State had projected, they have become emboldened. Many still remember the DNC stealing the nomination from Bernie and giving it to Hillary. They still recall the media projecting a Hillary Clinton landslide to discourage Trump supporters from casting their ballots.  When the DNC couldn’t steal the election from Trump, ‘Deep State’ operatives and ‘Never Trumpers’ attempted to steal his delegates, and subsequently attempted to steal his electors. None of their efforts worked.

The political operatives in the ‘Fake Media,’ had called for Trump’s impeachment before he was even inaugurated, and according to Jerome Corsi, have now become part of the “Deep State.’ Unfortunately, The Swamp is being drained and all of the creatures that have survived and have fed off the murky quagmire are coming out in full force to make sure that Trump Is thrown out of office.  Just who are the creatures of The Swamp?

The first swamp creature that we’ve found is Washington Post and Amazon owner, Jeff Bezos.  He’s one of the swamp Bull Frogs making the loudest noise, as he’s upset because Trump wants to break up his monopoly, in accordance with anti-trust laws.

Another prominent swamp frog is Carlos Slim, a Mexican business magnate that owns The New York Times.  Mr. Slim is irritated that Trump wants to ‘Really Build the Wall’ on the southern border and make Mexico pay for it as well as threatening to ditch trade deals and impose tariffs on Mexican made goods.

The swamp crickets in the media, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and Univision have continued to chirp the NYT and WaPo articles about Trump’s collusion with Russia and his ‘political’ firing of F.B.I. director Comey, despite a lack of evidence to their claims, and reporters have not produced any sources.  A recent Harvard study found that 98% of Trump’s coverage in the media has been negative, with virtually no coverage of his successes.

More interesting swamp creatures have surfaced recently; they are the Dragon Fly Nymphs, who spend the first part of their lives underwater and then surface.  Three nymphs that have surfaced recently, who’ve been underwater for quite some time are Nancy Pelosi, who still thinks George Bush is still president, Maxine Waters, who believes that Putin has invaded North Korea, and Elizabeth Warren who has forgotten the senate protocol.

Other more devious swamp creatures are the Rattlesnake, Muslim Brotherhood operatives, like C.A.I.R, who fund a number of our politicians and disguise their true intentions, which is civilization jihad and sharia law.

Next we find the Swamp Rats, John Mc Cain, Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham.  They scurry around and pretend to be conservative, yet attack their fellow Republicans.  We can add the ‘Never Trumpers’ to this species.

Another identified species is the Swamp Turtle, the slow moving GOP who ignored Fast & Furious, Betrayed the Tea Party when then IRS would not recognize their 501c’s, failed to prosecute Hillary, or anyone in the USG for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi and refused to address the Obamacare nightmare until its implosion.

The Creeping Scorpions are interesting creatures in the swamp that slither around camouflaging themselves in the muck; these are the Globalists, including many members of congress, and corporate leaders who desire a U.N. dominated world and the destruction of nation states.  They are proponents of open borders and want to destroy any sense of nationalism.

Flying over the swamp we find the Vultures, like George Soros feeding of the destruction of the host and funding all of the gnats like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the Women’s March and countless other groups that despise American virtues.

The most infamous specimen in the swamp is the parasitical team, Hillary and Bill who are funded and supported by corporate leeches and funded by rogue foreign dictators.

The carnivorous plant is also a dangerous species in the swamp, as it appears to be a harmless plant, but is a meat eater in disguise, fooling the passerby.  Obama’s Organizing for America fits nicely into this category.

Ticks are another pesky swamp specimen, like the CPUSA, (communist party), that latches onto its victim.  Its motivation is to bleed us out and destroy America’s free market system.

The remainder of the swamp creatures that have been found are annoying mosquitoes such as the Black Panther Party, La Raza, Code Pink, SEIU and other radicals, anarchists and leftists.

As one can see, President Trump has a host of internal predators that are ready and waiting to create disruption, chaos and anarchy.  However, we must be reminded that Trump was elected by the Deplorables: Republicans, Independents and disenfranchised Democrats. Perhaps it’s time for them to defend the president whom they’ve voted for, as the Swamp is being drained and our freedom and liberty is at stake.

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