Footage of Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock at an Anti-Trump Protest?

There are two YouTube videos of a man wearing a pink shirt with NASA on it who some believe is Stephen Paddock, the man who slaughtered 59 people and wounded hundreds more in Las Vegas, Nevada. We present these videos for our readers to view and make up their own minds about is this is or is not Stephen Paddock.

If anyone can identify the individual at this anti-Trump protest please contact the Las Vegas Police Department or the FBI.

The below video titled “Stephen Paddock was an anti Trump supporter”:

Steven Haffley published the below YouTube video and commentary on Oct 2, 2017:

In the deleted video are the below screen shots of what is believed to be Stephen Paddock wearing a pink hat, like the ones worn during the Washington, D.C. woman’s march, and a t-shirt with NASA on it. Next to him, right, is a woman believed to be Marilou Danley.

Haffley notes:

This is the evidence composed by IWI for review by the FBI on this subject concerning video footage of the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock. In addition to the above footage, we present the following additional evidence:

A. This picture is of the man seen in the above video standing by what appears to be Marilou Danley, a person previously identified as a person of interest in the shooting but later cleared.. Notice the distinctive sunglasses:

B. The same woman rolls her pantlegs up the same exact way in other pictures, so we have distinctive glasses, same appearance, same dress style:

C. A protester calls the man in the pink shirt “Steve”:

D. The pink shirt in the video says Nasa, Lockheed Martin confirmed the shooter worked for them between 85-88. Lockheed martin does a lot with Nasa:…

E. An associate of Marilou Danley’s daughter told Marilou’s daughter to have her mother delete her Facebook page at the first notice of the mass shooting:

E.2 When confronted about why she was trying to cover up the facebook profile, which as a picture of Marilou vacationing in the Middle East, the tweet was deleted and I was blocked from following her:

With all we presented, no matter what side of the issue you are on, there is significant reason to have an Agency with more investigative tools at their disposal to look into this. Hence the purpose of this video is to ensure this happens. It is believed the man seen in this video is the las vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, attending an anti-trump protest in Reno Nevada in August 23rd 2017 (Approximately). You may upload this video to anywhere you want, use it in any media, etc, you do not need my permission I’m not doing this for personal recognition, I’m doing this to figure out why 500 people were shot for no reason.


UPDATE: Paddock And Girl Friend At 2017 Anti-Trump Rally In Nevada – Proof He Previously Worked At NASA – Worked On Advanced Scope At Lockheed.

YouTube and Facebook remove video of Las Vegas attacker at anti-Trump protest

A Concert of Evil

Investigators Reluctant to Call Vegas Massacre an Act of Terror

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23 replies
    • just a thought
      just a thought says:

      This is such a fake article.

      1) First, if LVPD or FBI wanted to know if this guy worked for NASA or was Stephen Paddock …. that would be a phone call away. Done and Done.

      2) No Stephen Paddock was not a NASA employee.

      3) No one has bothered to show or prove Stephen Paddock was the actual shooter in the Las Vegas mass shooting …. thus, how would working for NASA or perhaps just wearing a NASA T-shirt perhaps matter? Or, attending a protest … unless it was related? (If someone believes it is … find a link.)

      4) Do you know how many VIOLENT people protest against Trump? Try looking there first.

      5) The photo doesn’t look anything like Paddock. But, not saying it’s not.

  1. Dave
    Dave says:

    I also archived the Youtube videos because I knew that Leftists would have it taken down. Doesn’t fit their narrative. Plus it shows, once again, that it is the Left that is violent and full of hate.

  2. Fuck you
    Fuck you says:

    You people make me sick!! How can you sleep at night?! Making this political!!! You right wingers should be ashamed!

    • just a thought
      just a thought says:

      Correct the death of 59 and injury of almost 500 others is not political (I’m sure there were people there at a country music concert that supported both political parties. People would be a full not to think so.)

      Regardless if the motive may or may not have been … we will probably know.

      And, I highly doubt Paddock was the shooter. HE definitely does not fit the profile.

  3. LibturdsREvil
    LibturdsREvil says:

    Thank you for you work to uncover the truth. I know it was a repulsive libturd once I heard it was a country music event. All libturds are violent disgusting creatures n exterminated like the roaches that they are

  4. Maxwell
    Maxwell says:

    Clearly this man is with that older white lady he’s standing with and they’re bith holding the same homemade signs. Trying to tie the hispanic lady to his Asian girlfriend is hysterical. This re-enforces the belief this is not the same man. Thanks.

    • GGDD
      GGDD says:

      Of course it is not him.. Stephan Paddock was 6’4″ tall, his filipino GF didn’t not stand above his shoulders.. the guy on the video is nowhere 6’4″

      • Dr. Rich Swier
        Dr. Rich Swier says:

        If you look at the videos and the screen shots you can see that the man in the pink NASA shirt towers above the people around him. If you, or anyone else have information about the man pictured please contact the Las Vegas Police Department or the FBI.

        • Dr. Art Gordon
          Dr. Art Gordon says:

          The Asian woman is only about a half head shorter than the man in the video. The guy really doesn’t “tower” over the people. We know that Paddock’s GF is quite a bit shorter. The height differential doesn’t match at all.

          And the NASA claim is crazy. The man listed as an advisor from NASA Goddard is Dr. Stephen Paddack (there is a typo or a photoshop alteration on the document). Dr. Paddack is no well into his 80’s, has a Ph.D. and was already writing advanced scientific articles in his field in the late 1960’s.

  5. cj davis
    cj davis says:

    Remember the guy is supposed to be 6’4″ (according to the brother and look at the casino footage they have)! And the girlfriend’s very short. So….no.

  6. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    The administration has been supporting the left 100 percent on every thing that is anti-Trump. That is what is probably going on, a cover up of an anti-Trump guy who like so many anti-Trump people, was willing to perpetrate insane violence.


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