Why One Florida Legislator Voted ‘NO’ on Gun Control Legislation

The following is a statement from Florida Representative Cord Byrd who voted NO on SB7026. SB7026 is the Gun Control Legislation created in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting in Broward County, Florida. This legislation was passed before the full investigation of what actually happened at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School was completed.

As Representative Byrd points out this legislation was based on the desire to “do something” not on the facts of what actually occurred.


Over the past three weeks my office has received thousands of emails and phone calls regarding the horrific tragedy in Parkland and what steps the State should take moving forward. It was impossible to respond at the time, but now that Session is over I wanted to make sure everyone received an explanation as to why I voted NO on Senate Bill 7026.

I simply could not vote for legislation that has serious constitutional infirmities infringing upon the Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendments. When I took the Oath of Office I meant it.

What happened in Parkland was a failure of government. Over and over again, federal, state and local government failed. When government fails, the solution is not more government. The solution is not gun control.

The gun control measures in SB7026 would not have prevented the Parkland tragedy. The desire to “do something” cannot serve as the rationale to infringe upon the rights of law abiding 18-20 year old citizens.

Our society has lost its values and morals. It glorifies vice and mocks virtue. Until we fix our broken society, until we fill the God-sized hole in the hearts of our children, we will not solve this problem.

Thank you for being engaged politically, I look forward to hearing from you in the future. In the meantime, please follow me on Facebook or Twitter for updates on our battle to protect the 2nd Amendment and all other issues before the Florida Legislature.

Cord Byrd
State Representative
District 11

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