Getting to Know Parkland Student Kyle Kashuv — Who is Standing for Our Rights

In an email Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School student Kyle Kashuv wrote:

Up until February 14th, I was just your normal high school kid living in Parkland, Florida.

Then everything changed. After witnessing the horrible tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, our school and classmates were thrust into the national spotlight for all of the wrong reasons. News teams from all over the country wanted to talk to my classmates about their reactions and stances on gun control.

While David Hogg hogged the national spotlight by sensationalizing this tragedy and blaming this horrific act on guns, myself and some of my classmates felt largely ignored. We too were survivors, but no one wanted to talk to us because we didn’t fit their pro-gun control narrative.

That’s when I decided I couldn’t let this dangerous narrative go unchallenged. I chose to speak up and become an outspoken advocate of the Second Amendment and argue against gun control.

I’ve had several incredible opportunities since speaking out, like meeting the President of the United States and his wonderful First Lady, Melania Trump.

Now I’m ready to take on the next chapter in life. I’m proud to announce that I have accepted the job as Turning Point USA’s High School Coordinator! In my new role, I plan to defend our Second Amendment rights and bring Turning Point USA’s messages of free markets, free people, and limited government to high schoolers across the country.

Watch Kyle talk about his efforts during media interviews:

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