Who is Steve Phillips and why is he backing Andrew Gillum for Governor of Florida?

In a column titled “The Rainbow Conspiracy Part 12: Steve Phillips And Democracy Alliance Team Up To Flip Florida” Trevor Loudon reports:

Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in Florida by just under 113,000 votes. For the left, Florida’s 27 Congressional Districts and 29 Electoral College votes are a tempting prize indeed.

If the Democrats can flip Florida in 2018/2020, they will almost certainly win the White House.

San Francisco lawyer and key Democratic Party operative Steve Phillips is targeting the Sunshine State. Florida has an open gubernatorial race this year and Phillips wants to use this election to inspire the state’s black and Latino voting base to vote all the way down to the bottom of the ballot. Phillips realizes that if he can steer his chosen candidate into the governor’s mansion this year, Florida will likely go blue in 2020.

If that happens – no more President Trump.

Who is Steve Phillips?

Loudon’s research found the following about Steve Phillips:

Steve Phillips has known Andrew Gillum for years. Gillum has served on the board of Phillips’ PowerPAC+ since at least 2012.

Steve Phillips wrote in July 2013:

 At PAC+, we will continue to work to identify and back candidates in strategic races and states across the country. In Florida, for instance, our Board member Andrew Gillum is running for Mayor of Tallahassee next year, and candidates such as Andrew, who is just 33 years old, can comprise the nucleus of a new group of political leaders who can methodically take power and reorder the state’s policies and priorities in coming years.

Andrew Gillum is an extreme radical. Part of Florida’s existing “political nucleus,” former Florida State Sen Tony Hill endorsed Gillum for Governor, November 9 2017.

“I am extraordinarily excited to endorse Mayor Andrew Gillum for Governor today. I have known him since his days on Florida A&M University’s campus as a student leader and activist — long before he became Mayor of Tallahassee. Back then you could tell he had a special quality that inspired his peers and elders, and he carries that spirit and passion with him in this race to take back Florida. He will deliver solutions to our most pressing challenges and be a true champion for Jacksonville.”

Replied Gillum:

“Senator Hill has long been a mentor and friend to me, and it’s humbling to receive his endorsement today. .. I can’t wait to campaign with him in Jacksonville and all over the state.”

[ … ]

Gillum has an ally, a semi-secret nest of billionaire leftist donors known as the Democracy Alliance.

Gillum’s long-term mentor Steve Phillips was involved in the Democracy Alliance from its very beginning. In 2004, billionaire socialists Herb and Marion Sandler established America Votes in partnership with even richer socialist donor George Soros “to coordinate various get-out-the-vote drives during the 2004 election.” When the Democracy Alliance was formalized the following year, the Sandlers sent their son-in-law Steven Phillips as their representative to the October 2005 meeting at the Chateau Elan near Atlanta, Georgia.

Read more.

Who is Andrew Gillum?

Trevor Loudon found the following about Democrat Socialist Gillum:

Andrew Gillum, while serving as director of Youth Leadership Programs for People for the American Way, graduated from the same Rockwood Social Transformation Project program in 2012.

Unsurprisingly New Florida Majority endorsed Andrew Gillum over his Democratic competitors.

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum released the following statement, June 13 2018:

“I’m honored to receive New Florida Majority’s endorsement! They’re on the front lines of taking back our state for working people, and I’m proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them in fighting for our families, jobs with living wages and dignity, a thriving public education system that pays teachers what they’re worth, and quality, affordable health care as a constitutional right for every Floridian.”

Andrew Gillum had previously met with New Florida Majority in April of 2018.

Of the NFM activists named above, Gihan Perera, Valencia Gunder, Renee Mowatt and Dwight Bullard all are affiliated in some way with Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Loudon concludes, “Lifelong revolutionary Steve Phillips is backing Abrams, Gillum and Jealous for good reason. Phillips’ purpose is to realize a goal set back in his student Maoist days – the New American Majority. Phillips understands that ‘candidates of color’ at the top of the ticket will lift the minority vote. That will help flip Congressional and Senate seats in several key states – including Florida.”


Hillary Clinton Causes Cracks in the Gillum Coalition – Sunshine State News

Economic Idiocy…Gillum Style

EDITORS NOTE: This column is republished with permission. The featured image is courtesy of Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal Blog.

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  1. Daniel Halstead
    Daniel Halstead says:

    I do not want to be the bearer of bad news ,however I believe in the unfortunate
    election of this guy to the governor’s office that he immediately loses 1000’s of lottery players and the free college education he is promising will be up to his trying to ram his tax hikes thru A heavily republican legislature A experiment in futility.
    Hopefully the more experienced voters will see through the hogwash that the anti semetic anti white anti christian anti business candidate brings to the table.
    when he loses of course someone will have stole the election.Guaranteed!!!!


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