VIDEO: Native American Drummer Nathan Phillips was NOT a Vietnam Vet!

Controversial Indian Activist going after Covington High School students is not who he wants you to believe. Ex-Navy SEAL pulls Private Nathan Phillips (a.k.a. Nathan Stanard) DD Form 214 and the Truth is told.

Thanks Master Chief – If that thanks triggers your sensitivities self-look it up and go find a safe space.


Native American activist Nathan Phillips has violent criminal record and escaped from jail as teenager

Nathan Phillips, Native American in standoff with teens, faces scrutiny of his military past – Stars & Stripes

The New York Times issues correction on Nathan Phillips’ military service

Nathan Phillips reportedly tried to disrupt National Shrine Mass after Covington Catholic incident

EDITORS NOTE: The United West column with video is republished with permission. The featured image of Nathan Phillips (a.k.a. Nathan Stanard) is a screen shot from Indian Country Today.

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  1. Patrick Brewbaker
    Patrick Brewbaker says:

    Dr. Rich, what kind of discharge did the Infianan drummer get fro the Marine Corps Reserve? General, OTH, or Bad Conduct? I’m curious because I just read he’s been to the VA 3 times.

    We have a special term for these kind of Marines, and it upsets me to know he’s in the brotherhood.


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