House Jumps to the Wrong Collusion

The president denies it. His enemies can’t prove it. And even his critics say it never happened. So why are Democrats still beating the Russian collusion drum?

It’s certainly not because Americans are pushing the issue, polling shows. In a new Rasmussen survey, most of the country seems ready to move on if the Robert Mueller probe doesn’t prove the Left’s case. A majority of voters think that if the special counsel doesn’t find any evidence, Democrats should “let it go.” If the report isn’t incriminating, only 29 percent of voters think congressional Democrats “should do their own investigation” to see if the Russian government helped Donald Trump win the presidency. Sixty-four percent said the House Majority should turn their attention to other things. After more than two years of non-stop investigations, the American people agree: enough is enough.

Good luck persuading the House Judiciary Committee of that, Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) told me on Monday’s “Washington Watch.” Now that the Democrats are in control, they’re “going to pursue this bogus, ridiculous obstruction of justice.” “I’m surprised that’s where [Chairman] Jerry [Nadler] (D-N.Y.) is choosing to go, because [the case] is so weak… It is just so ludicrous, but now, I can understand when your number one goal is political, and it is not the good of the country, then you’re seeing after [Michael] Cohen’s testimony, there really is nothing to this Russian allegation involving Donald Trump. He never conspired, he never colluded.”

Now, the Left is saying that Americans need a wider net than Mueller. But as Louie told our listeners, there’s no such thing! This probe had an unlimited bank account, a host of attorneys, and “the most far-ranging jurisdiction that’s every been given to a special counsel,” and still it’s clear that there’s nothing to this allegation. So, the Democrats have to fall back to this wild goose chase of obstruction, even though it’s the weakest and most disprovable charge.

“They’re going to keep digging until they find something — anything! Because their whole reputation — what’s left of it — of the Democratic party is replying on what they’ve convinced the rest of the country [which is] that there was Russian collusion.” And since there’s no evidence of that, “they’ve got to come up with something — and that’s what Nadler is trying to do… He’s trying to find something to hang their hat on, and they know that so far, nothing has come out that would be a basis for impeaching the president.”

Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.


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EDITORS NOTE: This FRC column with images and podcast is republished with permission.

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