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PODCAST: Impeachment: Here Today, Yawn Tomorrow

If the impeachment drudgery is putting the senators to sleep, it’s no wonder Americans are tuning it out. According to the latest Nielsen ratings, millions of viewers are changing the channel — and based on the president’s growing approval rating, they wish House Democrats would too. Even after marathon sessions — 12 and 13 hours — […]

PODCAST: Unsettled — The Refugee Question

“I had a small hope that maybe ISIS would not come,” Thabet says, remembering, as he and the reporter drove the long road toward Mosul. But within hours, everyone he loved and knew had fled. Thirteen thousand Christians vanished, scattered miles from the Nineveh Plain, in hiding. They slept in courtyards, unfinished apartment buildings, churches, camps […]

National Slavery and Human Trafficking Month: What You Need to Know

By Patrina Mosley, FRC’s Director of Life, Culture, and Women’s Advocacy For the 11th straight year, January has been declared National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Through a presidential proclamation issued on December 31, President Trump intends to raise awareness about the estimated 24.9 million adults and children who “are trapped in a form of modern […]

How Porn Changes Your Brain

(Warning: Extremely graphic content) Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry isn’t a prude. In fact, he used to roll his eyes at his Christian friends, who he thought were exaggerating the dangers of pornography. Not anymore. This Frenchman, who believes eroticism “is one of God’s greatest gifts to humankind,” no longer scoffs the feminists’ warnings or puritan concerns. “I […]

PODCASTS: Merry Impeach-mess from House Dems

Their news may be fake, but their glee over impeachment is not! Liberal members of the media were beside themselves with joy at Wednesday’s “solemn” occasion — the House vote on impeachment. Like Democrats, who celebrated the 218th vote like they’d won the Masters, Washington Post reporters clinked glasses in one photo. They were all smiles […]

Netflix Adds Phony Jesus to Your Watchlist

We’ve seen stranger things during the Christmas season, but Netflix’s latest stunt isn’t turning out to be a blockbuster with Christians. It’s supposed to be a comedy, but most Brazilians — where the show originated — aren’t laughing. “The First Temptation of Christ” is about a Jesus who identifies as gay, “has relations,” and refuses to […]

Posing as an 11-Year-Old Online: The Scary Things One Mom Learned

“When parents think about predators, they think about someone tossing their kid in a trunk and driving off. They don’t think about the unseen abuse that happens online,” Sloane Ryan lamented at the table where they were working. “What if we just set up fake accounts ourselves to demonstrate to parents what can happen online?” […]

PODCAST: Returning to the Obscene of the Crime

If you’re indifferent about the crisis of pornography, the New York Times can change that — almost instantly. The paper jolted an entire nation into caring last year with its jarring exposé, “What Teenagers Are Learning from Online Porn” (warning: extremely graphic). What kids think is normal will shock and sober you. Because these aren’t Playboy magazines […]

Abortion Pills: The Do-It-Yourself, Back-Alley Methods by Patrina Mosley

It’s been no coincidence that the latest mainstream media, women’s magazines, and even Teen Vogue have been advertising abortion pills as the new wonders of women’s healthcare that can be taken in the privacy of their homes.They even have the audacity to applaud purchasing illegal abortion pills online. A New York Times columnist, a man at that, found that ordering […]

School Tests Parents’ Limits with Prostitute

If it’s okay for drag queens to host story hour, what about prostitutes? At one Austin, Texas elementary school, students got both! In what some parents are calling “a sign of things to come” under the city’s radical new sex ed, the kids at Blackshear Fine Arts Academy had an unexpected visitor — with an […]

Swing Sets of Polling on Impeachment

Democrats were supposed to be impeaching the president for political gain! But now, pollsters say, they can’t even claim that. New numbers warn that the bottom’s falling out of the Left’s support — and the battleground states are the first to go. What a difference an impeachment makes! Nine months ago, Donald Trump was trailing […]

SCOTUS: Breaking the (Ultra)Sound Barrier

When Governor Matt Bevin walks out of his office for the last time tonight, it’s somewhat fitting that the U.S. Supreme Court picked today to uphold one of the most important laws he ever signed — the Kentucky ultrasound bill. The justices, who watched the ACLU appeal all the way to their doorstep, refused to even […]

Salvation Army Gets Ringing Endorsement from Trump

America isn’t the only thing making a comeback under President Trump — so is Christmas! The candidate who vowed, “We’re gonna be saying Merry Christmas again,” delivered on that promise again in a big way Thursday night. Thirty-feet of big, to be exact. In front of the giant spruce, the president made it very clear […]