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Twitter Reaches Hypocritical Mass

Twitter is opposed to government’s restricting speech; maybe it is because they don’t want competition. In a development that is adding more fuel to the fires against Big Tech, Jack Dorsey’s company made the astonishingly bad PR move to tweet about the situation in Uganda. In what comes across as delusional, Twitter tried to position […]

VIDEO: Dems Practice What They Impeach

 Liberals are nothing if not reliable. It’s been 13 years since Barack Obama’s chief of staff sat down with ABC and declared, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Rahm Emanuel’s party has lived and died by those words through two administrations, taking advantage of every situation to push an agenda that […]

Congressional GOP: Objections Sustained over Election Results

Joint sessions of Congress are usually perfunctory, formal events. But so far, nothing about Wednesday’s gathering of the House and Senate is shaping up to be ordinary. When the results of the Electoral College are presented to Congress, they’re usually certified without much controversy. That won’t be the case this year when more than 150 […]

COVID Vaccine: A Promising Start, But Freedom Must Be Paramount

Yesterday, after nine long months of praying for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sarah Lindsey — a critical-care nurse at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens — received the first coronavirus vaccination. While the distribution of this vaccine is a sign of hope for many, the hyper-political climate in which it was created has […]

A Worst [Suit]case Scenario for Fraud

When the president touched down in Georgia on Saturday, his legal team was already on the ground. Thanks to the “smoking suitcase video,” documented irregularities, and witness testimony, the Trump campaign thinks it has more than enough evidence to challenge the state’s election results. Only this time, the team doesn’t just want a hearing — […]

New ’Woke’ Denomination is a Warning Sign to Christians

Over the weekend, the formation of a new Methodist denomination was announced during an online worship service hosted by former and current Methodist church leaders. According to organizers, the Liberation Methodist Connexion (LMX), as the group will be called, is a socially progressive denomination that will reimage what it means to follow Jesus. But even […]

Equal Justice Under Law? Not if You’re Conservative

How far does the Left want to go to cancel opposing viewpoints? Far enough to deprive citizens of their constitutional right to legal representation, apparently. Recently, a $500,000 negative ad campaign has been launched against law firms that are representing President Trump in his claims of voting irregularities and possible fraud in the various swing states. Dr. […]

Radical ’Heroes Act’ Is a Leftist Wish-List

By FRC’s Ruth Moreno On November 12, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) held a joint press conference calling for the passage of the Heroes Act. The Senate, House, and White House have been dealing with this far-left bill for months, but Schumer claims that the results from the 2020 election prove […]

PODCAST: Against All Frauds, Trump Fights on

They say waiting is the hardest part. But they were wrong. Waiting is much worse when the messaging is controlled by a radical media with no interest in a fair outcome. For 48 hours, Americans have been glued to their televisions anxiously hoping for accurate updates on this nail-biter of a presidential race. What they’ve […]