VIDEO: Ilhan Omar is Fundraising for a Hamas-support Organization

Ilhan Omar will fund-raise for CAIR next week. This means she is fundraising for a Hamas political propaganda machine in America.

CAIR is the American Muslim Brotherhood, an umbrella organization for Hamas, a designated terror organization.

Before entering Congress, Omar was a CAIR Board Member.

So you have someone sitting on the US Foreign Affairs Committee who fully supports and promotes an Islamic organisation with direct links to Hamas, an Islamic terror group.

CAIR and Omar are not only at war with Israel. They are now officially at war against AIPAC in America in a battle for the hearts and minds on Americans.

It is also a power battle for budgets and votes for foreign causes within the US Government.

When Omar was about to be condemned for her repeated anti-Semitic remarks, it was CAIR founder, Nihad Awad, who led a delegation, including the noxious Linda Sarsour, to Congress to protect Omar and to pressure the Democrats to back off criticism of Ilhan Omar for her anti-Jewish remarks, and instead push Islamophobia – which had nothing at all to do with the issue of Omar’s Jew hatred – front and center in the adopted Democratic statement.

Jews got shafted by appeasing Democrats. They got shafted by the anti-Semitic CAIR organisation that supports the elimination of Israel.

View this video to understand what is at play here.

Please view and share before Ilhan Omar appears before an adoring CAIR Conference on March 23 in Los Angeles, and causes further damage within Congress.

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