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Jihadi Indoctrination of American Children is Active and Spreading

We have witnessed indoctrination taking place in America’s elite universities, creating a conveyor belt of brainwashed Hamas-supporting activists. Now evidence is emerging that Jihad promoters are poisoning the elementary educational system in America, too. The jihadi savagery of Oct. 7, 2023, when thousands of Palestinian armed terrorists, eagerly followed by Gaza’s citizens, stormed across their […]

Geert Wilders Represents the Rescue of Europe from Socialist Open-borders Disasters

The drift of European countries away from the failed immigration policies of their socialist predecessors reached the Netherlands with the election of Geert Wilders as their new leader. Wilders will lead a coalition of four parties with a clear agenda of sweeping away the disastrous results of an open border that has flooded the Netherlands […]

Biden’s Duplicitous History Against Israel

Biden’s long and contentious relationship with Israel goes back to June 1982 when, as a senator, Biden threatened another Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin with holding back US aid. Joe Biden is, once again, at loggerheads with Israel. This has been brewing for decades. Biden infamously admitted telling Benjamin Netanyahu, “Bibi I love you, but I don’t agree […]

VIDEO: ‘ISRAEL AT WAR’ Interview with Lebanese-Israeli Shady Khaloul

As Israel prepares to launch a ground operation in Gaza to end the curse of Palestinian Hamas, Israel has a watchful eye on our northern border with Lebanon, a beautiful country hijacked and ruined by Hezbollah, and Palestinian terrorists before them. In recent days, Hezbollah has increased their attacks against northern Israel. To understand Lebanon, […]

VIDEO: Why Did Saudi Arabia Join Iran? An interview with Dr. Mordechai Kedar

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, a research associate of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies and formerly a lecturer in the Department of Arabic Studies at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, is one of Israel’s leading figures in understanding the Arab and Islamic world. He is the Middle East analyst of Israel’s channel 14 and the weekly newspaper […]

How Hi-Tech Israeli Elite Protestors Moved Funds out of Israel — to SVB

Among the organizers of the ongoing street protests in Israel against the recently elected right-wing government, thinly veiled as protests aganst judicial reform, were two individuals who stoked up the theme encouraging high-tech investors to remove their money from Israel. Organized under the banner of a Marxist-sounding title, the ‘High Tech Workers Resistance’ have been […]

VIDEOS: The View from Israel

The View from Israel brings you accurate pro-Israel information. We explain Israel’s legitimacy that cannot be disputed. We introduce you to Israelis with seemingly unique stories but, within democratic Israel, they are not rare or unusual – only to outsiders. Please help us get out the message by clicking the ‘Like’ button and sharing the […]

RED ALERT: Why is the Iran deal a bad deal? And what you can do to stop it!

In this edition of the JerusalemConnection I explain the intricacies of the Iran nuclear deal, why it is bad for Israel (including all its inhabitants, Jews, Arab, Muslim, Christian, Druze…) and why Israel’s neighbors—moderate Sunni states—also oppose the deal. Also discover how other current world events are related to this deal being largely ignored by U.S. […]

STUDY: Nazism In Palestinian Society And The Use of Nazi Symbols

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center did a comprehensive study on the use of Nazi symbols by the Palestinians. CLICK HERE TO READ THE Full document in PDF format. Overview On August 14, 2021, Palestinians from the village of Bayta held a demonstration near the outpost of Eviatar in Samaria. The outpost was evacuated […]