The Lucifer-cation of Hollywood: Films Hellboy, Pet Cemetery & Us go from Satan to Socialism

Hollywood has become the bullhorn for Lucifer and Socialism. Hollywood actors, actresses, directors, producers by enlarge say one thing but consistently do another. Those who are successful in Hollywood become the 1% because of the money paid by the 99% to see their movies. This is called capitalism. But they preach to us that capitalism is evil and socialism is good.

Hollywood has become the center for horror/Science Fiction/occult films. But we are now seeing a new levels of violence, gore and evil, things that the Hollywood elites say they detest but make millions off of each and every day.

Hollywood’s Hypocrisy

Three recent movies show Hollywood’s hypocrisy. Hollywood has do as I say but not as I do persona. While they publicly proclaim that they want to stop gun and other violence, they make millions promoting gun and violence.

Lets look at Hellboy, Pet Cemetery and Us, each of which are boring repeats of the same old plot. The plot is from the depths of the earth, or grave, come creatures (or humans turned into murderous creatures) that kill those living above ground. Hollywood directors and producers, aided by actresses and actors, openly promote the seven deadly sins: Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Lust, Envy and Pride. Not to mention violating all of the Ten Commandments.

Hollywood has going to hell in a handbasket. The phrase ‘going to hell in a handbasket’ is to be rapidly deteriorating – on course for disaster.

Lets look at how each of these films sets Hollywood, and our culture, on a course for disaster.


The latest version of Hellboy is difficult to watch. It is filled with scenes of cannibalism (gluttony), betrayal (envy and pride), blood lust and wrath. There is no winner. There are creatures that come from below grown to kill every human being above grown as the behest of a Satanic witch. There is only blood and gore, followed by more blood and gore. Hellboy has taken graphic scenes of gore to a new level graphic scenes of gore. There is no reason for the blood and gore than the blood and gore itself. Let is hope there will not be a squeal to Hellboy.

Pet Cemetery

Pet Cemetery is a remake of Pet Cemetery. This boring film changes the plot slightly but the ending is the same. The Satanic idea that one can bury a loved one in desecrated ground and bring them back to life without consequences is debunked. A father who is an atheist. A mother who isn’t exactly religious and their two children victims. The perfect family for Satan to work his evil. The greedy and pride filled father wants something that he cannot give, life. The innocent daughter is made into a creature from hell after being buried in consecrated ground the daughter is exhumed by the father and reburied in an unholy patch of earth on his property. A very bad decision. Using Lucifer to reclaim life has dire consequences.


The movie Us is about a normal family on holiday. The family is close knit, middle class and a model family. Then comes their cloned doubles. Their cloned doubles what everything they have (greed, envy). The clones live below ground, like the monsters in Hellboy and those buried in unholy ground in Pet Cemetery. The clones where red jumpsuits, perhaps indicating their socialist bent on taking what they have not earned (sloth, wrath, lust, envy and greed).

I do not recommend any of these films or any other film that Hollywood produces that does not have a positive moral message like the films Unplanned and Breakthrough. If you want to watch films with a positive moral message you may want to stream films like the Ten Commandments or the Passion of Christ. You, your family and our society will be be better off for it.

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