TAKE ACTION: Ask Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to Implement E-Verify Statewide

Over 4 million Floridians for Ron DeSantis for governor. Thousands voted for now Governor DeSantis based on his promise to implement E-Verify. During this session the Florida state legislature failed to bring E-Verify to the floor for a vote. It is time for Governor DeSantis to take action to implement E-Verify statewide.

Governor DeSantis said during his inaugural address:

We will stand for the rule of law. We won’t allow sanctuary cities. And we will stop incentivizing illegal immigration, which is unfair to our legal immigrants, promotes lawlessness and reduces wages for our blue-collar workers. [Emphasis added]

Having illegal aliens fill jobs that can, should and would be filled by legal Florida citizens is wrong. Implementing E-Verify will eliminate the incentive to come to Florida.

Please take immediate action to correct this most important problem for our Great President and the American citizens to Make America Great Again.

CLICK HERE TO Email Governor DeSantis @ flgov.com

If you wish send the information to your state Senator and Representative.

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  1. George R. Fuller
    George R. Fuller says:

    Scott was elected Governor because he promised to pass E-Verify. He reneged in 2012 when he said it was a Federal responsibility.

    Meanwhile all the SE states surrounding us have passed and implemented E-Verify leaving us to attract illegal aliens.

    DeSantis is starting out the same way……………

  2. Michael Becks
    Michael Becks says:

    Dear Governor DeSantis

    As many of us know, E-Verify can be an effective tool if it has the support of our government. Once we eliminate the economic magnet, the migration looking for jobs in order to send monies back home.

    Please make E-verify the rule of Florida.


    Mike Becks


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