Project Veritas files Pinterest Cease & Desist

Pinterest doesn’t want you to see our investigation that exposes their censorship of Christians, conservatives, and pro-life groups.

In fact, they’re requesting other social media companies to censor our video on their platforms! And they are!

In at least one complaint, they’ve falsely accused Project Veritas of “malicious use” due to horrible-sounding things like “doxing, dogpiling, brigading, spamming, or scamming.”

I won’t let this stand.  And that’s why our attorneys immediately sent a cease and desist letter to Pinterest. 

Pinterest’s censorship tactics are Orwellian, and I won’t allow them to thwart our legitimate newsgathering and publishing.

Veritas never has and never will never dox any individual featured in our videos. We will, however, report the news–even news that may paint Pinterest in an unfavorable light.

Here’s an excerpt from the powerful letter our attorneys sent to Pinterest this afternoon:

“Over the past few years, it has become clear that many social media platforms have drifted toward favoring censorship over free expression.  Being the subject of a hard-hitting exposé, it is hard to expect Pinterest to take a stand for the First Amendment.  But this is exactly what we expect. As a social media platform that features some 250 million monthly active users, you hold a position of public trust.  With over 175 billion Pinterest pins discussing everything from stew recipes to political engagement, free speech should be a guiding Pinterest principle, not an ignored one.  You can do better.”

You can read our full letter to Pinterest  here.

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