Terrorist Attack in Benghazi

The Saudi-owned al-arabiyya TV, and their website www.alarabiya.net both reported on a terrorist attack in Libya’s second largest city, and “Capital” of General Haftar’s forces (on 11 July 2019).  The information for these reports came from a video interview with General Ahmad al-Mismari, the spokesman for Gen. Haftar’s forces.

The circumstance of the attack was a funeral for a relative of al-Mismari’s who had been the head of Libya’s special forces.  A car bomb was the weapon of choice, and it killed 4 people and wounded 15 others.

General al-Mismari, who may have been the primary target of the attack, blamed the Fayez Sirraaj government in Tripoli and the “corrupt” money they paid to “traitors” in Benghazi.

Al-Mismari also claimed that Turkey was responsible for the attack because of “the leadership is has living in Tripoli.”  In this context al-Mismari claimed that their war against “terrorism in Tripoli” was entirely just and legal, and warned all Libyans that the battle will not end until terrorism is wiped out.

He lamented that his country has been suffering the scourge of terrorism since 2011, and blamed the “international community” for causing that problem.

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