Is Ilhan Omar a ‘Failed American Experiment?’ Here Are Your Comments

Amidst the media furor over President Trump’s suggestion that Omar, due to her anti-Americanism, should go back to her home country of Somalia, we wrote an article titled “Is Ilhan Omar a ‘Failed American Experiment?’”

The words “failed American experiment” were those used by Clarion’s National Correspondent Shireen Qudosi on a recent appearance alongside Candice Owens on The Ingraham Angle, Fox’s popular news magazine with Laura Ingraham.

Qudosi, who herself is a Muslim, also noted that, based on Omar’s own rhetoric against America, “send her back” was not a racist statement but rather a “common sense message.”

At the end of the article, we asked for your opinion if Omar was a failed American experiment. Here are some of the many responses we received:

Identity politics always seems to lead to bind people in perpetual states of victimhood until some vague utopian leveling of all things is achieved. But it never is achieved and never will be. So unless identity politics is called what it is — an ill-conceived and dangerous strategy to right perceived wrongs — we will continue to descend into a dark, hopeless, roiling pit of rage and anger that has no happy ending.

This question is complex considering the different factions that exists in the U.S. today. There are organizations that consider the U.S. Constitution an out-lived document. So they teach children from the time they can understand how to hate America. … People like Omar are part of the problems we have and they will always be around to fulfill their hatred and disregard for our Constitution.

The American-Muslim woman in the article who spoke about Omar being a failed American experiment [Clarion’s National Correspondant Shireen Qudosi] I view as an example of what the attitude and perspective of a true American is and ought to be. She is what Omar should’ve become. She is the success story!

The West had been fortunate that early immigration brought in people who were politically benign and motivated to assimilate into Western society. But with the politically active global jihadist movement and “Caliphatism” seeking to capitalize on the liberties in the West to undermine and usurp political power, the system has simply broken down.

I understand the temptation to refer to Ilhan Omar as a failed experiment, though I think that is inaccurate. Ilhan is the product of her Somali culture, grossly amplified by the progressive’s victimhood culture, which taught her ever since she arrived in America. She has excelled at utilizing it to advance into the political/media-driven melange as a “new face of the Left.”

Her outright anti-Semitism in various statements, tweets and comments over the years would be enough to force the resignation of any white Republican congresswoman. Why the double standard? Because she is “insulated” by her race, religion, and gender all in the name of “diversity” — of the type that only leftists can wear. So, no ,she isn’t a failed “experiment” at all . She is a disaster of unparalleled proportion demonstrating the failure of American immigration screening, educational institutes and one political party that embraces the “hate America culture” as politically correct. 

Yes, and there are many others like her. For example, the Dutch immigrant that fire bombed the ICE facility in Washington state last week and the individuals who took down the American flag at the ICE facility in Colorado and raised a Mexican flag in its place. This is a problem that is more common then we often want to acknowledge.

Unlike Miss Omar, I live in a country I love (Zimbabwe), though it be very difficult at times. Without judging Omar, there seems to be a lack of appreciation of what she has in the USA. A visit to her original country of Somalia would certainly help her lack of appreciation and may even bring a little humility to what would seem like a very self-important and very entitled person. How sad …

Yes, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is a failed American experiment. She is anti-American and anti-Semitic. Her behavior is an embarrassment to our country as well as a violation of the U.S. Constitution. A motion should be made within Congress to have her removed. Such hatred has no place in a democratic society.

Omar is the one who has failed miserably.

The failed experiment is a concept called multiculturalism. It has inflicted deep harm in every society that has implemented it.

Failed American Experiment is the best description I have heard to date. [In the words of Clarion’s National Correspondent Shireen Qudosi, herself a Muslim:] “… Omar still carries the broken value systems of all Third-World Muslim countries…”

Simultaneously, Rep. Ilhan Omar represents both the best and the worst of our immigration policy. Arriving as a poor, teenage refugee from Somalia, in short order, she was able to learn English, get a college education and pursue a career. By the age of 36, she was elected as the first female Muslim to Congress. Yet, in spite of her success, she denigrates the United States as hypocritical, unjust, and racist. She even refers to the Army Rangers who fought to save starving citizens (of the country she abandoned) from an unrelenting tide of warlords as warmongers. Thus, for someone who has been given so much by our country and has achieved the American Dream in a very short time, she is incredibly bitter and ungrateful. Ultimately, she has a toxic effect on our politics, something both ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood can exploit to further their own narratives against us.

I believe everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves. Omar on numerous occasions has shown how truly anti-Semitic she is. Also the company she keeps disturbs me. She was photographed hobnobbing with Erdogan of Turkey.

A Trojan horse.

It is not an experiment but another way to help the progressives destroy the U.S. Islam’s laws are incompatible with our Constitution. 

What it seems like most people don’t understand about Omar’s position is that her attitude is no different than having a racist in Congress! I find it utterly hypocritical of Democrats in general to condemn President Donald Trump for being racist while they happily support the racists in their own party.

Clearly there is something terribly wrong with the way many Americans view things, especially among elected politicians. I mean how despicably self-centered a human being must be to be so one-sided, bias or partial to see the evil of others and yet at the same time to be completely blind of those same evils among those of your own party.


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