VIDEO: The Vortex — The ‘World’ Is NOT Good. It is to be conquered, not compromised with.


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Right around the 1960s, a prevailing theme was running throughout the Church, that the world was not really that bad a place and the Church should make friends with the world.

That was a marked change from nearly 2,000 years of viewing the world as “bad,” ruled over by Satan and needing to be converted.

The ancient understanding of monks and missionaries carrying the light of the Gospel into the darkness of the world was tossed to the side and a new image of “dialogue” and “interfacing” with the world came to the forefront.

This new approach is still what’s in vogue today in the Church — that the world should be cooperated with, that the Church shouldn’t be “militant” anymore in its approach.

On a strictly human level, it’s understandable because it’s the easier route.

People are much more comfortable with being friendly and “nice” — there’s that dreaded word “nice.”

People don’t like confrontation, so when leaders pumped the air in the Church full of the message that it’s time to be “nice,” loads of Catholics were happy to put down their weapons and start being sociable with the world.

But that air which is breathed all over the Church has poisoned the mission of the Church in a thousand different ways.

The world is happy to have a non-confrontational Church, a Church disarmed and lollygagging about, as the world and the Culture of Death plows over millions of braindead, unsuspecting Catholics — Catholics who have been anesthetized to the world and its prince by prelates and clergy in parishes, chanceries and, most especially, seminaries.

Here is the problem, especially for well-intentioned young men currently in seminary or recently ordained. They’ve had transfusions of this syrup into their veins, sucking out their warrior blood and replacing it with saccharine.

They are not prepared for combat with the world. They are boys — largely well-intentioned, yes, but boys nonetheless — who are finding themselves in a man’s fight.

They have no taste for battle, no preparedness for war.

Little by little, the seminary staff and faculty, who are firmly ensconced in the “Church in dialogue with the world” philosophy, have inculcated in today’s younger clergy an image of the Church as a friendly social agency with some crosses scattered around the walls.

The traditional, millennia-old self-understanding of the Church as being in a fight to the death with the world has been jettisoned, and in its place, a new philosophy that we are in cooperation with the world trying to bring about a better environment for all.

That’s completely insane — spiritual poison. But today, it is the dominant thought in the Church among the prelates, certainly, and an ever-growing number of younger priests who have been malformed by previous generations of prelates who set about to theologically castrate them.

Mission accomplished; today, form is what matters and takes precedence over matter. What is uppermost is that no one offend anyone — not boldly declaring the truth.

Church leaders have abdicated their sacred duty for fear of losing human respect, while others among them have profited physically or financially or both in the new world of lax rules and discipline.

For surely, if the world can be treated in such friendly “non-judgmental” terms, then certainly, active homosexual priests should also be dialogued with — and understood and “worked with.”

And this is what’s at the heart of all of this: a refusal to challenge and confront, to challenge ourselves and others to a life of holiness and sanctity.

Where are the challenges to non-Catholics, lest finding themselves outside the Church at their deaths, risk eternal damnation?

The jeopardy those poor souls are in is never explained to them by a soft, weak, emasculated group of men because they are too soft, weak and emasculated to embrace the rejection and humiliation that comes with being in love with truth.

And that is it right there, the very core. The world hates truth, and that is why it can never be compromised with or be dialogued with.

Any actual Catholic must have the attitude of crushing the world underfoot, not whispering sweet nothings in its ear in hopes that some soft sell will convert it.

It took blood and persecution, violence endured by those first centuries of Catholics, to convert the world. Saint Paul tried the “dialogue” approach in Athens and fell flat on his face.

The heart of the matter is conquering sin. And that is the strategy that is either accepted or rejected.

The world embraces sin and has no desire to conquer it. The Church and Her loyal sons fight sin, even if it is sometimes haltingly, and conquer it.

This is a “take no prisoners” war for each side. Right now, the Church is loaded with spiritually castrated, emasculated men in the clergy who have produced a laity in their image and likeness.

When the Church is shrinking, that means the world is winning. Well, behold, a vastly shrinking Church.

The world loves its sin — its pornography, its rampant sex, its overall immorality. And that shouldn’t be a surprise; it’s the natural trajectory of fallen nature, to sink lower and fall farther.

It’s why a Savior, a Redeemer was necessary, because man cannot alter his own course without divine intervention.

Despite all of this evil, “God so loved the world that He sent His only-begotten Son.” But the sad ending to that story is that the world rejected its Savior.

Some recognized and clung to Him, but the majority reject Him. They live in disobedience to the natural moral law inscribed on their hearts by God.

Huge numbers of those who know the truth of the Catholic Church simply reject that truth and make up absurd excuses for doing so, because in their intellectual pride or other sins, they cannot admit the Church is correct and they therefore must amend their lives.

It all boils down the truth. Either you love it and embrace it, or you reject it. Those who reject it are of the world. Those who embrace it belong to God, accepting His offer of eternal life.

But the notion of some kind of detente, a compromise, a dialogue with the world without this foundational understanding is doomed to failure.

Young priests and seminarians who will not live by this Catholic view will fail in their mission, and they will be held accountable.

Sure, they might be able to draw some in by their personal charisma or other gifts they have, but that will only be temporary with temporary effect.

Unless the message is given in a clear voice that sin must be rejected and Christ embraced in the fullness of the Catholic Church, then there is no hope.

That is the message and teaching of the Son of God after all. Any clergy or prelates that think they have a better way are already lost.

EDITORS NOTE: This Church Militant video is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

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