The UN’s Dangerous Sustainability Conference

The United Nations will meet to discuss its dangerous “sustainability” agenda at a conference next week in Salt Lake City.

CFACT will be there!

UN bureaucrats, urban planners, and left-wing activists find our individual freedoms and prosperity unsustainable.  They want us to give up thinking and choosing for ourselves, and move away from such bourgeois conventions as cars, air conditioning, refrigeration and single family housing.

CFACT senior policy analyst Bonner Cohen posted details to

The forces behind the push toward sustainable cities and communities need to be taken seriously. A new generation of urban planners has come to the fore, and what these people have in mind for the rest of us is truly frightening… 

At the vanguard of efforts to transform our cities into green Utopias are activists whom Christopher F. Rufo has labeled “the new left urbanists.” Their goal is to achieve social justice on a scale that is both local and grand by completely rebuilding the urban environment, including housing, transportation, roads, and tolls.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal (Aug. 22), Rufo points out that these activists, many of whom are urban planners on the taxpayer payroll in municipalities across the country, rally around such slogans as “ban all cars,” “raise the suburbs,” and “single-family housing is white supremacy,” even though the activists themselves are predominantly white and affluent.

“Sustainability” sounds nice, but in the hands of the Left means “control.”

Anyone with a basic grasp on economics knows that we need the growth and prosperity that flows from freedom if we want to sustain both people and the planet.

The UN “sustainability” agenda would take us on the road to privation, danger and decline.

This is not the first “sustainability” conference for CFACT.  Many of our friends and supporters will remember past encounters at these conferences and our ongoing coverage of this important issue.

CFACT is headed to Salt Lake to expose this dangerous agenda and sound the wake up call.

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