Socialism Infects the Globe, It Must be Defeated

After Jeffrey Epstein’s bizarre death, Attorney General William Barr found “Serious Irregularities” and ordered an investigation. He also promised that: “We will get to the bottom of what happened and there will be accountability.” Unfortunately, America faces a whole range of “Serious Irregularities.” They are the ills, tentacles or symptoms of Socialism in our domestic and foreign policies: from the Russia Probe to war in Afghanistan, from two Soviet style propagandist-manipulators Rep. Omar and Tlaib to the conversion of the Dems to Socialist party. To understand the nexus of these issues you have to know that they all have been brought about by the ideological war going on between Capitalism and Communism/Socialism for the last hundred years. Read my column American Socialism: The Enemy Within, New Right Network, August 1, 2019.

The recent mysterious, failed Russian military experiment and nuclear radiation of the world a-la Chernobyl indicates old Soviet intent to dominate and their usual attempt to cover it up their mistakes. Just watch, Russia will blame America for the crime they committed. Actually, most of the trouble in America and the world derives from and is caused by Russia and Putin’s KGB. I am emphasizing the significance of the KGB, because it represents Russia today and am using the term KGB to represent the entirety of the Russian Intelligence Services. If you’re wondering what any of this has to do with mass shootings in America, political mistrust of the government, and the other ills at this moment in time, simply imagine the decades of the KGB’s infiltration to do just that–fighting the American Republic from within….

To be aware of interconnection between all fronts of this war, you have to know well the enemy and the variety of forms, methods, and tricks used against Capitalism by the radical army of Communist/ Socialist mafia. Trump’s tariff-war, systematic mass shootings, the rise of Anti-Semitism, violence, and unspeakable hatred are only a few symptoms of this war. Yet, they are inextricably connected to each other by a philosophical concept of Soviet Socialism, the Stalinist Dogma of “Divide and Conquer.” Trump’s tariff-war with Communist China is a part of this long war. Yes, read the book by Michael Pillsbury, who scholastically identified this war: The Hundred-Year Marathon CHINA’S SECRET STRATEGY TO REPLACE AMERICA AS THE GLOBAL SUPERPOWER. If we want to survive we can’t escape and hide from it, because the ultimate agenda of Communism/Socialism is the destruction of Capitalism, Western civilization, and the American Republic.

Mass shootings have also taken a chronicle character in America since it started with Columbine School Shooting in 1999, under Clinton. It was investigated very poorly, missing the major cause—use of mentally disturbed people by the KGB. Mental Health is the crux of the matter. I had discussed the issue and blamed the incompetence on our Intel then, in my book The Russian Factor: From Cold War to Global Terrorism, Xlibris, 2006. There is a direct connection between the Columbine School Shooting under Clinton and Epstein’s repulsive crime spread globally: a pedophile, who also sponsored the Clinton Foundation, which I called “the eyes and ears of the KGB.” We still don’t understand Russia and its Intelligence Apparatus, which is destroying America from within. Trump is right, alleging that the Clintons were behind Jeffrey Epstein’s sudden death. My hopes for AG Barr’s awareness of the ongoing war to execute a successful investigation of the International Watergate No.2 in America.

What is at stake in this war? Everything America cares about: our set of values, democratic institutions, our personal liberty, and all freedoms we enjoy under the unique and most humane system known to the world, left to us by our Founding Fathers. I have been writing about this war for the last thirty years, because I recognized the main culprit of the war—Stalinist Soviet Socialism–a system of corruption, abuse, and fraud, built within the Democrat Party. I had lived through Soviet Socialism for half of my adult life and, as a former Soviet attorney, I know the system pretty well… Soviet Socialism is the enemy of humanity, installed and functioning in the half of the world today. Trump is right, talking about a “long-term catastrophe,” he warned us about our national security twenty years ago…

An Axis of Evil Spreads the Infection

As a matter of fact, the roots of the tariff’s war are much larger and broader than only China. Yes, it started a hundred years ago, but not in China, it was waged by Russia against Western civilization after the 1917 Socialist Revolution. It‘s still going on! History is the Mother of all sciences. If you go back and research the history of Stalinist Soviet Socialism, you will find interesting facts. Knowing that Russia alone can’t spread his ideological Dogma, Stalin began exporting communism abroad. The erroneous American foreign policy for decades gave the Russian KGB and military the opportunity to expand the fraudulent ideology of Socialism and consolidate the power globally.

Stalin started by converting Mongolia, North Korea, China, Eastern Europe,  Palestine, his devoted disciples continued expansion to Syria, Venezuela, Nigeria, Iran, and Turkey. All Intelligence Services of those countries had been built imitating the Soviet structure and were subordinated to the Kremlin—they all went through the KGB’s schooling. Today it is not Russia or China, we are dealing with the Axis of Evil under the umbrella and supervision of Russia. Nothing reciprocal is possible with those countries. This Axis of Evil doesn’t favor a specific race or nationality, yet, none of those countries honor agreements they have signed and don’t follow the International order unless it furthers their aims. The main point for them is–their common ideology aimed at ruining Western civilization.

To this end, Socialism has also created the groups of radical Islamic terrorists from al-Qaeda to ISIS spreading the KGB’s criminal methods throughout the world, using them and the rest of the Socialist mafia to implement Stalinist ideology. In this connection Afghanistan is a turning point to understand the destabilizing role of Russia, which, in fact, has a long border with Afghanistan and is using it. I have repeated many times that knowledge of Russia, its Security Apparatus, and its methods and tricks is a must. To understand this destabilizing role of Russia, please read in this e-magazine my column The KGB’s Roots and Pedigrees, October 19, 2017.

It is not Brexit, but October 1, 2019 is a very significant date for China—Seventy years as a Communist State, designed and built by Stalinist Russia. Though China has changed the economic structure of the Communist system and injected Crony Capitalism, the span of seventy years is looming. In that period of time the Russian socialist economy had collapsed unable to compete with Capitalism. I am not predicting a collapse of China, yet the uprising in Hong Kong is a Ringling Bell for a disaster similar to Tiananmen Square. Remember, after Political Correctness and Social engineering Communism uses brutal violence to prevent their regime from collapsing! Stay tuned!

California: The First Socialist State in America

America did not escape the Stalin’s design as well…To grasp the Truth you should know the transformation which has taken place in the Democrat Party, which is not democratic any longer. Instead, we are dealing with the typical Socialist Party. A Socialist mafia with a socialist agenda aligns with The Axis of Evil to destroy America’s capitalist economic system in order to integrate it into the socialist system worldwide…

Don’t be surprised that California experiences defecation crises. History can explain the tragic transformation of California to Socialism. It was 1963 when University of Berkeley held a communist strategy meeting, where the primary targets were determined. Look at this:

“Primary targets were determined, namely; Family, Free Enterprise, Morality (by/ censorship) and Environmental. At the same meeting they adopted the goals of the “Naked Communist” by Cleon Scouse (1970) were set up as their preamble.” There are 45 goals in total in different stages of the communists operating covertly toward the socialization our nation. “In 1992 A communist strategy meeting was held at the University of California Berkeley, for the sole purpose of updating their objectives, originally proposed in 1963.” To get the essence of those goals, let me give you only four of them:

15. Capture one of the political parties in the United States. I’ve written you about the transformation of the Dems to a Socialist mafia for the last thirty years.

19. Use student riots to foment publicity. Look at the riots in our Universities and Colleges against the First Amendment and the foundation of the American Republic.

20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, and policy making positions. I was warning you about Andropov’s design to infiltrate American media and all security services for the last several decades. I am a victim of that, writing the truth about Russia, my writings were banned by the FBI Socialist mafia.

24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press. Our culture has become unrecognizable due to a success of our enemies…

Those four goals are very familiar to me, I had lived through their successful execution in Russia—it was called Soviet Socialism. I won’t surprise you, but these exact goals depicts the Socialism in California and America—a system of abuse, injustice, corruption, and fraud…

Don’t be surprised that almost 90% of the agenda had been accomplished in California. If you watch TV, you know the result in a city of millionaires, San-Francisco: abject poverty, violence, and homelessness are out of control, endangering public health. As a result of the official distribution of syringes for addicts, their spent needles and even their excrement litter the streets. There is also risk of a national epidemics of typhus … This is what American Socialism brought San Francisco by the Dems!

As you can see the enemies of the American Republic have the same agenda: whether it is Socialism/Communism within or “The Axis of Evil” outside the country—those are acting in unison against the American Republic on different fronts. Just look at some Dems’ candidates for the US Presidency using the KGB’s play-book: they are scaring us with existential threat of “humanity caused change climate,” for decades, yet, the science did not support them. I identified several of those candidates as being sponsored by the KGB.

What do you think about the events mentioned above by me? Do they constitute “Serious Irregularities” in the American Republic? And another question: Who are you Governor Gavin Newsom? Why do you hate the unique and most humane system left to us by our Founding Fathers???

Socialism—Humanity’s Most Dangerous Sickness

In the beginning of this column, I called “Serious Irregularities” the ills, tentacles or symptoms of Socialism in our domestic and foreign policies: from Russia Probe to the war in Afghanistan, from two Soviet style propagandist-manipulators Rep. Omar and Tlaib to the conversion of the Dems to Socialist Party. Yes, I recognized the Soviet style of propagandist-manipulators Rep. Omar and Tlaib, they are the epitome of Stalinist Political Correctness: lies and fraud. I don’t believe anything coming from their mouths. World Jewish Congress condemns Rep. Rashida Tlaib. I dedicated several columns to Stalinist P.C. let me give it again: “… Political correctness is a Stalinist policy, driven by the political agenda, a skillfully crafted design of a quintessential system of lies, fraud, and a long-term strategy of war against Western civilization to create of One World Socialist Government under Kremlin’s rule.”

I identified another long term objective when the Muslim invasion of Europe took place. It was executed by the KGB in cahoots with Socialist mafia of Greece, Turkey, with the silent agreement of the EU and Germany. All Caravans on our Southern border have been planned by the same culprits. Yet, it is not my duty to present the analysis on all of the KGB’s crimes, as they fight against social and economic freedom in America and the world. It is a duty of the FBI to prevent destabilization of America by the Socialist mafia! The FBI was obligated to do that during the last several decades! They did not! The result is an institutional failure of the FBI! Read my columns here.

Look at the Dems’ candidates for presidency—they are an irresponsible and ignorant lot, and an arrogant Socialist herd of clowns united by a collectivized hatred toward President Trump. Alas, our deceived and fooled Millennial generation seems to prefer socialism, hoping for “free stuff.” They are inculcated by socialist professors in cosmetic socialism, and escaped knowledge of the malevolent and evil side of socialism. They all have no idea the horrors Socialism will bring. They never read my books and don’t know how it is terrible to live in a communal apartment and stay in line for hours to buy milk. Socialism is the enemy of Humanity! America must know that!

Jerry McCormick is right: “When you implement a socialist government, you will eventually have people starving for the necessities of life on a regular basis. Currently, in Venezuela, there are people who have to cross the border to get basic supplies like milk, eggs, and bread. When these kinds of desperate conditions arise, you see violence in your streets and the authoritarian regime sends people to prison and worse. Report: At least 7,000 Venezuelan deaths can be attributed to socialist regime, Patriot News Alerts, July 28, 2019 by Jerry McCormick.

Communism/Socialism did not come to Russia as the result of a demanding public. It was imposed on her from a small minority hiding behind democratic slogans in Russian Duma (parliament). They had ousted a Provisional Government and after a volley from Aurora-ship in Petrograd, the Bolsheviks proclaimed a victory of Socialist Revolution in 1917. Read about Alexander Kerensky, who ran from Petrograd wearing a woman’s dress. His government was overthrown by the Lenin-led Bolsheviks. In reality it was a coup d’état committed by the Bolsheviks in Russia.

Pay attention to what is going on in the House of Representatives in America: the creeping coup d’état against President Trump by Socialist mafia has been going on for the last three years… Don’t be surprised by the similarity with Russia—the countries of the Axis of Evil have the same agenda and Socialist mafia, schooled by the KGB, operating in a similar manner around the world. North Korea is threatening us by testing weaponry, Russia endangers the world with nuclear radiation, Iran is launching missiles, and Syria is poisoning and gassing its people. All leaders of those countries have destabilized the world and hate our successful freedom loving U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

And so do the Dems. Watch the DNC and radical leftists, who I call American Socialist mafia. They hate Trump, and in the best tradition of Stalinism, blame him for the crimes they had committed:

  • They collaborated with Russia for decades and created a hoax of Trump/Dossier, while accusing Trump of treason by being Putin’s agent.
  • They applied fascist methods and tactics in violence like a POGROM in Berkley and accused Trump of being a fascist, calling him Hitler.
  • They are defending a vicious Anti-Semitism of the Islamists in the House of Representatives and accusing Trump of Anti-Semitism, calling him a racist.
  • They are destroying and dividing American Republic for decades and calling Trump a divider, when he is successfully building a Great America.

Enough is enough, wake up America!

To be continued

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