The NFL is flailing as its racial strife strategy backfires

The NFL just can’t seem to get out of its own way. After years of inaction on racial strife caused by the Colin Kaepernick-led protests, it delayed a rule requiring players to stand for the National Anthem while sending $90 million to organizations with left-wing social agendas. It let players claim America is a racist nation without consequences, but muzzled Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones because he wanted players to stand for the Anthem.

We at 2ndVote thought the NFL might have gotten its act together after the racial strife protests dribbled to almost nothing in the 2018-2019 season. We were wrong. Instead, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and rapper Jay-Z buddied it up at a press conference earlier this month. They announced a social justice partnership which will give credence to Kaepernick’s racial strife and have Jay-Z perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Talk about a nice two-fer – Jay-Z gets to justify race-baiting while getting on the most-watched stage in the country. He’s clearly a savvy businessman. Meanwhile, the average NFL fan gets to be lectured yet again that America is allegedly a racist nation where police routinely target black men for death.

Jay-Z clearly got the long straw while fans got the shaft. But the NFL hasn’t exactly gotten itself out of the race hole it has dug. It is under attack from both sides of the political spectrum. First, it was Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren. Then it was Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid – a Kaepernick supporterformer ESPN host and race-baiter Jemele Hill, and NBC’s Monte Pool who blasted the NFL from the left. Reid, Hill, and Pool say the NFL isn’t doing enough to stand up for Kaepernick and the racial strife he supports.

The NFL could have avoided all of this had it just stuck to business – putting great games in front of millions of fans. As it is, the league will continue to alienate much of its fan base, many of its corporate sponsors, and some players. 2ndVote Americans should let the league know that you want them to stick to football – or you’ll stick it to the NFL.

Contact Roger Goodell by clicking here.

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  1. Royal A Brown III
    Royal A Brown III says:

    Haven’t watched an NFL game since Crapernick and his supporters like Goodell and most NFL team owners started this nonsense and don’t intend to start back watching.

    Owners, Coaches and Players are all totally tone deaf to the fact that what they did and some are still doing is to insult every veteran who served honorably under our National Colors. Veterans and their families and other supporters stand & salute or put right hand over heart proudly whenever the National Anthem is played because this is a symbol of our country, “the land of the free and the home of the brave”

    These disloyal players are doing much more harm than good to themselves and the NFL while doing very little to help the so called “oppressed”. They make millions playing a sport living in the only country in the world where this is possible yet they show their hypocrisy with their insults to the USA. This is not oppression.

    They have also insulted every Law Enforcement officer with their further theme railing against so called “police brutality” towards people of color and their contribution of hate towards LE.

    We also cancelled our cable TV because we don’t want to support such programs as various ESPN channels which have been solidly behind the fake protests.

    Now as for the Freedom of Speech argument, what few bother to say is that while these NFL players are in uniform and on the football field inside stadiums they are at their places of employment. Therefore, if the NFL owners and coaches had any guts they would require them to stand respectfully during the presentation of our flag and National Anthem as a condition of their employment and if they won’t then they should be fired for not following such rules of conduct !

    It’s all about $$$ to these owners and coaches who fail to establish and/or support rules of conduct for their employees; the NFL players, for fear they might quit or refuse to play and this could subsequently result in losing a game(s).

    • Glynnda White
      Glynnda White says:

      Royal is correct, if they were interested in the brotherhood that once was the NFL and the greatness ordinary men aspired to rather than making money over above all else, they would never have bowed to these pressures and a scumbag like Kaepernick would never have made it to the NFL.

  2. Glynnda White
    Glynnda White says:

    This article is correct. Our nation will be ruined and rotted to it’s very core if we don’t address this nonsense. The NFL has it’s own irresponsible roots to blame. Allowing the presence of thugs on teams which was going on for years before this nonsense. The rampant womanizing and domestic violence that was going on for years before this current nonsense….not to mentioned the ONE Superbowl I decided to watch with my young daughters where Janet Jackson had her “wardrobe malfunction” That was the first and last Superbowl I have or will ever watch. I have no interest in football….basketball, they hire thugs and street scum simply for wiins….they left the world of sports long ago and turned a brotherhood into a parasitic tool for making money, no matter what they have to stoop to…..too bad.


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